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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Great comments so far. I'm going to quote a bunch and add my own stuff at the end.

I like the hitting control. I'd like more of an aiming system. Zone hitting seems to be the more popular term. I'm just not sure how you'd be able to incorporate this style of hitting using the right stick.
I don't think it'd be hard to have the best of both worlds. Zone aim your swing with the left thumbstick, but then instead of pressing a button to swing, use the swing stick. But here's where it gets interesting. Keep the swing stick mechanic where you can roll the right thumbstick to the left or right to try to pull/push the ball. I think it would be awesome to get an outside pitch to a right-handed batter and have to push right on the left thumbstick AND pull back the right thumbstick and roll it over to the right side to try to shoot the ball into right field. And if you want to get REALLY crazy, have the speed of the thumbstick movements affect bat speed for a power/contact type dynamic. Of course, leave a button-push for the pure zone hitters.

Also, in terms of pitching i'd love to see the computer throw more balls to me. The hardest achievement to receive in 2k8 was "Eagle Eye" that shouldn't happen. While it may piss people off, it definitely makes a more realistic baseball experience and those pissed off will be glad because eventually they'll catch on.
Agreed. And if it pisses people off, just add an "All Strikes" mode. If they did it for the online mode, why can't they do it for offline?

BIG IDEA: For pitching I like this whole idea, There should be a pitch marker that is a shaded circle, The worse the control the bigger the circle, the Better the control the smaller the circle and the elite should be able to almost always be able to pin there spots when i say "Elite" i mean control 94- and up.
but still the "elite" will occasionally miss (it's life) and then place the shaded circle where ever and pitch away hopin you hit the zones and Have it like MLB:08 THE SHOW were sometimes your on control and pitch wise and some days your not.
I like the idea of having a "zone of accuracy" (as I call it) that's bigger for wild pitchers and small for pinpoint pitchers. Even if you execute a "perfect" pitch, it will end up anywhere in your gray circle area. If you leave on breakpoint, keep the total control pitching, and turn off the strike zones, I bet we'll start seeing ourselves regularly walking 3-5 guys a game.

Dear MLB developers, if you are listening do the following...
1. Rent a copy of the last All Star Baseball game and copy the financial system
2. Rent a copy of any High Heat Baseball PC game and copy the roster management down to AA
3. Rent a copy of MLB the Show 09 and copy their graphics
4. Rent a copy of MVP 05
5. Rent a copy of WSB 1999
6. Steal the best gameplay ideas from Hight Heat, MLB, MVP, and WSB. Only use ASB for the financial system.
This. What's wrong with standing on the shoulders of giants? I would suggest, though, that they actually play MVP NCAA 2006. I loved MVP 2005, but NCAA was without a doubt the most challenging baseball game I've ever played. Pitching was still slightly too easy (although nowhere near as easy as 2005), but the hitting was extremely challenging, and each base hit was VERY rewarding. When you hit a home run, you REALLY earned it.

Bring back the hit stick form MVP 06 NCAA. The batter actually begins his motion if you pull the stick back. Currently the batter does nothing when you move the stick back; makes it feel like your just pushing a button and not actually going through the fluid swing motion.
I'm glad someone else played this game. Furthermore, their check swing mechanic felt completely right. I couldn't have been more disappointed that they discontinued the NCAA series. If there was an MVP NCAA 2008, I'd probably be in year 20 of a franchise by now.

5. Please get rid of every song on the game and use actual MLB songs. The ESPN theme is way old and not cool. New soundtrack is needed and stay far away from indie rock. Madden is good at track selections. Play up to date songs please. On the same token crowd and bat noises need to be amped up and sound real. I want crowds going wild and boos, and cheers, and chants, and fans going for balls again. Bats need to sound real. Every game including the show has the bat noise as a thud rather than a crack.
Agreed. The sound is horrible, and I don't like the music. Baseball is a game with dozens of great, old-time songs. Why not have a phonograph recording of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" play in the menu? Or "Centerfield"? Or "Talking Baseball"? Or "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request"? "Glory Days"? "Cheap Seats"? Even some baseball-era instrumental music would be more appropriate. Get the soundtrack for Ken Burns' Baseball, if you have to.

Oh how about pitchers with their actually pitches so I don't have to edit them all the time.
No kidding. Not all pitchers throw 4-5 pitches. In fact, most throw only 2 "good" pitches, and then have a third or MAYBE a fourth to keep hitters off-balance.

I have just a couple more comments of my own:

Fix the oversight where you had to have exactly 25 guys on all your rosters. It was ridiculous that I had to sign a new player if someone on my MLB team went down and I had to call up someone from AAA or AA. Completely ridiculous. I'd also like to see realistic player management in regards to the Rule V draft, the amateur draft, and the 40-man roster, at the very LEAST. The rules really aren't hard to understand, which is why it boggles my mind that realistic roster management is the exception rather than the rule.

Make the baserunning like MVP 2005/NCAA 2006. I don't care how much improved the baserunning mechanic was from 2K7 to 2K8. It was still horrible, and unintuitive. Just use the MVP model, for God's sake. It was as close to perfection as possible.

Slow down the pitch speed so we can actually tell the difference between balls and strikes. I don't understand why 2K thinks that fast pitching = harder difficulty. CHANGING speeds is what makes hitting difficult. I had no problem making contact in the 2K series, even with the "pitch speed" and "change speeds" sliders cranked up, because everything came in like a 100-mph fastball. Yet pitchers in High Heat and MVP NCAA 2006 were consistently able to strike me out by changing speeds and location. Look at the CPU pitching in those games. PLEASE.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Agreed, get rid of the red arrow pointing out the home run. Like I said, remove all the garbage that's there only to remind me this is a video game. Immerse me.

In Sega's 2002 effort, the camera followed the ball so you didn't need a graphic to point out what was happening.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Every added on-screen help takes me that much further out of the game. Again, pop in your own games (2002-4) to see why we're all more confident that it'll be easier to recreate what you did, then reinvent something that comes close.

We're all tired of "1-step forward, 2-10 steps back." Then again, if you take enough steps back, we'll have a great video game (Sega/2k 2002-2004).
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

So is this guy gonna confirm that what we are puttin down here is good and the Dev are getting them or are we just posting another wish list?
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

It's funny how most of the things needed in this game were either in a previous 2k game or in a last gen game:

1. Bring back graphics and working rain delays from 2K7 (shouldn't be hard as this is already done before)

2. Working realtime scoreboards and franchise score ticker (shouldn't be hard as the guy last year said they were already working on this but didn't have time to finish it...ticker was in 2k7)

3. 40 man roster, Rule 5 draft, etc from ASB 2005 (already been done in last gen game)

4 Expansion mode, create, renovate, rebuild stadiums (ASB 2005/MVP 2005)

5. All the jerseys (including throwbacks) for each team (was in 2K7)

6 Classic teams (was in 2k6) Let us edit the names and create additional teams as wanted.

7 World Baseball Classic mode (was in 2k6)

Not much needs to be done to make this an outstanding game!

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

I would just add for the person who wanted the financial system of ASB impemented, that their expansion mode was a great idea. If you just fleshed out some of their ideas it would be a stellar "next gen" feature. Also, teams that were talking about new stadiums at the time (Cardinals, Red Sox-talks held up now, Yankees are a few) would randomly find themsleves in a concept stadium at some point into the fracnhise. I would love to be able to build on that and relocate my team or build them a new park. That game had so many things right on the franchise/presentation end it's crazy.

also to bulls23, you make good points. That's what I meant about "1 step forward, two steps back." They used to have one of the better hitting engines, they used to dominate graphically, and presentation has always been 2K's strength. There is no valid reason why 2K can't make a stellar baseball title NEXT YEAR, IMO.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

I felt that it was a lot of little things that stripped the game of it's ability and potential:

I agree with most everyone on here about the graphics and framerates. The graphics were amazing in 2K7 and it was a huge step backward to see 2K8's.
The camera angles of 2K7 were nice during batter walk-ups and such. I thought the presentation was better; especially when they would do HR flashbacks to earlier in the game or a defensive gem. I have the option turned on in 2K8 but it has yet to trigger a single one. The framerate continues to make me laugh because so many other games are running smoothly... it's not like this is the first release on a Next Gen console.

The commentary this year was bad. Time for a change there. After a few games I simply switched them off and play with the "On Field" audio settings.

The new analog controls (especially the pitching) were a nice addition to a system that was very easy to exploit. I would like to see the fielder throwing set up to where the "pre-load" was a bit faster so my OFs don't make "casual" throws back into the IF when I'm trying to set up for a play at the plate. Also, the ability to call off a throw by hitting a button would be a nice feature (MVP had something like this).

It would be nice if the Player's Stats would display for each level of franchise in both the Player Stats menu as well as Game Lineups. Nothing worse than looking at pitching matchups of 0-0 0.00 ERA and then having to click to see 2008 Minor League Stats just to make out a rotation or lineup.

The trade logic and re-signing players just doesn't make sense, and would be better if it happened in a realistic fashion (ie: no trades taking place in the first week of April & no re-signs of the entire roster throughout the year... save it for the offseason like most teams).

The Franchise Offseason is a bit whacky. While I would love to see the All-Star Baseball 2005 setup of Arbitration, Rule 5 Drafts, 40-man rosters, etc. included, it would be nice to see some adjustments there. Any player not offered a contract during the renewal phase or released can't be signed again, star players staying in the FA pool, etc.

A "Road to the Show" mode would be awesome!

The lack of stolen bases was a near game-killer. Any runner gets on and the strategy that makes baseball great was never even a thought; I know the guy ain't runnin'.

Some of the animations got to be silly. EVERY homerun a batter has to "show the pitcher up" and watch his shot? Even from the guys who never hit more than 10 in a year? (Homerun cam was a bit extreme too.) Or when you'd hit an infield fly and the batter throws the bat down and takes his time getting down to first... not all of the players in the game today play like that; Some hustle on the routine outs.

Numbers on our sliders for both difficulties and player attributes. How did that get left out?

Lastly, the progression/regression system needs work. In one instance, Daric Barton (22 years old) hits .290 with nearly 20 HRs in his first full season and comes back the next year to "Getting Worse." And this was with the regression slider turned all the way down to zero. How can that be from a guy who only has 1 season under his belt? I could understand it if he were in his mid-30s.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to read all of our concerns. It shows great style and class when you take the time to try and incorporate the desires of your consumers. I don't remember who said it earlier, but to have the lower modes for Arcade-type and upper difficulties for Sim-type... that idea is MONEY! The sim-type gamer is looking for a solid game. And I believe that 2K9 can give that to me.

Thank you.

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

One of the biggest things, if not, the biggest thing about a baseball game is homeruns, so if I hit a HR at home I want to feel it. I want to see & hear the crowd go crazy, I want to see cool cutscenes. Also the same goes for walk-off hr/hits, a save situation, etc.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

A lot of this has already been stated...

1) Overall, gameplay is #1 by a long shot. Tone down or eliminate the arcade feel of the game.

2) Ball physics. Like someone else said, I don't wanna see David Ekstein pulling a low-n-away curveball 420 feet or see a player get jammed on an inside fastball and hit an opposite field HR.

3) Improve the velocity and break on pitches. Let the ball have some zip in the pitcher/batter interface. Sometimes it looks and feels like a player is throwing a wiffleball.

4) PLEASE BRING BACK THE HITTING CURSOR! I don't care if it's the 3rd hitting option and you have Hit Stick 5.7 and zone hitting ahead of it. Just copy the code from 2K4!

5) Improve the smoothness and transition of the gameplay and cutscenes. 2K7 and 2K8 felt like a buncha little pieces of game play and cutscenes that were moshed together and not neatly packaged as one. It made the game feel sloppy and unfinished. Have the game run at a real 60 FPS and eliminate the pauses from game-to-cutscene-back-to-game.

6) Your sig styles are amazing, definitely the best part about 2K baseball to date. They blow any other baseball game out of the water. Expand, improve and update the sig styles.

7) Fielding improved from 2K7 to 2K8, make another step forward. The control of the player and animations can be improved.

8) Add a pitch reviewer type of thing from MVP 05, where you can look at the break of a pitch and when the idea time to swing is.

9) New commentators, John and Joe are awful.
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