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MLB 2K12 Reviewer Impressions

A lot of gamers wondered if 2K would be phoning in their effort this year. After playing a number of games, I see a lot of improvements but also a lot of issues. This game seems to be very polarizing. Some animations are improved, and some look terrible. For instance, outfielders sometimes have strange hitches as they catch the ball; they also still crow hop when the situation doesn’t call for it. Base running seems better, but the runners run with their heads up. I also threw a wild pitch and the CPU just stood on first as the ball went all the way to the backstop. These are the little details that 2K tends to miss.

The biggest sin in this game is the frame rate. In 2012, a game should not have severe frame rate issues. It seems like on every foul ball the frame rate takes a hit. Sometimes its so bad the game literally pauses for a second. This is something 2K needs to address via patch now.

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For anyone who thought that 2K's lack of screenshots and gameplay video was just because they don't know how to market or are unaware of the importance of marketing your game, don't kid yourselves. This coming from someone who LOVES the 'fun' factor that has been in 2K baseball games.
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ha ha, love the shout out to 2k7, still the only 2kbaseball game I play
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Agreed 2k7's player models were phenomenal
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yes, but 2k7 was a 30 fps game, it seems like 2k has traded off player models and animations for 60 fps.
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Re: MLB 2K12 Reviewer Impressions

The way I see it, it wouldn't be a 2K sports game without all those "Ugh" and "Huh?!" moments. That's half the charm of 2K and this series in many ways. My wife saw me playing 2K baseball the other night and did this double-take when she saw some of the player faces. She said they all look like zombies. I replied it's the zombie baseball game for those of us who can't afford living people baseball games, lol.

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I've been sitting on this game for the past three days, waiting for a review that would entice me to break the seal and take a crack at it instead of returning it for full value. I have yet to read one. The "fun factor" of 2K11 had too much "frustration factor" that negatively balanced itself out the more I played it. It seems like every year, the only sports games series I have hesitation on buying or opening once I purchase it is MLB 2K. The baseball Jones is a strong one, so I'll cave eventually.
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fair points.
as far as the commentary and how great it is, and it is great, during those stories, once the ball is put into play the story abruptly stops. they never go back to it like nba 2k.

I'd rather hav them just continue the story and miss the play by play call then to have that sudden cutoff.
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