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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

When you call in a reliever from your bullpen, the current pitcher on the mound changes to a generic player model before the camera view changes to the manager/newly-called-in pitcher perspective. Also, although its cool to see the manager give the ball to the called in reliever, the ball sometimes does not properly transfer from the manager's hand to the reliever's glove. I hope these two glitches can be fixed in a future patch.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by RedLine
FWIW, I think there's a reason for 2K not having a toggle to turn off the pitching cursor--it's done automatically as your stamina and composure decrease.

I checked out the pitching drill for composure and stamina and noticed that towards the end of the drill (when they are simulating low composure) the pitching cursor is hidden to make it harder to hit your spots. So it looks like they want you to have the cursor when you are fresh to help you hit your spots, but then it goes away to make it harder as you get tired.

This has not happened in the few games I have played but apparantly that is how it will work as you get more fatigued.

My $0.02
I think it only goes away in the drill, cause earlier I was playing a exhibition game against the Phillies, and got shelled in the 6th inning. Weaver was rattled the whole time, but the pitching cursor was still there. Having no pitching cursor is awesome. I want to pitch without it all the time. The code to remove it is in the game, so I don't see why 2k/VC couldn't add it as a setting in a patch.

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Rental stores failed me again and there was only one copy left so I ended up buying it.

First thing I did was look for practice mode to run classic hitting tests. It seems normal practice has been done away with. I went for a HR derby,in KC,at night with gusty wind,10 outs.

First I did one round with 8 guys and classic hitting:


Prince 17
Howard 16
Bay 14
ARod 13
Branyan 13
Lind 12
Pujols 11
Ortiz 4

I was a bit distracted by Ortiz's gloves somehow hanging out of his back pocket and being on his hands at the same time but as you can see the sluggers slugged.

For part 2 of this I switched to the stick and used power swings only with 4 of those guys:

Prince 2
Bay 2
Branyan 2
Pujols 2

A huge reduction of HRs. I tried both pressing down then up as the ball was coming in AND holding down before the pitch and swinging at the right time,that was the best result of any of them. Most of the times I hit the ball it was a long fly.

Next I took the other 4 and used the contact swing on the stick:

Howard 3
ARod 1
Lind 1
Ortiz 6

More than the power swings but nowhere near classic. I got mostly flyballs that died just outside the infield. I also held up for much of this time and tried without holding up. It seemed not holding it improved things a bit.

So I went back to the power swings for the next round of this one and did NOT hold up on the left stick:

Howard 3
Ortiz 0

Only to get similar results.

Conclusion: I'm still no good with the stick and classic hitting isn't broken this year.

My hitting experiment was more important so this is based on a single inning on Pro with no slider changes,classic hitting and classic pitching...

Presentation is great.
Batting cameras are still compelte garbage. Going to be another big stuggle to get a decent one.
Classic pitching didn't exactly work how I thought it did at first.
My first hit was a double.
There was an amazing animation for breaking up a double play.
The 12-6 curve has a much bigger drop than last year. Also a big reduction in the AI chasing it.
This shaky cursor stuff is still awful and I want to turn it off but I don't see an option to turn it off? More importantly why is it shaking in the FIRST inning now?
I also commited an error somehow. Perhaps it had to do with the roller to the pitcher that should've been a double play but wasn't even 1 out.
Loved the commentary. TV quality,at least in MLB Today. I wonder if it's progressive through the season in franchise?
These 2K Nav menus are still horrible. They were bad in NHL,bad in NBA and they're still bad here.
I think a fan actually caught a ball. I don't remember one actually catching it before. They'd try but it'd bounce off them or the steps or whatever.

I'd like to yet again compliment the folks that pick the music for these games. 2K9,The BIGS 2 and now 2K10 have all be fantastic.

The balls were getting stuck in the back CF wall at Kauffman during the HR derby testing. They'd hit the part before it bounce up and get stuck. Only glitch so far.

Currently very hopeful. Have to test out sliders,get a decent batting cam etc.

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Something I've noticed when having a created a player is the fact that they start out the first spring training game at 75 energy. No idea why.
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by icuwoot
Something I've noticed when having a created a player is the fact that they start out the first spring training game at 75 energy. No idea why.
Bad conditioning? lol

I really cannot wait to get this game. **** gamestop for screwing me!
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

Does anyone know if 2k will be adding all the players that play on opening day to the roster update? I understand that scott sizemore and austin jackson of the tigers are not represented in any way on this game, but I'm trying to decide if I should just create those 2 players or wait until opening day and download a more accurate roster. Seems like a waste to buy a game and not play it for a month though. Unless someone is doing a 2kshare roster with massive player edits in the minors (with subjective ratings), I'll probly just create the prospects myself
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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

I wonder why VC's version of real-time presentation appears gimped? Currently, its not even as good as last year's representation. The pre-and post-pitch mannerisms from the hitters and pitchers are always skipped automatically in the game. This feature was the ONLY real beneficial addition to 2K9 last year, and you would think VC would use that opportunity to truly flesh out the feature.

Instead, it appears they stripped it of all that made it so impressive that even their main competition added it for their game this year. I'm not sure they could even patch that, unless those resources were already in the game and just needed to be "unlocked."

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Re: Official MLB 2K10 Impressions (360/PS3)

has anyone seen any throwing errors if you put the meter into the red?
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