MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

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re: MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

Originally Posted by bluengold34_OS
Well I can tell the difference already. I have only played 3 games, but things have moved in the right direction. I played 80 games in franchise last year on 360 and still have 2k10 on my pc.

1. It's pretty evident that if the difficulty level was higher, placing your pitch would not be as simple.

2. I love the hitting cam, and how it truly shows the play in real time after the ball is hit.

3. The fielding feels much smoother to me, and the OF circle was not overdone for outfielders based off of their ability( I was scared it would be)

4. The only time I saw any type of framedrop was a pop up straight behind the plate, and it was minimal(assuming this will not be an issue in the final build)

I am pretty pleased with the improvements so far, and am sure will be even more so when the retail version hits next week. This is not to say the game is perfect, as I still saw infielders sprinting back to their position and some overall little quirks in the players motions.

****For those who are seeing a delay when pitching****

You have to let him come to a complete stop in his stretch. If your pitcher is in a stretch, let his glove come to a complete stop, then start your motion, and you should see no delay at all.
Awesome, thanks Bob. Hopefully this puppy is up to par on the PS3 as well.
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re: MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

It would be awesome if someone could post a video with their impressions on the demo, I really want to see how it is, but my region doesn't allow me to download it(I'm in Brazil)
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re: MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

Originally Posted by krazak
I hear people complain/compliment about things like the catcher throwing back to the pitcher, the pitcher walking around the mound, batters stepping out, etc... I'm just curious how many people actually leave that stuff turned on. Personally i just want to play the game. I always turn on the hurry up mode. I don't want a 9 inning game to take 2+ hours (or even an hour for that matter). To me that's what makes High Heat one the best baseball games ever. You could play a whole game in 20 minutes! If the pitcher/batter interface is good, there is realism (injuries, errors, etc...) and fielding is good i'm happy.
I'm the other extreme. I like the game to have emotion and soul. I'm glad they added things like the pitcher being flustered and working that into his mound behavior. When you have all of these things working together, the commentary, the crowd, the players' reactions, it makes for an exciting experience.
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re: MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

Originally Posted by Flaxseed Oil
I gotta say, I thought it felt great.

  • The new cameras for both offense and defense are welcome!
  • The pitching still is the king of analog controls. And I am usually a Show fanboy, but I have to admit, 2K owns the analog system.
  • The player faces and models look VASTLY improved. Barry Zito looks perfect, right down to his broad shoulders. Buster Posey looked perfect as well. The only player I felt was 'off' was Josh Hamilton, who seemed a bit too skinny.
  • The lighting, the graphics, the sound...all improved.
  • Variable umpire was very noticeable and welcome.
  • The broadcast angle was dead on!
  • I saw two botched plays in 3 innings.
  • The default pitch speed is agonizingly slow and un-realistic.
  • Can't change any settings
  • The Ball Trail is still on by default.
Thanks man, that's good to hear.

Sounds like all the negatives can be fixed with settings and sliders.
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Played 2 innings of the demo this morning.

1. I was pitching with Cain, and his line was 2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 Ks.
2. I had a couple pitches while pitching and batting that nicked the black of the strike zone and got called for balls (last year if it hit the black it was a strike 100% of the time).
3. I also had 3 hits through the 2 innings, all singles. It seems to be more realistic in that all 3 of my hits were fastballs that i was ahead of and pulled over the IF with a line drive. Last year it seemed like the majority of my hits were opposite field.
4. Very first groundball to 3B ate up Sandoval, and he wasn't able to recover in time to throw the guy out at first. It's cool to see, but i hope it isn't too obvious. Last i checked Sandoval isn't a 25% fielder, so he should still make the majority of plays.
5. I like the way the camera after the hit works, but there is no ball indicator, so it makes it hard to figure out if your ball is going to land, get into the gap, etc... Will take some getting used to.
6. I can't comment on fielding too much. It seemed like it was easier to react to grounders in the IF and try to make a play (dove for a ball between SS and 3B but missed, in 2K10 i hardly ever had time to dive).
7. They never hit a flyball in the 2 innings i've played so far, so i can't comment on that.
8. I gave up 2 singles to start the game, and Cain was rattled. Vibrated a little, but it's not like it was impossible to hit the zone. You just can't be as precise on the corners, but i was able to strikeout Hamilton.
9. Took a walk in my second AB, and worked several counts to 3 balls. Personally that's why i like having the pitcher farther away, it gives me more time to react and judge pitches. I've never been good at working counts and taking walks in other games (until MLB2K10).

Overall i'm really excited for the game. I don't own a PS3 (and i refuse to buy one for one game) so i can't compare it to the Show, but i really enjoyed MLB2K10 (despite its flaws), and i'm even more excited for MLB2K11.
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Ouch! These animations are downright ugly. I like the batting though!!
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The pitching interface is also well done too. Very rewarding. I just wish everyone didn't look like zombies and move like robots. Solid gameplay, hopefully 2k can clean up the gfx for next year
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re: MLB 2K11 Demo Available Now, Post Your Impressions Here (PS3/360)

Originally Posted by DickDalewood
Since we don't have a demo questions thread yet... Giants4natic, I'm assuming we're getting Giants vs Rangers, yes? Also, is hitting still the same as far as pushing up is normal, back and up is power? (I'm not a fan of that, as I wish every hit had to be loaded, ala 2K8 and The Show). How are the player models and lighting?

Thanks for all the impressions dude.

Is the same match up as the show with the same stadium but one less inning and no options to change at all

The hitting is the same, down to start your motion and up to swing.

The lighting is ok, I did not see any big wow to it but it was afternoon game and not dusk like the show

Colors are rich and the jaggies have been cleaned up
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