The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

oh man someone help me out. Remember that feature with the hot and cold zone. And they change meaning a certain hot zone can become cold and vice versa. It was in epsn mlb2k5 please bring that feature back it was awesome. And add pitcher hot and cold zone too like mvp 05. and please add a practice mode come on man.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Dear MLB developers, if you are listening do the following...
1. Rent a copy of the last All Star Baseball game and copy the financial system
2. Rent a copy of any High Heat Baseball PC game and copy the roster management down to AA
3. Rent a copy of MLB the Show 09 and copy their graphics
4. Rent a copy of MVP 05
5. Rent a copy of WSB 1999
6. Steal the best gameplay ideas from Hight Heat, MLB, MVP, and WSB. Only use ASB for the financial system.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Originally Posted by ChaseB
I know there's a wishlist thread, so mods if you think this doesn't belong then fair enough. However, the MLB 2K9 team does want to know where the series has gone wrong, how they can fix those errors, what the series does right, what you guys love about baseball video games, what you want to see in a baseball video game, and just why you love to play baseball video games.

Forwarding those ideas won't be a problem, so be specific and be honest. Your chance to get your voice heard is here.
Man, thanks for the air time! Ok here ya go!


1. Love the control scheme, feels like baseball. Keep the swing stick and the fielding controls.

2. Love the homerun derby

3. I like the franchise mode and how its ran. Simple and to the point.


1. Graphics are pretty bad. The hair on most looks like it was painted on and lacks texture. Player models need to resemble the actual players and not what they are currently. ans stadium and crowd graphics need to be improved!

2. Game lacks the animation and presentation. PLayers dont come alive at all and there is no sense of excitment when I play. When I hit a walkoff, I want the announcers to get excited as crap. The crowd needs to be insane and the players need to be rowdy as well at the plate. No booth integration in either games and this is a must and more pregame post game presentation is needed.

3. Swing stick needs to be tuned for hits. I want to swing down and up in the direction of the ball and get a true hit. Not HR after HR. I like singles and doubles. I guess in short make player attributes matter more.

4. Better mo cap during baserunning and swings. I think they really dont represent the player but rather than reused mo cap.

5. Please get rid of every song on the game and use actual MLB songs. The ESPN theme is way old and not cool. New soundtrack is needed and stay far away from indie rock. Madden is good at track selections. Play up to date songs please. On the same token crowd and bat noises need to be amped up and sound real. I want crowds going wild and boos, and cheers, and chants, and fans going for balls again. Bats need to sound real. Every game including the show has the bat noise as a thud rather than a crack.

6. 60 fps and not a drop below ever! Madden has proved this to be possible without affecting the graphics so this is a must.

7. Player faces need to be redone and more life like

8. Can you guys PLEEEAAASE make itched break and look more dynamic than what I have seen. I havent seen this from a game yet but I want a curveball to be devastating and a 2seam FB to have an awesome bite.

9. Have a career feature to create a player and start in the minors and work up to a MLB team. Have a third or over the shoudler view and have fans, player, manager interactions.

10. Last, have better camera angles to look more in the game and more tv broadcast like. Get rid of the floating camera and do cutscenes of players.

*Thanks for hearing us out and hopefully you guys get this thing turned aroung and be the game I know you guys can create. Good luck and if you need an unbiased honest tester give me a shout!
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Originally Posted by EWRMETS
Get rid of buying Inside Edge reports and instead just incorporate Inside Edge into the game.
Agreed. Even if you follow the reports the computer still seems to blast a 400 footer way outside the strike zone with their utility infielder every once in a while.

Pitching/hitting is still flawed. The new pitch mechanic simply "faked" more control, but if you missed your mark with the pitch it was a meatball. Not a pitch in the dirt, or really high, or outside... but right down the center of the plate. Also, scrub players would routinely do superhuman things (I once gave up a 2 homer game to Jason Kendall, following his inside edge report with Kevin Millwood... both pitches were outside the strike zone). Hitting doesn't seem to provide any sort of solid contact. Even with a perfect step and swing I often feel like I've just tapped the ball, and routinely the ball will act like it with a weak pop out.
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Arrow Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

For the Wii version:

1) Better graphics. I realize the Wii isn't the PS3/XBox 360, but you can do better...

2) In-game saves during Season mode

3) Online play

4) Improve the 'check swing' controls
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

I created my own top ten list of sorts a few weeks ago -- the ten things I felt I needed 2K9 to do in order to make me happy. In no particular order...

1. Smooth game engine (framerate, replays, etc.)
2. Updated and detailed play-by-play commentary
3. Glossier presentation in-game (replays, player portraits, etc.)
4. Livelier and more responsive crowd
5. Fine-tuned pitching and hitting mechanics (no radical changes)
6. Fewer franchise oddities and bugs
7. More signature styles
8. Updated and/or redone stadiums
9. Ability to turn off user pitch icon
10. Glossier user interface (out-of-game)
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

I had a chance to read through most of these posts and there is a lot of good stuff here. I think I can support the general "back to basics" argument. High Heat 2004 and WSB '98 are two of the best playing (on the field) games ever created.

I'd also use MLB Power Pros as inspiration. Off the field, the game is ridiculously deep. ON the field, it's pretty basic -- and plays great. Now that I think of it... port Power Pros and slap realistic graphics on it.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

In short, do to 2k9 what you guys did with NFL 2K5.
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