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MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

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MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

MLB 15 The Show is surely well on its way to being delivered to gamers next Spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add our own input on what we’d like to see in next year’s game.

In many cases, MLB 14 The Show was a pretty well executed game with a few notable flaws that held it back from true greatness. The shortlist of fixes for next year seem obvious, but there are also several gameplay issues we would love to see tidied up before next spring.

Here’s what we’d like to see fixed heading into next year:
  1. Online Play - Because this just has to work next year doesn’t it? This year was closer than ever, but it still wasn’t a great experience by any means.
  2. Commentary - The current commentary team isn’t bad, just stale — and their lines are repeating a bit too often for our tastes. Replacing the current guys is one option, having them add a lot more lines is another one.
  3. Better Management In Franchise Mode - The franchise mode is great, but there are a few items missing I really wish were there. Depth charts is one, but also better feedback on what you are doing as you do it. The experience is fine if you are a baseball savvy guy, but if you don’t know much about how the roster rules work in baseball you will almost certainly be lost guaranteed.
  4. More accuracy in stadiums, jerseys, etc. - The Show on PS3 was always above and beyond on the little things. Nowadays, it seems to be right with the rest of the pack on many of those little things, so another leap in attention to detail would be amazing.
  5. All of those gameplay enhancements - You can list what you’d love to see in the comments. Things like even more fielding animations, more hit variety, etc. These are all no brainers and should be in each new game, but it doesn’t hurt to demand it.
  6. Bonus: Create-A-Stadium. Seriously, I’m a ballpark junkie and I know I’m not the only one. Giving users the ability to create custom stadiums, especially with enough options to recreate many past great ballparks (or build a new ballpark for your franchise) would be an amazing addition we’ve not really ever seen in a baseball game.
What do you want to see in MLB 15 The Show?
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They should do a mode similar to connected franchise, being able to play multiplayer rtts
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Franchise mode is my bread and butter so enhancements on that front would be my primary "wish". I'd love to see better stat tracking, more overlays regarding the current season and even past season comparisons during games, and more mode specific commentary. You get the occassional "last season this team went on a run in September..." type dialogue but that seems to be strictly limited to exhibition games, bring it to franchise! I'm too am onboard with the notion of Create-A-Ballpark, I think this would be a nice addition, maybe take a page out of Madden and allow for franchises to relocate/rebuild? Probably asking too much there but it's worth a mention. My only major complaint with game play over the past few years are the fielding animations, last year I specifically remember allowing a TON of infield singles on balls hit to the shortstop only because he would lollygag due to the locked in animation, looks nice though. I know RTTS and Diamond Dynasty are popular but I NEVER even touch those modes so I can't vouch for any wishes there.
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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

I don't think we could say online was closer then ever. I felt it went backwards as far as game experience. On a positive note the addition of online franchise was nice but needs some work.
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They need to correct the framerate in certain ballparks. The game needs to play as smooth as FIFA, 2K and NHL. The choppiness is beyond frustrating. I would be willing to take a hit on graphics if the animations and gameplay was smooth. No excuses now because we are next gen. The show has been plagued with this since PS3 days.
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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

I just hope the frame rate is smooth. The choppy frame rate especially during cutscenes kind of ruined the experience for me in 14.
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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

I hate to beat a dead horse but my wishlist:

a) rosters to be carried over same as franchise

b) edit names of coaches, managers & umps

c) season to be customized to reduce teams to 26, or 24, or 16, or whatever one chooses

d) custom schedules, get rid of interleague play, choice of 154 game schedule & 162 games

e) editable contracts on money & length, though I have read somewhere MLB doesn't want that.

f) ability to move teams back to original cities.

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Re: MLB 15 The Show Wishlist, Ours and Yours

Much improved stat tracking, including newer metrics like UZR, WAR, etc. And have them carry over on a baseball card or something for easy reference please.
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