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Re: MLB 14 The Show: How to Improve the Presentation

Originally Posted by Sco291
Like someone else said: it feels like I'm playing a bubble, seperate from the rest of the league and outside world. I wish they'd bring back the newspaper article, or something similar. If the show can improve on the moving mouths and such, I'd like to actually see Matt V and co. in the booth, pregame.

And what about an on-the-field reporter in the camera well? Speaking of the camera/media well near the dugouts, how about putting some more reproters with cameras down there? Flash bulbs etc. Make me feel like my games count and are truly worth something.

I would love a FoxSports or an MLB Network style presentation. This game has had a good run with their own, but lets be real, they have the same instrumentals and what not since MB 07 on PS2 days. I say time to integrate, IF possible, a real life style of presentation.

Love all those points. Also would love to see more action in dugouts and improved crowd, especially in tight games or when a milestone such a cycle or no-hitter is in the process of happening.
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Re: MLB 14 The Show: How to Improve the Presentation

Do you think they can fix the frame rate problems?
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Re: MLB 14 The Show: How to Improve the Presentation

I agree with everything that's being talked about.

3 things:

1. As for cutting to other games in progress to show a highlight, this was done in NHL 94 I believe, or maybe it was 93 for Sega... if they could figure it out back then, I'm sure there's a way to do it now - at intermission, they usually cut to a game supposedly in progress and show a goal - sometimes penalties or big hits. I'm sure, as a previous poster suggested, that it was just random plays already put together and simply called up matching up the 2 teams.. .but still, that would be really cool to do something like that.

2. I've seen this brought up in other threads, but it would be pretty cool - whether it's just for RTTS or to do it for franchise as well, it'd be pretty cool to do some press conferences from time to time. Certainly shouldn't be after every game - and while NBA 2K14 had some issues with MyCareer, there are a lot of cool concepts with some of the storytelling - some of the interactions would be cool to work in with teammates, opposing players, coaches, the GM, etc. Maybe have an option to do more of a real-life storytelling type RTTS, where the focus is on the story, and the way RTTS is currently done, where playing games and simply advancing your career is the focus.

3. I would also love to see something similar to what OOTP does in terms of stories around the league. Even some of the cheesy ones where a player made a donation to charity or the funny/crazy ones where a fired manager tore up the clubhouse just made the franchise aspect so much more interesting. Again, you wouldn't need to make up something daily, maybe a couple of times a week, or even a weekly roundup of stories.

One more note - I'm not demanding that these things be put in the game or suggesting that they have to - just ideas that I like from other games, really, that would add to the immersion/fun factor. They are examples of things already done, so it's programmable in some way - but whether that's doable within the world of MLB The Show, I have no idea. I'm sure the developers have ideas like this, but there's one reason or another why they can't be executed from one year to the next. But, one can hope that some day, some of these kinds of things get added!
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Re: MLB 14 The Show: How to Improve the Presentation

Authentic and appropriate crowd reaction.

Just moments ago, I served up a walk-off 2-run homerun in the bottom of the 10th in Miller Park to Ryan Braun. I thought I had made a good pitch so I went in to study the replay. Well, it wasn't a good pitch, but what stood out was watching the crowd behind home plate...zero reaction. It made the experience so bland.
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Commentary from most games get criticized, and I think it's largely due to the repetitive nature of hearing the same broadcast team game after game. NCAA March madness 10 was not a great basketball game, but having dual, authentic espn and cbs broadcast teams was a really cool dynamic. Hopefully with the increased computing power of the consoles, you could add a second broadcast team that could handle 'games of the week' and playoffs to add some variety and a truly heightened feel to important games.
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The problem with games like baseball, hockey and basketball is the season is so long you can only listen to the same rehashed lines so many times before you want to stab your eardrums to make it stop. A long way towards fixing this issue is to have multiple broadcast booths. Maybe a "hometown" team for normal games and the national broadcast team for Sunday night games/playoffs.
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This is an excellent article, and one that I hope The Show's developers take note of. I have been saying the same things about Madden, but I guess it can apply to ALL sports games. Presentation - how we SEE our virtual games is just as important as how we play them.

I think the "around the league" stuff is vital to immersion in a franchise/season mode. There needs to be awareness of a living, breathing league taking place outside of our own games. Game breaks that cut to out of town highlights - with dynamic commentary - would be amazing.

Next gen is here. Id love to see some more development in these areas. Bring baseball (and other sports) to life.
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Re: MLB 14 The Show: How to Improve the Presentation

Something like this would be cool:


Baseball related of course

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