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Re: players not in the game caps

Some changes to andy's Seth Etherton CAP from way back on March 31.

Glove: 3

Pitch #2: Changeup
Movement: 40
Trajectory: 12 to 6
Control: 60
Velocity: 71 (it's damn slow)

Pitch #3: Curveball
Movement: 40
Trajectory: 12 to 6
Control: 75
Velocity: 69

Pitch #4: Slurve (lowest velocity for the slider is 79; Etherton's slider is usually clocked 77-78 MPH)
Movement: 40
Trajectory: 9 to 3
Control: 55
Velocity: 77
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Re: players not in the game caps

If andy or anyone else has time, I'd appreciate it if someone could make a John Hudgins CAP for me. He should be up with the Rangers sometime this year. I aploligize to the sites from which I got these reports from, I forgot to copy the URL's down.

SP-John Hudgins-Rangers

Scouting Report #1
eta- will be called up to start on Oklahoma to Texas flight a couple of times in 2005-starting rotation opening day 2006
yeah, i am like you...obviously the finesse type guy doesn't get alot of attenton in the minors, but often they are better ml'ers than power pitchers....another finesse guy i like is A's pitcher shane komine...Hudgins comes from a great baseball factory at Stanford.....so he has been well coached. He isn't a soft thrower though he gets in the upper 80's and has a fantastic changeup, plus a reliable slider/curve. He is also working on orel Hershiser favorite pitch the 2-seamer and with his baseball smarts i am sure hudgins will have it down by spring(this pitch turned ryan drese's career around this season)Baseball america suggests he is the closest to the majors of any of their 2003 draft picks(he was a 3rd rounder) the worry about hudgins has been the workload he has carried as a college pitcher(an injury cost him all but 2 ip in his 1st summer with texas) however he bounced back and had a fine minorleague season in 2004...a good command of the strikezone, he should be a real relief to all the Ranger fans that are used to seeing pitchers throwing the ball all over the place

most similar to John Burkett
perfect world stats for John Hudgins in prime
15-10 3.60 e.r.a 220 ip 160 k's 50 walks

Scouting Report #2

Very intelligent pitcher who projects as a solid back of the rotation guy in the big leagues. Strong body with long loose arms and some thickness in his legs. May have room for another 10 or 15 pounds. Arm action is very good. Compact, tight circle, some quickness. Throws slightly across his body. Some noticable effort in delivery to finish his pitches. Controlled and deliberate over the rubber. Not a pretty delivery but durable and repeatable. Fastball has been anywhere from 86-92. Some nights will sit @ 86-87, others 90-91. Deceptively quick with FB up in zone. FB can have hard sinking action if he stays on top of it. Not a whole lot of horiz. life. CV is thrown with avg big league velo and has a hard late break when he is on with it. Lots of K's with CV looking. Like all of his pitches, is in trouble if he comes across it and lets it flatten out and hang. CH is his best pitch but he didn't need to use it a whole lot to overmatch Cal League hitters. Gets some small arm side fade on it but is effective mostly due to arm spd and sink. Command has consistently been shaky in early innings. When he is on he is pounding both sides of the plate and letting his FB sink out of the zone under bats. Arm may not be completely healthy due to heavy workload in college. Velocity is down across the board a notch or two, should be back to full strength by next year as the Rangers are being very careful with him and all their starters. Expect him to consistently sit 89-91 night in and night out. Right now he can throw two quality big league pitches, I'd like to see the CV a bit tighter and more consistent but he is very close with it. Is moving quick and has all the makings of a solid number 4 starter in the big leagues for a long time to come.

FB - 86-92mph
Curve - 73-76mph
Change - 76-79mph

Arm Angle - High 3/4

I have a little more information on him if this isn't enough. I couldn't find a picture of him in his Rangers uniform for the equipment and stuff.
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Re: players not in the game caps

here is Wandy Rodriguez( Houston MLB team)

Wandy Rodriguez
Created by: Averlus
Edited by: redsox04282

Birthdate: January 18, 1979
First Position: RP
Second Position:
Throws: Left
Bats: Right
Potential: ***
Ditty: Latin

Jersey Number: 51
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 160
Body Type: Skinny
Face: 10
Hair Color: 1
Hair Style: 1
Facial Hair: 1

Bat: 4
Glove: 3
Elbow: None
Shin: None
Wrist: None
Socks: Low
Mask: 1
Gloves: On

Stance: Upright
Contact vs. RHP: 20
Contact vs. LHP: 20
Power vs. RHP: 20
Power vs. LHP: 20
Bunting: 65
Plate Discipline: 30
Durability: 65
Speed: 43
Stealing Tendency: 0
Baserunning Ability: 30
Fielding: 85
Range: 75
Throwing Strength: 65
Throwing Accuracy: 70

Take vs. LHP: 75
Take vs. RHP: 75
Miss vs. LHP (Strike): 65
Miss vs. RHP (Strike): 65
Chase vs. LHP (Ball): 80
Chase vs. RHP (Ball): 80

Take vs. LHP: 60
Take vs. RHP: 60
Miss vs. LHP (Strike): 70
Miss vs. RHP (Strike): 70
Chase vs. LHP (Ball): 70
Chase vs. RHP (Ball): 70

Take vs. LHP: 50
Take vs. RHP: 50
Miss vs. LHP (Strike): 85
Miss vs. RHP (Strike): 85
Chase vs. LHP (Ball): 0
Chase vs. RHP (Ball): 65

Hot/Cold Zones vs LHP


Hot/Cold Zones vs RHP


Pitcher Delivery: Style 3
Stamina: 65
Pickoff: 65
Fastball Control: 59
Fastball Velocity: 90

Pitch #2: Changeup
Movement: 0
Trajectory: None
Control: 66
Velocity: 83

Pitch 3: Curveball
Movement: 70
Trajectory: 1-7
Control: 77
Velocity: 76

Pitch 4: Slurve
Movement: 70
Trajectory: 2-8
Control: 77
Velocity: 77
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Leo Nunez CAP?

Does anyone have Leo Nunez relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals? Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Leo Nunez CAP?

Originally Posted by chap01
Does anyone have Leo Nunez relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals? Thanks in advance!!!
here is a Nunez that andybaseball2005 created awhile back
Leo Nunez (Kc Royals)
No edits for his height and weight
Aug 14 1983
3 star
6-1 161 that as close as you can get him (really it's 160)
Face 11
color 1
style 8
facial 1
bat 1
glove 3
mask 1
gloves on
Srtance upright
take both 85
miss both 50
chase both 65
take vs l 75
take vs r 50
miss both 60
chase both 60
take both 50
miss both 75
chase vs lhp 0
chase vs rhp 65

Vs lhp
vs rhp

Delivery style M.Mulder
stamina 46
fastball control 70
fastball velo 94
move 60
traj 10 to 4
control 45
velo 84
move 40
traj 10 to 4
control 42
velo 76
Move 0
traj none
control 45
velo 80
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Re: players not in the game caps

sorry i haven't made any caps in a while. I have been playing to much of nba live 2005. go suns go. i will make E.Garabito called up by the rockies in replace of A.Miles. It hasen't been reported yet but when i was watching the cubs vs rockies game today (rockies won 5-2) at the start one of the annoucers said that Eddy was called up in order to replace miles who is on the DL.

o ya two quick edits for the rockies after watching the game

Jennings delivery style: T.Hudson
Realford Batting stance: R.Durham
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Re: players not in the game caps

Actually, doesn't Relaford's stance look like Bret Boones stance?
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Re: players not in the game caps

can somebody please find the caps for Estee Harris, Jon Poterson and Jesse Hoover whom all are in the Yankees farm system
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