PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

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PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

MLB 15 PS4:

It was always a wish of mine to be able to save my current franchise game mid game, take care of whatever business I needed to take care of, start the console back up and come back to my saved game and be able to still see all the highlights at the end of my game.

The other day I was in a rush out the door and accidentally forgot to save my game and just hit the ps button and entered rest mode while I was in the middle of pitching an inning...a good 0-0 game in the 9th. When I came back home I woke my PS4 back up and it went right to where I left off (2-0 count and all) no menu wait or anything...I went ahead and finished the game (I lost..lol), but I was surprised to see that the entire game's highlights were available. Awesome.

Granted nothing was actually saved (i.e. in the event of a power failure or something), but I got the net of what I wanted...leave, come back, highlights from the entire game available.

Maybe this is old news, but just wanted to share if someone else found it useful.

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Re: PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

Yeah, rest mode works well, but I prefer to save and quit just to be safe.
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Re: PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

I would have saved it before I left, but that's me. But yes the rest mode is great!
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Re: PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

I actually like rest mode better than the Save and Quit because of the reasons OP mentioned.

With Save and Quit, the announcers forget everything that ever happened, you lose some info, and some things (like pitch confidence) are reset/defaulted.

With Rest mode everything is preserved as-is, and imo it results in the best experience possible.

I don't care about a power failure. Worst case scenario I have to replay the 4-6 innings I had played before the blackout. I'll take the trade-off every time.
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Re: PS4 - Entering Rest Mode

i always put ps4 in rest mode and love that i get to resume where i left off
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