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Should we boycott for franchise?

I was just thinking, that boycotting might be the only way to actually reach SDS and actually get something done with franchise mode. They clearly don’t care. I’ve been playing since the PS2 days and I really can’t think of many improvements they have made in the time (contract extensions and editing potential is all I can think of)

When I see franchise brought up in The Shows Facebook groups, everyone laughs and says that nobody plays franchise and it doesn’t make them any money. I don’t agree with that. We buy a lot of copies of the game. Many of us, like myself buy the show every year, no matter what. If we didn’t buy one year or held out a couple of months or something, I think they would feel it. Maybe they would take us more seriously and realize that they make a lot more money from us than they thought.

I’m not saying “Let’s do it!” I’m just feeling out the community to see what everyone thinks. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: Should we boycott for franchise?

I think we should have a sub on OS strictly for boycotts/petitions against developers, we need to make sure there's a dedicated area for them to see which games are being boycotted and why...
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Re: Should we boycott for franchise?

What happens if all franchise players boycott and SDS thinks well nobody plays franchise so letís just remove it?

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Re: Should we boycott for franchise?

Boycotting does nothing.

Discussing it does even less.
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