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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by BigL
Will there be a PS3 patch?
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

hey guys
in franchise, does the AI call up players from AAA?

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by econoodle
hey guys
in franchise, does the AI call up players from AAA?

Don't think so. I'm in the late parts of June and haven't seen the cpu call up one player. Only have sent people down once the draft came around, and every team proceeded to keep 15 hitters, 10 pitchers

They will once september comes around(and in spring training), but that's the only time. Not even when someone gets injured, because I'm pretty sure the DL doesn't exist.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Well, after having this game for five weeks now, I thought I'd give my full-on impressions here.

The Good

The game plays a good game of baseball for the most part. I love the pitching interface. I didn't like the hitting at first, but it has grown on me. My Player was a big success for it's first year. The graphics, while not spectacular, are good enough and the game does look beautiful at certain times.

The Bad

A lot. Where do I begin? It is not my intention to bash the game, but only to give some honest impressions from my viewpoint. Some people will write my opinion off and that's cool. What's important to me might not be important to you, so keep that in mind. I know that I'm able to do that when reading other people's thoughts on a game.

Franchise Mode is completely unplayable to me. I'm a franchise enthusiast but as it stands now, I can't play this mode. Why? The simulated stats are completely broken at this point. Some of the real gems I've seen include Chone Figgins hitting 28 HR, Zack Greinke, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, Cliff Lee, A.J. Burnett, Josh Beckett, Matt Cain, Brandon Webb and countless other elite starting pitchers finishing full seasons with ERA's above 6. I've seen Cy Young awards go to guys with 15 wins and a 4+ ERA. In four seasons that I simmed, I saw 12 players total have a batting average over .300. That's three per season, and keep in mind that this includes both leagues. Scores are generally outlandishly high (hence the ridiculous ERAs) but individual batting averages are very low.

Free agency inside of franchise mode is broken as well. Many others have touched on this so there's really no need to repeat any of that here.

Errors and injuries are huge elements of baseball. In 2K10, you'll see neither. After playing 24 games, I had one error and no injuries. I've seen pitchers take rocket line drives off of their skulls and they are always able to pick up the ball and gun the runner down. This is just kind of silly, is it not?

Freezing issues inside of My Player. After spending a huge amount of time developing my player and playing all the games, my progress was completely lost when I made the playoffs during my second year. It freezes every time I try and play and downloading the patch did nothing to fix this. All that time was wasted. I had back-up files but they are froze as well. The only way it doesn't freeze is if I intentionally miss the playoffs by going on a skid.

Player portraits are grossly outdated. If tell me this is not a big deal, save it. This goes back to what I said about people placing importance on different aspects of the game. While having ALL updated player portraits is NOT a gamebreaker for me, it does baffle me when guys have photos that are two, three and sometimes four years old. Ken Griffey, Jr. has not been a Red in what, two years? Yet in the game, he still has a Reds hat on. Edinson Volquez has not been a Ranger in what, three? In the game, he still has a Rangers hat on. It just bothers me, it really does, mainly because to me, it shows laziness. 2K has the MLB License but Ron over at 2K will tell you that 2K uses the photos supplied to them by the MLB, yet another game has completely updated player photos. Ugh, I won't go on and on about this, because I know a lot of you don't care, and that's fine... but to me, it sucks.

An editing cap. Really? Even after 2K told us that there was no editing cap this year? Someone found the exact quote from 2K over at their forums, and they distinctly said that there was no cap for editing players. We've seen that this is false. I'm a big roster guy and having the minor leagues is a big deal. I'd be fine with getting enough editing wiggle room to just have all the AAA teams named, but it can't be done.

I'll stop there, there's more, but I'll just stop. I want to enjoy this game and have tried, but the unplayable franchise mode has destroyed my desire right now and I am hoping that a patch can solve a lot of these issues.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Sorry to hear that King Felix. I understand your frustrations. The lack of errors and injuries are pretty hard to understand in a baseball game in 2010. There are a lot of things that need fixing and it doesn't really provide a true sim game of baseball. If I were to grade the game in various areas it probably wouldn't do very well but the overall grade goes up just because I'm still having fun.

To enjoy the game you really have to be able to look past these problems and accept it as a fun video game and not a true baseball sim. I completely understand those that can't as I've gotten frustrated at times and needed to take a break. But I still come back and I'm 13-9 with the Tigers. My stats are pretty decent in most areas.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

ok. at first I was a proponent of 2k9 vs 2k10.
However, I have begun to change my tune. 2k10 has finally grown on me.

only complaints is the lack of errors, the auotfiedling feel, and that hurry up-mode cuts plays off before they are completed. The game could use some more fielding and hit animations. Maybe they do exist but have yet to see them.

I like the stats info, commentary, the swing stick. love the defensive swing. causes alot of foul balls and bloop singles. great for pitcher/batter duels, especially against top notch pitchers.

Ai pitch counts get pretty high, when using the defensive swing.

pitching, is solid. it took me a while to get the pitching down. I had to lower the pitch meter slider, in order to pitch.

camera settings does affect fielding to an extent. The further the user pitcher is away from the mound, the less auto fielding feel youll get with the fielders.

game plasy solidly on default sliders. only tweak Ive used is the throwing meter influence and fielding speed. everything else is on default Pro.

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (***/***)

Originally Posted by YankeePride
I'm still trying to figure out how to pitch out and have the catcher snap throw to first. I've tried what I've read here in the forums and nothing works.

There is a slider for catcher pick offs (I think I saw one), but what's the good in it if I can't snap throw? I'm confused on that one.
Try this: Pitching-Out: After you have selected your Pitch (via the button) before going into your gesture press X on the controller.

After you execute the Pitch-Out then have the catcher throw to the base you want to snap-throw & see if it works.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (***/***)

I have a few questions I would like to ask you guys.

1. Have you found any frame rate issues with the game cause I have just played the demo and have found frame rate issues during some replays and cutscenes.

2. Does music still play during a pitch? e.g. the organ.

3. What happens at AT&T Park when a home run is scored? Does the fog horn sound?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone would answer the above questions.
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