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Franchise House Rules Ideas

I play hundreds of years of franchise mode simulation every year on The Show. As a Yankees fan I try to build the next great dynasty. As a Texan I try to make the Rangers a contender. As a wannabe GM I try to rebuild teams like the Marlins or Orioles, or try to get Mike Trout a good team around him.

All of these Franchiseís have one thing in common. They get stale.

So what house rules do you impose on yourself to keep things fresh, realistic, and fun! Things like salary cap, trade restrictions, limiting free agency. I would love to try some ideas and share some of my own to put together a good list of rules to make things a little more difficult and fun!

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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

Batting for every team, in every game, for every team.

Consider it as the opposite end of the spectrum compared to simming. You move at a snail's pace, but you get to know and have a feel for every player.

Let the computer control all possible roster moves; promotions, demotions, trades, lineups, etc. They don't always make stupid moves, so it's fun to see favorite players bounce around.
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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

I have house rules but probably not exactly in the same vein you do.

1) I take a shot of Grey Goose at every mention of flat-out and/or ambush tactics.

2) as soon as I have the lead in any game against the Asstros, their next batter gets plunked. I thought I got this out of my system the first weekend I had 20, but despite what's been said, it does feel good to continue beaning them.

3) when I beat you, and I will, there's no crying in baseball.
(this isnt actually in franchise but friendly play now games vs. my pre-teen nephew. what's it going to teach him if I let him win? :devil

4) when I'm Baltimore, we dont do business (trades) with Yankees or Boston.

5) no drafting relievers or left fielders. IMO this is equivalent to cloning cats. I can convert starting pitchers to relievers if they cant cut it in a rotation and any fool with a pulse can play LF.

6) forget about Taco Tuesday. games I play on IRL Tuesday are always played while eating Sneaky Pete's 'dogs. even if I'm not in the mood for hot dogs lol .

7) when I get to a scheduled off day on the schedule I dont go on to my next game until a full 24 hours have passed.

8) 1 road game a month is played at a classic stadium, wherever it makes the most sense to play them taking into account the opponent. I plan these out before the season and play 6 road games per season in a classic stadium.
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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

Over the years I've played games in a variety of ways.

- Play every game (I usually get into Season 2 but not much farther)
- Play 1 game, sim 4 games (I can get into Season 3 maybe)
- Play with Quick Pitch on
- Play 1 game every series w/ Quick Pitch on

Now I play like this...
- Quick Pitch turned on always
- Play either, every game or 1 every series(depends on how I feel)
- In Game: Bat with every hitter, Pitch with Starter for first inning, Quick manage the rest of pitching unless 2 players get on base then pitch to try and get out of it.
- Pitch with all relievers.
- I handle all transactions, keep tabs on other teams. If I'm playing with real life rosters I'll make sure there's no unrealistic trades/transactions.
But this year I'm all in with Bacon's Fictional Rosters so I'll handle my own team only.

This way I get to be involved in many games and learn what type of players I have.(Some have poor stats but I love their style of play and vise versa) I can get a sense of immersion without the snail's pace of a 162-game season. Even if I could lower the number of games per season, like in Season mode, I wouldn't for statistical reasons.

I might get into Season 3, or 4, but this year I'm hoping to get further so I can actually play with my draft picks.

Whichever way you play, I'd suggest if it's getting stale, change it up and find the most fun way to play for you, and try not to make it too serious. The most we get out of this game is the immediate enjoyment and the lasting memories.
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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

I'm kind of the opposite of most here on the forums. I don't do 30 team control, there are no limits on the trades I'm allowed to make, there are no self imposed cap restrictions. If the CPU let's me do it, then I can do it.

I of course don't have force trades on, and I have to work within the confines of salary that the game enforces, but within the rules that I set out with as per the in game options, I'm allowed to do whatever I want.

There is one caveat though. Whatever happens, happens. I have a really frustrating game and am tempted to turn off the console to wipe it from existence? No go bucko. I'm allowed to save and quit and walk away, but I always must pick back up where I left off. If I get buyers/sellers remorse on a trade, can I go back to an old save? No. I can try and reverse the trade in game, but if the computer says no that's my fault.

My best player goes down with injury for most of the season. It happened. My team falls apart and commits 11 errors (most on routine plays) in a single game in the world series? It happened. A simple dribbler that came nowhere close to the pitcher causes a season ending skull fracture to one of the key pitchers in my rotation? It happened.

Yes all of those things have happened to me. They are a part of the storied history of my 2014 carry over franchise.

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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

My go to is starting a franchise with an up and coming team and playing every game until I decide to buy a new version. Been doing it for years although there were some years in there where I didn't get the new one. Starting from this year I have been;

White Sox
Blue Jays
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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

I started my franchise modes in Madden, NHL and now MLBTS this year by allowing the AI to be my GM. I control the lineups, but I let the AI handle all my roster moves. Some games you have to get creative. For example, the trades in NHL arenít done by an AI GM, instead they trade offer pops up and I have to accept it. No matter what. It forces me to make it work with whatever I have and basically it doesnít guarantee multiple titles for me. I really have to do my best to work within the parameters Iíve set for myself.

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Re: Franchise House Rules Ideas

I only allow trades that the CPU offers me, or that are generated from guys who are on the block. It keeps me from completely manipulating the ai in trades. You still eventually become overpowered, but it just takes a lot longer. I get bored, when I get a team to the point where every player is either a star or future star.
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