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Old 09-15-2008, 09:06 AM   #17
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

1. Better ball physics..the ball doesn't seem to move properly especially when pitching.

2. Like others have said, return to MLB 2K7 graphics. 2K8 had terrible lighting, grass textures, and uniform textures.

3. Take out the current pitch controls...way too much work to throw one pitch...keep it simple; MLB The Show and the MVP series has simple pitching mechanics; there is nothing wrong with a pitch meter.

4. More dynamic commentary...check out The Show for reference on how commentary should sound.

5. Add atmosphere...better crowd reactions, and more crowd noise in key situations.

6. Fix the bat-on-ball sounds....

7. Get this game to run at 60 fps...but don't tell us it does when in actuality it doesn't....

8. Put in more effort for the PS3....MLB 2K8 was almost unplayable on the PS3.

9. The ONE positive you guys have going for you are the signature styles.... keep going with that; make it even better!

10. If you need anymore help, just watch a real MLB game to find all the nuances of the game. MLB 08 The Show does this very well... 2K could do the same, and have a better game than the show....just put a little effort into 2K9!

11. Marketing!; start showing us (the fans) the game early...don't hide everything. If your game is good, show us! Get us excited in Oct. about playing 2K9. Bring out 2K9 in January; it worked for NFL 2K5 when they brought the game out in July....
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

#1. Keep 2k8's Controlls - The people who want them gone are insane or they just suck at using them.The pitching should be a lot harder though, and I don't mean more meatballs!Get rid of meatballs, and just let the poorly executed pitch be a ball.

#2. Realistic Gameplay - I want a game that looks and plays like real baseball.If I wanted to play an unrealistic homerun fest, I'd play The Bigs.

#3. Atmosphere - Playoff games should be rockin'.In 2k8 and past 2k baseball games, the crowd is just dead.

#4. Player Interaction/Celebrations - There should be realistic walk off homerun celebrations, division clinch celebrations, playoff series win celebrations ,etc...And the players should high five each other after a HR or big hit too.

#5. Better Graphics - See 2k7

#6. Deeper Franchise Mode - Along with ticket prices, we should be able to set beer prices, parking, bobble head night etc...There should be September call ups too.

#7. More Retro and Alternate Uniforms - Please add the Angels 1971 uni!And the Angels red alternate top should be for the road too.

#8. Classic World Series Teams - I thought MLB2K5 World Series Edition was great.It had the 1988' Dodgers and A's, 2002 Angels and Giants etc...These classic teams are more fun to play as than the 2003 Rookie Class team(2k8).

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Wink Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening


1) Hugh first & last Name Database...

2) 2K3 & 2K4 had the best looking Home-Runs of any ball-game...

3) 2K5 WSE offered any player editor...plus a great music editor...


1) although a hugh first & last name database was offered a good percentage of names were not announced...Please fix the absentee names problem and add nicknames in the first name slot...

2) For me the biggest disappointment in 2K8 was the hugh list of legends that were highly advertised to be in the game and didn't show-up in the game! What's up with that?

3) weak create-a-player, please add a "Face Tool" in 2K9...

4) Morgan & Miller didn't have the time necessary to keep this games dialog fresh..It's time for a change...

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Get rid of buying Inside Edge reports and instead just incorporate Inside Edge into the game.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Total Re-Vamping of the Menu System. Including Online Lobbies.

Re-Vamping of the Color Palette. This years game was just too dark.

Re-Vamp the Ratings/Stats Engine.

Re-Vamp the Presentation/Commentary. Game has no excitement @ all. This also should include Crowd Interaction. (More varied Cut-Scenes, different Batter Walk-ups, more Dugout Shots)

Bring Back True Aim Hitting

Smooth the game out. Both Frame Rate wise & Graphically..

User ability to control all teams. This will bring fans back who have left the series.

No major additional features until the game is tweak tightly..
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

well everyone pretty mentioned all the great things we should have even though it will never happen.

Heck with the graphics we know it probably wont look as good as 2k7
and the sound will be pretty much same

All i want is GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY. see World Series baseball 98 or MVP.

1) Smooth animations
2) New Batting animations
3) Throwing animations

And if you have time better presentation but only if the gameplay is done. Worry about the core game before you throw in new modes, and more gimmicks. Hell give me WSB98 with next gen graphics and we have a winner.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Graphics won't matter to me as long as gameplay is great. After 2k7 and 2k8 both disappointed I dusted off the PS2, got some updated rosters and played MVP Baseball 2005. I could care less about graphics. That should be the last of your worries, 2k.

Hitting dynamics need to change, the home run or nothing type play get's very old very quick. I was unable to find a balance in either 2k7 or 2k8 through sliders and eventually just gave up.

Also, in terms of pitching i'd love to see the computer throw more balls to me. The hardest achievement to receive in 2k8 was "Eagle Eye" that shouldn't happen. While it may piss people off, it definitely makes a more realistic baseball experience and those pissed off will be glad because eventually they'll catch on.

Likewise, I'd like to see the computer take some pitches as well. Last year it was swing, swing, swing. Great, I could get a game over in 20 minutes, but it also completely destroyed franchise stats.

Lastly for me, franchise has way too many bugs. Free agents will sit there for years on end without ever getting a look from other teams. Now I understand if we're talking about Kenny Rogers or Bartolo Colon... but Roy Oswalt sat in the free agent list for almost 3-4 months before I finally said "Screw it, I'll pick him up."

That's all for me now, we're cheering for a great game in 2k9 and hopefully VC/BC handles it because there is a lot of potential, and the game has really grown leaps and bounds since 2k6.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

All great stuff...Some things I would like to see changed is:

1) Better graphics--2k7 graphics were good
2) Same hitting and pitching scheme as used by the Show...GET RID OF THE FLUFF!!!
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