Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

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Old 04-14-2005, 12:23 PM   #225
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Ok this is a pretty major change from my last set. Took a while to test out. The MAJOR things involved in this is hitting, baserunning, and fielding. I've tuned the speeds. Ever see those games on Sportscenter that happen every night where a team scores 10+ runs on like 15 hits? I never seemed to get those at all. Now I do. Not every game mind you, this isn't Slugfest, but the pitching...actualy the defense was too fast. Also I've lowered the pitch speed which allows the Human player to be more patient...and be rewarded for it. Great pitchers will stil be great, however you should now be able to have games where you put up some major offensive numbers...the CPU should too. Not every game should be filled with web gems, just here and there. This just take a lot of the frustration out from playing on All-Star, at least I hope so any way.

Jistics All-Star Level Sliders V.3

Game Options
Fielding: Manual
Strike Zone: Off
Hot/Cold Zones: Fade
Pitch Cursor: Off
Hitters Eye: On
Catch Circle Assist: On
Variable Strike Zone, 'Stuff', and Blown Calls: On
Vibration: On if you use no cursor/OFF if you use 'Fade' with cursor. ( I prefer On with no cursor)

Gameplay Tuning
User Pitch Meter Difficulty: -37
Pitch Speed: -15
CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 11
User Pitcher Fatigue: -17
CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 6
User Pitch Control: -50
CPU Pitch Control: -50
Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 0
Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0
User Batting Contact: 40
CPU Batting Contact: -11
User Batting Power: 20
CPU Batting Power: -19
User Bunting Ability: 0
CPU Bunting Ability: -14
User Foul Ball Frequency: 50
CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50
CPU Swing Frequency: -33
User OF Speed (Manual): 2
CPU OF Speed: -11
User IF Speed (Manual): -4
CPU IF Speed: -13
User Throw Speed: 3
CPU Throw Speed: -8
User Throw Accuracy: 0
CPU Throw Accuracy: -23
User Catch Errors: 15
CPU Catch Errors: 40
User Dive Difficulty: 0
CPU Catch Effort: -15
User Baserunning Speed: 4
CPU Baserunning Speed: -1
User Runner Aggression: 0
CPU Runner Aggression: -10
User Runner Steal Speed: 4
CPU Runner Steal Speed: -8
User Runner Steal Delay: -8
CPU Runner Steal Delay: 5
CPU Steal Rate: 5
Runner Injury Frequency: 0
Pitcher Injury Frequency: 0
Batter Injury Frequency: 0
Fielder Injury Frequency: 0
Pitching MG Difference: 0
Please post your results.

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Old 04-14-2005, 04:11 PM   #226
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Icon14 Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

I'm going to try these later tonight, with one personal change. I like the pitching meter -50 since pitching is too easy for me. Good job Jistic for your hard work.
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Old 04-14-2005, 06:51 PM   #227
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Just tried my first game with the new sliders. Dodgers VS Diamondbacks.

I (dodgers) won 5-3. Line score was...

Dodgers 5 14 0
Diamondbacks 3 6 0

I was Perez going up against Vasquez. Obviously I had a lot of hits and a lot of men left on base. The only thing I think might need tweaking is the pitch speed. But that is very dependent on the person's skill level.

On the other changes, I think they are GREAT. The biggest difference I've seen is in double plays and tough hits to the outfield. Double plays feel very nice now, where before they always felt super rushed and awkward. I had a ground ball hit to Izturis, ran over and touched second, and then threw to first...it was beautiful! Quinton McCracken is quick and was safe at first, but it was literally a tie.

I've actually seen runners go from first to third on a ball hit to right (which was super rare before). Kent hit a little blooper down the line and was able to reach second sliding. I thought he would catch it for sure, but it felt right out of his reach. Before it was rare to see a double on anything NOT hit in the gap and to the wall.

The game feels like it's been slowed down, but in a very good way. Everything before felt just too fast...from fielders, to double plays, to trying to advance runners. I think the fielder speed, runner speed, and throwing speeds should be a VERY good balance now.

Time will tell with pitch speed, but I've always felt pitch speed is the best way to tweak the difficulty wihout affecting the balance of everything else. Good work Jistic, look forward to seeing how these are over the long haul.
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Old 04-14-2005, 07:34 PM   #228
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Biggest problem i have had on all star using sliders is not being able to hit home runs at all. What are these new sliders producing in the power department?
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Old 04-14-2005, 09:00 PM   #229
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Jistic I'm loving your V.3 slides bro, ou bebe.
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Old 04-14-2005, 10:15 PM   #230
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

I will try these tonight. For me you last sliders were perfect for batting, but it was too easy to keep the CPU from scoring runs. Hopefully this will be better in that aspect.

Thanks for your work on this....the best video game EVER!!!!!

PS.....that is a sweet sweater that Stoney is wearing on your avatar
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Old 04-14-2005, 10:31 PM   #231
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

jistic, i was wondering if you could post what camera views you are using (fielding and hitting/pitching), i know some people might think that this makes no difference, but i think it does, especially for pitching. behind-the-pitcher camera makes a world of difference when you pitching, so i was wondering which cameras you use...thanks

p.s.- what about pick-off returns, do you use automatic or manual, also, what about fielding aid?
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Old 04-14-2005, 10:33 PM   #232
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders


I just tried v3.

I play as the Cubs.

Rusch pitched a complete game shutout. I've never done that on any level. Rusch had 48% stamina going into the 9th. I had Hawkins ready just in case. Jack Wilson reached on a single with one out. He tried to steal, but I just nabbed him. Bay sent one to the wall that Harriston Jr need to scale the wall.
I just feel very strongly that if a SP has a shutout going into the 8th and 9th, they should have the opportunity to complete it. If it's not in the cards, pull them.

The Cubs only scored 2 runs, but it was enough. I need to work on the 12 K's though.hehe.

Rusch had 7 k's.
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