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Rebranding website


I saw this website to give people ideas on rebranding the mlb...I just thought it was cool to post here to see if the real artistic people can create some of these emblems on the show...I copied a link to the Mariners one but all the teams are here...thought it was neat and wanted to share.
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Re: Rebranding website

Wish we had a logo upload option like 2K. Iím pretty good with Illustrator and Photoshop, and have been working on logos for my OOTP franchise
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Re: Rebranding website

Rebranding was always useful for all the companies, communities and products. I like the logo of the Mariners but I think that there is some place for a few little changes. It is possible to make it more aggressive and at the same time more acceptable by the public. I have a good friend that is doing programmatic advertising san diego, so he knows more things than me about the rebranding. There are good examples with cars, know people loves more agressive and at the same time pleasant.
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Re: Rebranding website

If you're gonna rebrand the M's with neon green, may as well just slap the Seahawks logo on there too..

.. I like the wilder rebranding ideas. Like the M's moving to San Francisco, following the Giants move to Tampa (which nearly happened in the early 90s)
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Re: Rebranding website

I actually created versions of the logos and uniforms for all 30 teams. Iíve posted photos of how they all came out in this thread (https://forums.operationsports.com/f...iforms-17.html) and all of my logos have been uploaded to the vaults as well.
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