MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

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MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

In the ever-changing landscape of traditional gaming where "always online" modes have become the new normal,...

Written By: Joe Doyle

Click here to view the article.
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

Sorry, not a fan.

This to me, just comes across as here are reasons why you should be happy companies are ruining gaming with this whole games as a service online/Ultimate team/loot box/micro transaction crap.

I have not and will not support or contribute to these modes and will leave each and every title that continues along this path. I have left every other single sports title, leaving The Show and F1 as my only sports games. I no longer play FPS or any of the Battle Royal nonsense. If a game cannot offer me a decent length/developed single player experience, I no longer support those titles. I am happy with The Show 19 and will not move forward until offline/franchise modes start getting some real love.
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

I disagree with the premise of this article and probably for very different reasons than many here will. New Cards do not equal New Content - cards are rewards. New content is something you have to play to EARN the rewards.

The mode this year has been dumbed-down significantly to accommodate the competitive crowd. Last year offered a breadth of significantly challenging programs (such as the Immortal programs) which required skill and good roster construction. This year is a shallow and empty mode which is easy to get through (because the competitive guys don't like things to be hard).

You know why the content 'slowed down' last year? Because the whole point of the immortal program was to provide an extended and challenging mode. Instead, people ran through them on rookie mode and banged them out quickly and basically burned through 3 months of content in 48 hours. That's on them. I spent months enjoying the programs and challenges while the online guys kept griping about a 'lack of content'.

Now....I totally get the limited lineup pool issues that occurred this year, and I agree that this has been MUCH better this year. But the problem is that you don't really have to EARN anything. The programs (if you call them that) are built around the pedantic Moments and the "just play the game" philosophy. I can teach a 4 year old what buttons to press and stick them in front of the game for hours on-end and they could complete every team affinity and program by just racking-up innings played. Now you tell me....does that sound like "fun"?

SDS needs way better content to go to their improved rewards. We need to get back to making people work for stuff instead of making this a giveaway mode. No, we don't need grinds for 300 saves or anything that ridiculous - but we should have to actually exhibit some degree of skill (vs racking-up innings). In short....the door was swung too far towards offline play last year, swung too far back towards online this year....we need middle ground.
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Absolutely love DD this year. I usually never play the mode but this year I gave it a chance and I'm addicted. Custom Jerseys to the deep selection of cards you are able to grind for. I usually am a Single Player Franchise player but the changes made to this years rendition has me enjoying DD for the first time.*
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

I agree with Bullit. I have zero interest in ultimate team/DD/collecting modes. Give me offline franchise/career play and I am happy. Just have no interest in online gaming.
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Re: MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

I am not a big fan of collecting and building teams using legends etc. For me, DD is so convoluted it's hard to keep up. In Conquest, I'm not sure what the goal is and I don't have time to sit and figure out what the goal is.

There's just too much content for my liking which for me ruins the game. I'm more of a play with the MLB teams either offline or online which is why I miss the days of Triple Play/MVP baseball and games like it when all you did was load the game and play h2h or against the CPU.
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what happened to "custom rosters, historical rosters, full-scale minor league rosters, deep, well-aged franchise files, create-a-player modes and so on"?

Add me to the list of people who completely 100% disagree with you. Too many arcade type options in the game now. I rarely chime into these types of articles, but I just had to say something. I never played DD and never will. Franchise mode has been 99% untouched in MLB 19 which is why I haven't bought it. I'm still playing 18 because there's no reason to upgrade.

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Re: MLB The Show 19 Sets New Gold Standard for Content

As I've said before, I don't really get into DD or Conquest or anything outside of Franchise Mode, but I actually do enjoy collecting the cards that are available and also seeing what team I could put on the field should I choose to dive into DD.

These card collecting/ultimate team modes may not be my cup of tea, but they are the "new way to play" sports games these days and are extremely popular.
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