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I know that I am in the MAJOR minority when it comes to this. however due to one sick play against me this year I am sheerly amazed at the great animations we get to witness day in and day out due to utilizing this feature.

The play I reference is a bullet hit to the CPU 3rd baseman. Runner on first, he catches it, bobbles it... gets his composure and catches it again... never seen that before ever.

Not to mention the gazillion other plays that we get to see that user-controlled player doubtfully ever get to see even once...
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

I might give it a shot sometime. But I feel like I would get bored not controlling my defense. I have been playing for about 12 years and I donít think Iíve ever made a jumping catch other than robbing homeruns. Iíve always struggled with diving catches in the OF. Iíve made some but sometimes/usually Iím way off on my dive. Also I donít even make great plays on line drives to 3rd. I just donít have the reaction speed or something. I can definitely see the positives of Auto-defense but I donít think I can commit to it
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

For the longest time, I couldnít understand why anyone would use auto fielding. Then a few years ago I tried it. Not sure I could go back to manual fielding now.

I love that they give us this option.
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

I've always been an autofielder. I like being drawn into , as a pitcher, trusting the guys behind me to have my back. But for whatever reason, I do like to make all the throws.

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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

AUTO field, MANUAL throw.......perfect.
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

Originally Posted by KnightTemplar
AUTO field, MANUAL throw.......perfect.
How can you not be romantic about baseball
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

I have been an auto fielder and manual throw guy my entire Show playing career (Did I just say career? LMAO!). It is brilliant.
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Re: #AutoDefense4Life!!!!

Switched to auto fielding for the first time this year. Itís a game changer for me. I wonít be going back to manual anytime soon.

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