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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Well I was considering getting a ps3 and the show. I only play franchise mode and hear there are major problems with the franchise mode on the show. Now im hearing such good things about 2k game, maybe I should stick with getting it for my 360, any input?
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

alright how do I save my Camera Settings. I fired-up a game & no saved camera settings
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by HK-47
WTF? I didn't know the game was going to have a create a team feature! I messing with it right now.
Really? That's awesome.

Any chance you could give a little info on that? Like how are the logos, colors, options, can you use the team in franchise, etc?
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

i have a ps3 and im thinking about getting this..more improvement then this years show..the show 09 is still good..they just added a few twist to 10 this year..might do the show next year.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Holy Hell what a game.

I'm in year 2 with my player created Closer, and I got an invite into Spring Trainer.

I think this game is well some what broken, since I'm a closer with 39 stamina and they had me pitch 8.1 innings of RELIEF! I know this is the Pirates but come on, that is just asking for trouble.

My little old 64 overall pitcher held his own in 8.1 innings, I allowed 6 hits, 1 ER, 6Ks, 0 BBs, on 69 pitches, split 56/13.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Anyone else also having trouble getting extra base hits? So far almost all of my hits have been either singles or homeruns. Tad annoying.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

With last years being about a 3, 2k stepped it up enough where this is a pretty good game. Probably around a 7.5 or so. I still think it's broken in certain regards. There isn't enough differential between defensive players as far as arm strength and ability. I see the Jeter falling back hop whether i'm yuniesky bettancourt or the greatest defensive shortstop in the game. Pitch counts are still whacky. The stamina system is built on tiring after 100 pitches and each inning is about a 10 pitch average. It's improved and better than last year for sure but it's still wrong. You are going to end up pitching into the 9th inning every game. It's still easy to pinpoint your spots if you really want to and get the hang of it. I just pitched 8 innings with greinke on all star. 50 pitches and 1 ball. Its better than last year in this regard. I do see the plate battles on occasion but they are still far and in between. I do see on average about 10 per inning and like 60 pitches in 6 innings and about 10 balls on average but that's still too low. Batting you can draw walks and work the count a bit more but pitching its really hard to throw a walk. I've thrown a couple but not nearly enough.

Overall the game is much improved and a huge step up overall. The gameplay and controls are tight. IT's fun. I still do see AI fielding mishaps sometimes. I hit a pitch right to the second baseman witha runner on second. My baserunner wasnt even at 3rd yet and the AI threw home instead of getting the out at first. The hitting is good. They have the timing down in certain regards and it does give a good feel of being able to hit a double in the gap if you time it right. The pitching is better. They really tightened up the controls and responsiveness as far as where you are hitting your gesture. The framerates are 900 times better. The presentation is solid. There are tons of nice little touches as far as the expanded strike zone that really are nice touches, and surprising. 2k went that extra mile on certain things like the steal cam and all that stuff. But you are going to experience the same headaches trying to get realistic stats and management. Fielding is too fast. There are still too many AI flaws as far as the batter and pitching logic, that make for an unbalanced game.

The problem is it's not realistic implementation. 60% of pitches thrown are fastball in real life. In this game it forces you to throw other pitches because if you read the IE scouting reports they all hit the fastball and struggle against other pitches. So why am I throwing fastballs? Plus its way too easy to pinpoint with the fastball. This is a major issue with this game. Plus every batter has the same walk rating. IE is a great "idea" and so many things can be done with it, but 2k still hasn't implemented it right.

In other words they improved it quite a bit, but a broken game is still a broken game. I tend to think people get all excited and overrate these games when they first come out. Then after a few weeks you start to notice certain things. Live 09 for example was probably like 5. Live 10 improved but that game was no better than a 6 or a 6.5 when it was all said and done. Gamespot is the only reviewer who really gave this game last year what it deserved. A 4.5 is being generous. I think 2k9 was about a 3. This game is about 150% better and a 7.5 but it still has issues.

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

I've only played a few games, but i've spent alot of time playing my player and I must say it's a great addition to the game. I'm sensing lots of re-playability with that mode as i'm now determined to get Billy Joe Reese into the majors. The game as a whole seems much improved and (so far) less glitchy from last years effort and i'm quite pleased, then again I purchased the game with a gift card so my expectations are a lot lower that people who spent $60 for it. Franchise mode is also alot better with 40 man rosters, spring training and a fantasy draft mode that actually works (no more teams with 23 man rosters). Definitly enjoying this release so far

edit: also, I suck at hitting (Lackey struck me out 12 times) but I have noticed a lack of extra base hits. My game had 14 hits total and 13 were singles.

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