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MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

Three things for me:

1. Fix the random PCI for timing hitting. The '12 version of The Show had it pretty good. Since then, it's been so random that it's hard to use.

2. More records to break. The same records since at least '08 (I didn't play '07 and prior) are in the game. I really would like to attempt to break records such as homeruns in consecutive games, most total bases in a season, etc.

3. More variety of stats. This is something that a ton of people have been asking for. I'm not a sabrmetric type of guy but it would be nice to see things like War, babip (for hitters), etc.

There are more but those are the main three I'd like to see.
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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

* Cutscene frame rate optimization

* Historical Mode (recreating important events from baseball history)

* Create/import/export custom logos and teams (ala FIFA Creation Centre)

* Sounds of the Show - proper style

* Enhanced stadium details

* Different body models/arm tattoos

* Face scanned players

* Class-A Advanced MiLB teams

* Create-A-Stadium
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Create and Relocate teams

Fix free agency: It seems that a lot of times I will offer a guy exactly what he wants and he has no interest in signing with my team or re-signing. Even more times I offer them a TON more money than what any other team is offering and yet they still go to the team that is ranked as their #2 or #3. For instance I was trying to re-sign Billy Butler, I can't remember what exact amount he wanted but I offered him about 5 million more for an extra year than he wanted. His #2 choice offered him 30 million less for 2 less years and he still went to them. It happens to much that I give an amazing offer and they still go to a team that offered them so much less.

Different running styles, there should be a noticeable difference between a speedster running the bases and David Ortiz. Different follow throughs on the swings would be nice too. Anything to make players stand out individually.

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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

My list:
  • Stadiums with retractable roofs closed at the right times, such as Arizona's closed during day games when it's hot, and no one should have a rain game when they can close the roof.
  • Real MiLB stadiums would be great, perhaps at the AAA level or more variety in the stadiums.
  • More variety in the LED ribbon boards. They generally don't flash the team name during the entire game. Also more team specific animations on the boards would be nice.
  • The ability to see who the manager and coaching staff are on your team in RRTS. They would change and I would have no idea.
  • Better logic in selecting when the CPU selects jerseys in RRTS. It seemed like I saw the camouflage jerseys for the Reds and Padres, as well as the purple D-Backs, much more often than I did on TV. The ultimate option would be to let the play select jerseys for both teams.
  • The ability to see transactions (perhaps a news page) in RRTS during the regular season.
  • The ability to create audio for RRTS player name from existing audio. For example, I could create my name if I could combine two other names.
  • The ability to create audio for RRTS player name from existing audio. For example, I could create my name if I could combine two other names.
I'm sure I am forgetting something, but this is what I remember playing this year.
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I agree with #3. I know baseball really well, but taking the time to learn all the rules that apply around years of service and the 40-man roster is a pain. I love the options and love that you can have the CPU handle it, but I think it could be better.

Whatever they can do to make us spend less time in menus, without sacrificing depth, should be explored. I feel like I'm in the minority in a place like OS, but I want to quickly make the handful of changes between games so I can play more of the game itself. I feel like NCAA Football 14 did that perfectly while other games like Madden, FIFA, and the Show require too many screens. I'm lucky to get an hour to play every few nights, so I want something that I can delegate to the CPU or a simplified experience. Games today are built for people who can spend 2 or 3 hours a day playing, not the ones that want the continuity of a season but stretched for time.
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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

Here is my biggest wish:

Player profression/regression revamp: currently it is broken. It is very bad, that older players are regressing 15-20 points per rating throughout a season. A productive player in April becomes bad until the playoffs. I understand, that older players have to regress.

Here is my advice: all players can regress or progress during the season, but this should be only based on performance. When the season ends, the game should adjust all players ratings depending on their age.

This way, players like Big Papi are going to be still good during the playoffs, but they are going to regress for the second season. This way, it will make sense to sign older players to 1 year contracts.
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Here is my wishlist:

- Postseason patch on the hats during playoffs and World Series ones during the World Series

- Some kind of MLB Network Integration maybe a highlight show where if not hightlights, atleast the scores of games and if a certain player that night played well.

- More "Sideline" reporters during playoffs, maybe even going to a break after a inning, show a manager with a headset on talking to the commentators (Kinda like after the game interviews they do now)

- Bring back the newspaper for franchise or at least have a Twitter showing comments from different baseball people (Like Madden).

- This is total selfishness on my part and probably hard to do (although 2k5 kinda did it) but after a playoff series win or world series win show the players in the locker room doing interviews and spraying drinks everywhere and celebrating.

- Individual team jerseys for the All Star game

- Better stadium fly in with maybe the national anthem playing

- Of course better fielding animations

- Rainouts with double headers, also in the middle of a game and showing the grounds crew rolling out the tarp

- Cardinals Sunday hats (They had them before, don't know why they took them out), and the 90's style Astros uniforms

- Better pre game animations, maybe showing teams taking BP with their bp hats and jerseys.

That's all I can think of... Just looked and seen Im very much a presentation guy lol

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"Quick Pitch" games must expedited. A 9 inning game should be completed in under 10 mins. (Examples See Allstar Baseball 05 and Tony Larussa 96)
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