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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

PS3 User here, originally played MLB The Show (yes, I am considered insane) but what got me into 2K sports this year is MLB Front Office Manager. I only bought The Show cause my friends had it and we played occassionally, but I stank at hitting and pitching I'm mediorce. I got to learn a lot of the players in FOM, played two years Franchise straight and I guess my heart fell for 2K in the process.

Here are my impressions:

Hitting is very, very hard but I am constantly doing drills to perfect it. I am so used to The Show's configuration that the swing stick is strange to me. I played two online games so far, and I believe my opponent was also having trouble hitting aswell. I used the Royals both times (1-1 record), and I played the Tigers and beat them with a Billy Butler homerun which was luck and just now lost to the Red Sox in a 0-0 battle in the 11th inning, Victor Martinez smacked a home run in the top of the 11th (Greinke was not pitcher, Hochevar was).

Once I get the hitting down, I can enjoy this game better. Maybe with no check swings is the problem? I just will work on timing in the drills section.

Better than The Show, I love using the analog stick a new experience, although felt weird at first I drilled with Greinke and played 5 full games and now I am comfortable. I love how it shakes when the pitcher's composure is affected.

I am more of a football videogamer, and I do occassionally watch baseball on TV but I think the fielding is just right in this game. I did hear people complain about the arm strength? Do they tend to beam the ball like a laser (especially Rick Ankiel 99 arm strength, FTW) but to me that is how it is. No complaints for me with fielding.

Some of you may disagree with me, saying I am blind - I will agree in some aspects of the sport of baseball I am blind, because I do not know much of the sport. To me the game is playability, tops The Show this year but will simply be overlooked because of the polish of the game. Player animations, presentation, etc. Presentation is great in 2K, more lively and with my 5.1 surround sound tops The Show.

The graphics are superb, NextGen caliber but The Show does it better.

Good to know 2K is relentless and MLB 2K11 is going to grab the bull by the horns and slam it to the ground.

PS: Add me on PSN: KingGreinke

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by jeffy777
I haven't seen any errors yet. I think after all the fielding issues/glitches in last year's game, they were almost scared about getting blasted over the fielding this year, so it's quite tight. It would be nice to see some realistic fielding errors though.
Ha, I was thinking the same thing. It's almost like fumbling and Madden 08--had I had the option to turn fumbling completely OFF in that game, I would rather have done that than see 8 fumbles a game.

A realistic baseball game should have an error now and then. But you and I know that everytime one happened, we'd be wondering if it was a programming error. That said, it was pretty clear that the things happening in 2k9 were not "errors", but simply failures in the programming to understand what should be happening.

So if I don't see a single error in 2k10, that would be kinda weak, but I'd probably be able to live with it, given the circumstances.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

I have both games and this is not the show by any means but I must say I am enjoying the game and I like how it plays. It really doesn't resemble the nightmare that was the last couple yrs. There isn't alot of emotion and the players are a little robotic but the core game play, the pitching mechanic and the hitting are challenging and alot of fun. I also think the commentators are great and the game flows well.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Just got my first game in...

Pro/Default/Swing Stick

Rockies 3-6-1
Mets(me) 2-11-0
WP-DeLa Rosa LP-Maine SV-Street

E-Fowler (dropped fly ball)
2B-Barmes, Wright
HR-Hawpe, Bay
DeLaRosa 7IP-102 pitches 70 strikes
Maine-7IP-104 Pitches 62 strikes
-Both teams walked 2 batters
-Maine struck out 12 and the Rockies had 7

In the top of the first Barmes doubled and Helton drove him in with a single. With 2 down Hawpe blasted a 2 run homer to left to make it 3-0. Bay hit a 2 run homer in the 6th. Wright doubled off of the RC wall right after that but the Mets could never tie the game.

The Good:

-The game is just really smoooothhhhhh
-Pitch counts-I ALWAYS use catcher suggestions or really close to it. Not sure why most don't use this. The suggestions are all based around IE and it's much better this year.
-Double Plays look great
-Commentary was incredibly deep.

The not so good:

-There were 2 occasions when I had run a count to 3-0 and the hitter swung. This was the 7th and 8th hitter in the lineup too.
-Clear bunting situation: runner at first, 0 outs, Rockies 3 Mets 0, and the pitcher up...didn't even think about bunting..this may work with adjusted sliders though.

A much improved product and a flat out solid game. If you're still pi**ed about last year...like everyone was...get over it and buy this game if it's your only choice. It's very well done.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

All these impressions are really helpful. I have a tough choice between this game and Final Fantasy XIII
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

I'll be getting my copy after work tonight. Can someone confirm if we can save our camera settings? If I remember correctly, we were unable to do so last year. I traded the game in fairly quick so I'm not sure if they fixed that in a patch.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Played 2 full games so far. Can't remember the stat lines, although I know the final scores were (1-0) when I play against loss to the Rockies, and (2-1) when I beat the Marlins. Needs some tweaking and I just plain need to get better.

I will say:

Game looks real good. Plays smooth, is 110% better than last year. Everyone knows 'The Show' is king, but for all of us with only one option -- this years MLB 2k won't make you violently angry.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

What a wonderful day...

First the disappointment...MLB 2k10 for the Wii is well...awful.they were right to not show any previews. you can only play with the Wii motion controls and for lack of a better sentence, the graphics are from ps1 days...needless to say i don't see anyone enjoying this. i was VERY optimistic going forward with getting the wii version because i thought that NBA 2k10 and NHl 2k10 for the Wii were extremely good and the best sports games the Nintendo console has seen since Gamecube ports were treated fairly. 2KChina developer did a horrible job. the game is very laggy ridden with very bad framrates(which boggles the mind with the kind of graphics it has)gameplay is standard fair but everything around the wii version is not noteworthy in the least it. Bottom line your throwing money down the drain if you get it...

And now onto the pleasantries

Bliss? Utter satisfaction maybe? I am so pleasantly surprised by this year MLB 2k10 for both the PS3 and 360. To get comparisons out of the way I tried out the PS3 version first and...couldn't put it down. 4 hrs later I'm there going i can't believe the game runs so good on PS3. After a bit of tinkering with the camera system(hate the new batting cam thats at default!) but it's customizable and offers the best transition video game baseball from hitting to feild I've seen in in a baseball game by 2kSports.

Where do I begin though to convince Ps3 users of the game now? what do i discuss first? Ahh...Realism. The water in Royals stadium angels and Colorado all looks real. All this talk about 2k not doing even the little things right have been squashed. That's minor I know but trust me I've been waiting for somebody to do it right man!

Nuff about water. Core gameplay mechanics are S O L I D. Apart from the aforementioned throwing speed(fixable I might add with rosters) Fielding is very decent throughout the game. Nothing ever looks TOO exaggerated like in 2k8 or 2k9. There's only TWO areas that needs shoring up and those in in the outfielders tendency to wind up too much once receiving the ball to when shortstops lob the ball for an out at first. yes there's a few "Hey I jump' and you're out!' type of animations but those are editable.

The fielding camera is good but in some instances relies on the pole camera of years past too much with pop ups etc. Otherwise the smoothness you see after adjusting the pitcher and batting cameras for the PS3 version is absolutely terrific.

Batting has gotten a very huge haul as well and feels even better in the final version. what points me in this evidence is when i went into drill mode to hit. I was hitting all sorts of stuff. Line drives huge and lucky homers pop ups bloopers etc. you effin name it!
I hit with classic mode and the adjustment i made to make it play almost like a version of Konami's pro yakuu spirits worked wonders in hit variety.

This gets me to the last part of what I'm gushing about. The pitching! i use the classic pitch9ng style but the pitch menu while pitching and the way it really makes us 'classic' guys feel like we have control of the speed over the pitch and placement hasn't been THIS good since probably MLB 2k7. On top of that AI hitting is pretty good against what i throw to lol. i mean I threw some stuff i thought they wouldn't get and they either lunge at it or tip the ball. One COOL thing IS the that the ball comes off the bat in MANY different way and you see it! which is a relief. it just adds to the whole pitching and batting element too..

Graphically the game is gorgeous much better than the demo and the variety in this years game between daytime setting etc is very spot on and believable and adds greatly to this years game. Simply put when i first SAW footage of MLb 2k7 i was blown away. Playing MLB2k10 is like playing a corrected version of 2k7. Reds are the right red(no more stupid and dd maroon redsoxs jerseys etc). And dude Cloth movement! Come on tiger woods 11 can you do this? All subtlies and nuances of the fine game are in...

If i had to compare both versions i would say one thing. On 360(you are a fool not to buy the game if you like baseball and only have a 360) everything's just that much smoother and cleaner, but it's not that discernible to deter us PS3 guys from having another good baseball game in our systems this year.

I have two major things I'd like to see added and theyare very doable to in a patch.

1)Let the batter step out of th box and finish his routine!
2)Give us the ability practice swing before the pitcher pitches it. Not check swing PRACTICE WING...

Those two things would wrong a lot of wrongs made with 2k8 and 2k9.

Another things for us editors. the editing functionality has been finally given back to us. pitching and batting stances along with many other things too.

GREAT GAME 2K...GREAT GAME this year...
Brand New Tomba Slider sets ready for Next Gen Versions of NBA,Madden and Fifa Stay Tuned...
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