MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The introduction of Moments to Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB The Show 19 provides a new...

Written By: Kevin Scott

Click here to view the article.
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Good or bad , ugly or beautiful , Moments IMO doesnt need to be this great big time consumer , it should be a minor feature like postseason mode or homerun derby or play now or retro mode.
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MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I had some great tense moments in...moments.
Ofcourse some things are tuned to a certain outcome, like Bartolo was definitely juiced in the homerun challenge otherwise you would probably never hit a homerun haha.

I liked the challenge where you had to steal 2 bases against a hard throwing catcher and you couldnít get caught once with your own team for example. I couldnít get it because I didnít had a lot of speed on my team at the time but after a while I got a speedy guy put him on my roster and went back to the challenge and finally got it.

I think thatís exactly what this mode should be!
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I really like the moments mode.* Some can be infuriating, I can't tell how many times I've tried to go 3 for 4, hit a homer with Otonhi, only to have a 2 hit game with 1 HR, or 3 hits and one warning track hit!**

The multiple ways to achieve the goals is really something special.* I do agree that when you've got to get an OF assist and the ball never gets to the OF'er in question, it can be maddening...* But I appreciate the quick restart instead of going through the load process again.

I'm glad they added this in this year.* With this addition, and MtO, it's providing other ways to play that really make me want to sink my teeth into.* I know they might not be the most popular right now, but by the end of the season, I can see them becoming very much a core part of the experience.

I mean, the first year DD was put in the game I was iffy about it...* And now it's the main mode I play.* And I find myself reorienting back to MtO using teams I'd NEVER have played a season/franchise with, and always find myself checking for the next batch of moments from this year.**

Great job by the ppl at San Diego studios!
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This is a well-written article, and summarizes my thoughts pretty well.* I absolutely despise moments.* On the surface, it looks like a great feature that can be highly rewarding.* Unfortunately for me, there is at least one moment in each series that I am just unable to complete, and therefore can not finish ANY of the series, and have received none of those rewards.* I attempted one of the Willie Mays moments (2 HR"s in 1 game) for 5 hours straight, with no luck.* Even had a HR and one of those inside-the-park HR's that they call a triple, so it didn't count.* I don't even view these as achievable for me, and if that's the direction they're heading with the game, this might be my last year with it.
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I am surprised how much I am enjoying the moments game mode. I kind of pick and chose the ones that interest me and just play those for the fun of it.
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Iím not playing much, played only few short ones so far and not planning being involve in multi-games ones.

Yesterday night I tried the one where NYY Gardner show up with 3 on bases and the goal is to hit home-run. Then I decided to check Gardners ratings. Surprise, his contact is at something in the 80s ( Iím ok with that) but his right handed Power to 98 !!!!

I donít get it, whatís the point of having a moment with Gardner if heís being buffed to a Stanton level ?

I have to say it was a turn off for me. Any other moments like this one ?
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This just happened in the 3rd (final) Dozier game for me, after I got 5 non-homer hits prior to this game. Never give up, even when you don't think you'll get another at-bat.

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