Maybe some deep ball success?

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Re: Maybe some deep ball success?

Originally Posted by Saqs
Here's a tip. Lobbing the ball isnt nearly as effective as drilling the ball when going deep and the WR has some steps on the DB. No, it aint realistic but that's the way it is in this years game.

No wonder why I have not had any success. All this time I have been lobbing the bastard. This is a major tip for some of us. Thanks.
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Re: Maybe some deep ball success?

Yep, the Madden system is totally counterintuitive (and it's wrecked havoc with my ESPN skills, a game where you are actually rewarded for applying touch in appropriate places). The secret is to gun the ball in there...sort of. I've actually had differing levels of success depending on whether I was throwing to the SE or FL with the technique. I found that when throwing to the SE, I could count to five seconds and float the ball by tapping-and I mean barely tapping-the button and complete it just about 40% of the time. On the other hand, when I tried that with the SE, I didn't complete one. When I took three steps and fired the ball to the SE, he caught it almost every time, but trying that with the flanker got the ball batted or picked in most instances. Very weird.

The biggest key to throwing the deep ball without getting picked is by watching the nearby DBs to see when they turn and run. If you throw something in the vicinity of a backpedaling DB, it's going to get swatted or picked. If you want for everyone to turn and run, your ints go down and your completions go way up.
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