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Re: Preorder question

I stopped at Gamestop yesterday and pre-ordered. Going to pick up tomorrow during work
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Re: Preorder question

Originally Posted by TripleCrown9
Here's a question for anyone that pre-ordered with GameStop.

I just got a call reminding me about the First Pitch Weekend, but he said I can come and get it at 9PM Friday night. That isn't correct is it? Like, everyone who already has it preloaded gets to play it starting Friday morning at midnight, right? So GameStop preorders have to wait 21 hours after everyone else?
Update, went by the store and they're releasing it tonight. So the guy just said the wrong day in the phone call.
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Re: Preorder question

So I preordered by game from Best Buy on Tuesday.
It says they will email me the download code on release day.
Will they email it to me at midnight tonight?
Can I not start the download process before hand?
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Re: Preorder question

Able to pickup my game at 9pm from GameStop tonight!! Woot! So excited. Don't have class till noon tomorrow too!

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Re: Preorder question

Had a scare this morning. Got a text from Best Buy saying shipment may be delayed. But I checked the tracking number and it says out for delivery!
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Re: Preorder question

Not quite sure why preordering through Best Buy has been so difficult.

I preordered a physical copy of the game a few days ago and was told it'd be good to go for today, 3/23. I think it came with a digital download as well but who knows anymore.

A few hours later and I'm still waiting for any updates on my order being fulfilled and ready to pick up today. I'm off work in a few hours and was really hoping to play a ton of this tonight. Honestly I'm wondering if saving the $15 or so using my Gamer's Club Unlocked card was worthwhile.
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Re: Preorder question

I know that's off topic, but I wanted to share some idiotic stuff.

I preordered from Walmart and they told me yesterday that the game would be available at midnight and I asked him a few times if he is absolutely certain and he told that he is, but when the person went there who I had get that, they stated the game isn't there and they spend a while searching.

That person was told to call when people in the electronics department get there and I called and the woman told me they game is there for purchase and she isn't aware why we were told that.

I had that person go get that and they were told that I can't get my preorder because that isn't there, however they're selling the game on the shelf to the public so I had them purchase that and will have to return the preorder copy of that.

I had that person put an employee on the phone and he told me they're selling the game because the box that the games were shipped in says the game was to released to the public as of earlier.

I would love to know how many other stores are selling theirs to the public.

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Re: Preorder question

Has anyone who didnít pre order been able to get the game from GameStop?
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