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MLB 14 The Show Review (PS4)

Itís been more than a month since MLB 14: The Show released on PS3, and for many of us, April was agonizingly long month. As a community, we collectively waited for the release of our favorite baseball game on PS4 by analyzing every piece of news and video, playing lots of The Show on PS3, or perhaps just watching real baseball. My short trip to San Francisco to play the new version with the developers was an all too brief tease, as were the gameplay videos and Puig/Pence showdown.

The month is over, however, and those with the interest and ability probably have the next gen version of The Show firmly planted in their PS4s. If you are still looking for info and deciding whether to jump in, read on to see my thoughts on this latest edition of Sonyís hardball title.

Read More - MLB 14 The Show Review (PS4)
Platform: PS Vita / PS3 / PS4
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Thank you Eli
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This review is spot on. Its a next gen graphical imporvment but thats it. Is this game a true next gen experience ? Probably not but The Show is a good game, top 2 sports game as far as gameplay goes. For anyone on the fence that has the PS3 version the question is do you wanna pay for better graphics ? If you dont have the PS3 version then no question you should get the PS4 version.
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Perfect review! Love that your con is on the Online being a hit or a miss...pun intended?
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no issues here with finding opponents in several leagues and a full list of PSN ID's from our own OS members
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Let me qualify this by saying I really like the game. That being said how can you do a review and mention the dynamic lighting but not mention lighting issues in night games? Also the review mentions audio but doesnt mention that there is no organ music, or that the PA announcer audio level seems off?
These are minor gripes to some, major issues to others. To me these are minor but I do not understand how a review does not mention these issues.
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Re: MLB 14 The Show Review (PS4)

I think it's time the devs of this series get some bad press for their online issues and now loading times on a Next Gen console that supposedly was going to make loading times a thing of the past. Even with all that, I cannot disagree with the review as the gameplay is the best recreation of any sport in a game currently by far. The sheer amount of options they give for control and tweaking of the game to suit any player level is needed in all sports games IMO. Graphics at times are lifelike. Audio when using headphones or a 7.1 system is very good compared to other sports games even with the loss of Sounds of The Show. People should give Sony a tweet or two on that as well.

Bottom line, this game deserves praise for it gameplay and offline play. It also deserves major criticism for its online play.
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This is a great game but you shouldn't have praised the lighting so much in my opinion. The lighting on the field/players does look pretty good but the stadium lighting, crowds and the cities are mostly in the dark. There is not shine or lens flare coming from the stadium lights and the scoreboards do not pop like they should. This should be stated as a con. I think next year though we will be amazed by the overall lighting.
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Re: MLB 14 The Show Review (PS4)

How come so many people who review this game leave out all of the continued issues with this franchise? The sloth-like play of outfielders on a lot of XBH that sometimes result in an extra base being taken. The ball going straight through the catcher, even if it's directly down the middle of the plate. The lack of urgency on some double-plays where the two IFs throw the ball to one another like it's just a lone out opportunity. The terrible lighting in night games in the OF. The way the RP/CP stats don't show up in RTTS when you're brought into a game -- the overlay space is there, but the display never pops up with the stats. The tons of wrong calls on steals to 2B where the runner is called out, but is clearly safe, even in replays, etc.

There are a ton of other issues and it seems like nobody is bringing them up in reviews.

Here is an example of that steal issue -- runner has clearly reached 2B, but is called out despite the glove not even touching the runner. This happens CONSTANTLY.

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