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explain stat decay ?

OK I created a fighter in career mode and he started off with about 15 in every category. Then after a couple sparring sessions I go to raise up my stats with the points I earned and realize that nearly every stat had suddenly gone to zero...

Why is that ? Do they actually decay that rapidly ? How in the world could you prevent that ?? I don't get it.
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Re: explain stat decay ?

Raise them up to the 30 50 or 70 limit to prevent them from decaying.
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Re: explain stat decay ?

They go down every 5 weeks,? if you dont put at least one point in them.
Same for cardio spd and str
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Re: explain stat decay ?

there is a yellow bar next to each stat when you hit sparring or training and scroll to the right. when its full your good. when it runs out you start decaying. if you are at 30, 50 or 70 it will not decay. if your at 71 and your bar runs out it will only drop to 70.
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Re: explain stat decay ?

Further in your career, the faster they decay. When you are spending 20 points to move 1pt and you spar, rest, gameplan, fight and then notice you lost about 20pts, it is not fun.

It was a good idea but they implemented it poorly.
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Re: explain stat decay ?

boost to 30 don't fall short, don't go past. Save points till you can get stat to 50. Don't go past don't fall short. Finally boost points to 70. Don't fall short don't go past. Save your points to add them at the end of your career.
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