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Old 09-27-2008, 11:37 AM   #97
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Would it be possible in the future, to add any players name you want using a microphone to record on to your PS3?

Maybe an option to tweak the voice with an Eco to sound like the PA announcer and something to change the tone of your voice?...

The option to share voices from the INTERNET, we could send in our list and some talented voice imitator could do his best Vin Scully or Joe Garagoila or Matt Vasgersian...

It would be great to be able to add any name or nickname from the history of baseball...

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Have the CPU use their bullpens a little bit better. If you get to the 7th inning. For instance...if I am the Phillies and I have Utley and Howard coming up in a close game...the CPU should bring in a lefty specialist to face them. That's another thing...create a spot in the bullpen for lefty specialists.

Don't leave starters in for the long haul. When their stamina hits a certain point (and especially if it's in extra innings) time to go to the pen.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

How about show the PS3 users a little love, improve any category you like, 2k8 did not play well on PS3 (atleast not at 1080i, 720p was less then ok). Will MLB2k follow NBA2k with a PC version as well? If not we could use one!
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Okay here is my suggestions. Take them as just that.

1) Leave the new pitching mechanic, but get rid of the "meat" pitch all the time and add bad balls too. The fact is that pitchers miss their spots all the time and it is not always a mediocre fast ball up in the zone. Its the pitch that was attempted but a bad one. Some times balls, some times strikes, some times wild pitches to the back stop. Go what tape of every pitcher in the game, and a LOT of it. Learn how the majors work. Also not allow pitchers to be 100% every outing and allow the Pitchers (especially the pen) feel worked. That is real baseball. Teams at the end of a season get made or broken by the health of their pen, just ask the Mets. (DAMN YOU WAGNER WHY!!!!)

2) Get rid of the batter eye and use that as a zone hitting mechanic. Keep the step batting on the left and use the right as a zone hitting mechanic. Give much more hit variety, this is the most important part of a baseball game. Get a physics engine that can simulate how a baseball travels in the minute small areas of difference. Take out the fact that any hitter can jack it low and away, just doesn't happen. Plus make it more important to go with pitches. This is a very important part of hitting. The new hit stick got close in the left/right now bring back the zone hitting and you would have pay dirt.

3) Make the Minors something that is about MiLB baseball and flesh out the franchise mode. This is the only way that you are going to ever get me to buy another of your games. At this point I am going back to 2K7 and playing that game that was pretty good, still not close but pretty good.

4) The money. Show us the complete control of the money. Beer, pretzels, fan give aways, MEDIA CONTRACTS the whole nine. Have us have to deal with financials all the time. Have it an option where the CPU can take care of it if you don't want to, but let me tell you we want to. Plus remember that the reason that small market teams don't make the Playoffs let alone the series very often is the money. It is that important.

5) Make the game smooth both on and offline. Give us full control of online leagues with the complete franchise experience and sliders control. You did it before why take it away.

6) Get a sim focus group! Get that focus group to playtest the game. They will give you HUGE support and they can help you to make a better game. I am sure that you won't even have to pay them. I know I would do it for free just to help get the game I want.
Originally Posted by theengine
Plus, there are lots of illiterate Pro Bowlers. Just ask Chad Johnson....
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Better ball physics. I would just work on hitting as a whole. Maybe revamp it, or re do it from the ground up.

Great fielding this year

Great sig styles

Great pitching controls

Tweaks are needed on the pitching.
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Old 09-30-2008, 12:18 PM   #102
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

1) 2K3/2K4 style home-runs...
2) Announce the number of each home-run hit throughout the season...
3) 2K7 player models...
4) Get rid of all the 3D fans replace with 2D fans like in ASB 05'...
5) An option to choose the number of teams you include in your season...
6) More retro uniforms and classic ballparks that we can use in franchise and season modes...
7) 2K3/2K4 game-play
8) Better looking legends...and for the first time let us enjoy 2K legends in franchise and season modes...
9) Total edit on all players...
10) add more names and fix the absentee names on the name database...
11) a "Face Manipulation Tool"

"a mean motor scooter and a bad go getter"

Mark Twain:
" Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to."

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Please for the love all things holy KEEP 2k8's analog pitching feature. It's the only thing that keeps me playing this game time and time again. If Brinkman did ANYTHING right during his time working on this series, it's implementing analog pitching. All it needs is to be refined slightly.

1. Get rid of the meat ball. Make a poorly executed pitch miss out of the zone. Please, please, please!! make it miss out of the zone. This one feature can single handedly solve the pitch count issue in baseball video games games.

2. Increase the amount of times a pitcher starts to lose his composure (ball indicator moving wildly). For instance, if Ollie Perez walks a guy in the 4th inning with none out, the ball indicator should start going nuts. Or if you start missing the strike zone with a guy like Broxton, it should become MORE difficult to throw strikes... The meter could get smaller, or the umpire will stop calling close pitches strikes. Little things like this can go a long way forcing gamers to stay focused the whole game, and add atmosphere to pressure situations.

3. Improve the pitch physics slightly. If I throw a cutter with Mariano, I want to see that ball cut in on a hitters hands. Same goes for a Sabbathia 2-seamer, or any pitcher with a big 12-6 drop on their curveball.

4. Keep going with signature styles. One of the few things 2k8 excelled and destroyed it's competitor on. Some of them are just scary good.

5. Improve animations. Hitters who crowd the plate should react immediately to a ball pitched inside. How cool would it be to come inside on a guy like Utley and see him react immediately to 95 mph fastball in.

- A hitter should NOT be looking to left field after he just hit a homerun to right field. It's lazy programming and looks embarassing.

6. Please do away with the lame cutscenes. They look forced and awkward. But would it kill you or ANY SPORTS VIDEOGAME COMPANY to offer cool cutscenes after clinching a division, playoff spot, world series win? I mean I have been hearing other gamers asking for this for years, and game companies NEVER deliver. Same goes for atmosphere. Hitting a HR in the 8th to take the lead or tie the game should not warrant the same crowd reaction as a HR hit in the top of the first.

Guys... we aren't asking a Virtual Reality simulation complete with digital batboys bringing us pine tar while we are swinging our digital bat in a simulated render of 1927 Yankee Stadium. We are asking for the crowd to cheer and boo appropriately. Is it really that hard?

7. More pitching/hitting camera views. I would implore any baseball videogame developer to head over to mvpmods.com, mod their copy of MVP 05 and check out the vast array of datafile edits taht exist on that site. These guys come up with the most fantastic camera views for pitching and hitting. If some guy who works a day job and just does modding for fun can come up with something so awesome, why can't the pros?

Sorry if this came off sarcastic and snooty. But I love baseball, and I really do love 2k8. I just want to see this game turn out the best it can be.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

I have similar ideas as to what everyone is saying, but one that just came into my head would be really cool.

If Miller and Morgan were the announcers for a long time, surely it's possible to get the Baseball Tonight crew in the game!?
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