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Postseason patches.

Iím curious as to why The Show is the only one of the four major team sport video games that donít have patches on the uniforms for the postseason and World Series. EAís NHL and Madden have Stanley Cup Final patches and Super Bowl patches on each playerís jersey and 2Kís NBA has the NBA Finals patch on there.

I recall specifically toward the end of the PlayStation 3 cycle that developed from San Diego Studio said that they have not been able to get each player wearing their individual uniform in the All-Star Game but that they would for PlayStation 4. Well, that never happened.

Now with the release of the next generation of consoles on the horizon, Iím really hoping to see these things get in the game. The All-Star uniforms arenít really that big of a deal, honestly, but Iíd love to see the postseason and World Series patches on team uniforms next year.

Also, I have always hated the unique patches, like a teamís anniversary patch or an All-Star Game patch that doesnít go away after the first year. I know the answer we get from these is that it has to do with the MLB style guide, but come on. There has to be some way around this.

I always dread when the Cubs get the All-Star Game because that means theyíll have the All-Star patch forever until the following yearís game. This would make it even more problematic for people that do carryover saves. Iíd hate to have a Dodgerís carryover save and have them in 2024 with a 2020 All-Star Game patch on their jerseys.

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Re: Postseason patches.

It’s done this way because their files for the uniforms are so huge and they’re stuck with their archaic template system that only has one jersey style that every jersey is based off of.

Meaning, to have dynamic patch placement the art assets would need to be duplicated as is and then added with whatever occasion is being celebrated. IE. postseason, Jackie Robinson Day, a memorial or celebratory patch, all star game, World Series, etc. so that’s one extra jersey, for each style, at the huge file size the uniforms already take up, per team.

The other major sports figured out somewhere around the PS2 era how to make patches an individual art asset and just allow the uniform templates to fit a patch on each one dynamically, and program specifics as to when they will occur and be removed. If this game doesn’t figure this out by PS5 then it’s truly even more mind boggling than it already is.
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