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Strike Zone on or off when hitting?

Curious if people leave the strike zone on or off while hitting? I like that when you have it on, you will sometimes get a clue as to what pitch is coming (almost like a guess pitch feature but it's triggered automatically), but at times, it can make hitting too easy.
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Re: Strike Zone on or off when hitting?

I've turned it off and never looked back. I think you get a better look at the pitch without all the distractions.
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Re: Strike Zone on or off when hitting?

I turned it off right away, but have gone back to using it. I think the guess pitch is a nice feature. I still preferred the 2K8 version of the batter's eye. You can turn batter's eye on, but it's nit nearly as useful.

What I found with the guess pitch stuff is that it helps me view the pitch as a ball or strike. I find that I take a lot more pitches with it on. I would go back to turning it off if I thought hitting was too easy. But instead, it has just made hitting more fun and I get more realistic results.

Aesthetically, I'd prefer to have it off.
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Re: Strike Zone on or off when hitting?

I've gone back and forth on this one, but am leaving it on for now. I definitely prefer it to be off because like Jayhawker said it looks better, and honestly I think I'm much better at taking pitches without it. I leave it on because I have a serious problem hitting anything offspeed, I see no difference between a 95 mph fastball and a 75 mph curveball out of a pitchers hand.
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