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Old 03-01-2005, 05:12 AM   #65
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

I tried part of V. 2, mostly the pitching stuff for one game. Then adjusted some of the sliders for the second game.

In details, here's what I changed in game 1 (everything as per V. 2 of Jistic's slider).
- Fielding: Assisted (I'm not that bad on Manual, but every 5 game I will miss a ball by inch thinking I was in front of it and it frustrates me so much I had to go to assisted fielding.)
- Strike Zone: Off
- Hot/Cold Zones: Fade
- Pitch Cursor: Fade
- Hitters Eye: On
- Catch Circle Assist: Off
- Variable Strike Zone, 'Stuff', and Blown Calls: On
- Vibration: Off (This is a MUST for pitching if you want to give up walks)
- User pitch meter difficulty : 37
- CPU pitcher ball rate : 17
- User and CPU Pitching fatigue : -38 & 6
- User and CPU Pitch Control : -45 & -20
I did not touch any basic (contact, power) batting sliders since I didn't have any issues with those. I had a three-HR the other day with Vlad and the hits are pretty realistic.
- User and CPU Foul Ball Freq. : 50
- CPU Swing Frequency : -33
I did not touch the fielder's speed, since I play on Assisted for fielding and I'm pretty pleased with how it's going.
- User and CPU Throw Accuracy : -15 & -23
- User and CPU Catch Error : -40 (changed User same as CPU, since I'm on Assisted, not sure I had to)
- CPU Catch Effort : -10
- I forgot to change CPU runner agression to (-10), but I'll do it. Didn't have any problem with it though for my 2 games.
- CPU steal rate : 16

I did not change the other steal sliders, since I was okay with them too. Gotta give credit to MVP they gave us some of the best default settings I've seen in any sports game.

Gotta warn the purists, here I did a fantasy draft with the Anaheim Angels (of Los Angeles?!?!) since my Expos are not anymore. So I have an excellent team, chose 7th. Got Vlad first, but was injured for the season in a previous game trying to break up a DP, sliding at second. So my lineup looks a little like this from memory.
1. CF T. Hunter
2. SS C. Izturis
3. LF L. Ford
4. 3B A. Beltre
5. 1B T. Martinez
6. 2B ?. Ginter
7. DH D. Roberts
8. RF J. Werth
9. C B. Schneider

First game I visit Seattle, L. Hernandez (ANA) vs C. Zambrano
Seattle's lineup is pretty average, big players are Konerko and ???don't remember.
Anyway, very fun game
Won 2-0, Beltre hit a 2-run HR in the first and Livan allowed only three hits. I got nine hits and an error by the SS going back to catch a scratcher who dropped it. I had only one K on the mound and 6 at bats. I'm not really a K pitcher most of the time.

Comments about the sliders : the pitching counts were great, an average of at least of approximately 4 pitches/AB, some short AB, some average and a couple of long battles. A great mix overall, so that objective was reached.
At bat, since I used to play with strike zone on, I was surprised to see I had a better eye without it. It seems it caused more of an a view obstruction than anything. I still check swing every three balls thrown at me, although it's much easier in this version to hold it back than it was last year. So it's not too much of a problem. The more I play, I should get better at it.

Anyway the only major gripe I had the settings was the pitcher's fatigue on my part. Even with a pitch count around 100-110+, Livan completed the game at 53%. Although you have to take in consideration that he has 99 stamina. I also found the meter still a little easy even at the end of the game.

So here's the modification I made for my second game.
- User pitch meter difficulty : -45
- User pitcher fatigue : -6
- CPU pitcher fatigue : 11

I faced Detroit this with Manny Ramirez, Ron Belliard and that pretty much it. The rest were average to bad.
I had Ismael Valdes on the mound facing Doug Davis for the felines.

I won 2-1. Tigers opened the scoring in the top of the 3rd when RBI double by Belliard. I answered back bottom of the 4th with a 2-run double by Izturis.

Valdes pitched 7.0 innings, around 100 pitches, 7 Ks (I was on fire and the ump was generous), but most interestingly when I took him out he was at 37% of energy and the pitching control was just how I thought it should be.
I faced one hitter in the 7th, gave a single and took him out seeing it was getting real tough to pitch where I wanted. The fatigue was also perfect for my relievers. Got 3 more Ks from my relievers (Timlin, Romero and Percival). I struck out 5 times at bat, first time ever I double the opposition in Ks (and probably last).

So, I'll continue with those sliders and maybe boost the hitting both for user and CPU a tiny bit and I should be good. I'll also switch the pitch cursor from fade to off, shouldn't be too much of a problem. I may tweak a little more, but for now it looks pretty good. Thanks Jistic for the good base. I'll make sure to check the thread again in a couple of days, to see the progression of everybody with it, but I'm confident they could work in the long run.

Edit : As for the CPU steals, in 2 games the CPU didn't have much chance to try it, so I don't know, but I'll monitor it and get to you.
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Originally Posted by Nittany
I like the sliders too....even though I can't seem to win. I am having problems hitting...but I think its for me than the sliders.

One thing that troubles me....the cpu has yet to try and steal a bag. I am thru 4 season games and neither the Red Sox or Orioles have even attempted a steal.

What is the steal rate for you guys?


Nittany, I played just one game with the v. 2 sliders Phils (me) vs Devil Rays and they stole 4 out of 5 against me.

By the way Jistic, I really like the sliders but as always I still suck at hitting. But I know its me cause my buddies can hit.
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

If I raise the User Contact slider will that affect my K's? I want more hits but I also want to strike out.
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

You'll strike out less if raise contact, although the high foul ball setting MAY offset that.

As far as steals go, don't worry I'm seeing PLENTY. The Twins nabbed 3 from me yesterday in one game. I would seriously not raise that baby cuz you might start a track meet!

Also for people having issues with hitting I want to raise a very important point regardless of what sliders you use.

This year EA implemented the 'Hitters Eye'. Well they want you to use it. The hitting is so tough cuz Hitters Eye evens the playing field. Without it you will be at a SERIOUS disadvantage.

So how can you use it most effectively? Well here's what I did. Take an average hitter and to into the Hitting Mini Game, make sure you choose All-Star level.

Firstly focus on the pitchers head during his windup. This is what Tony Gwynn said he did. It gives you a little bit of a rythm for when he will release the pitch so you have an extra 10th of a second to check location.

Now every at bat you should 'look' fastball. Fastball, (4seam, 2seam and cutter)will NOT flash any color. So if you're sitting fastball and they fire one in the zone, you're golden. Ok so what if it's not a fastball? Well this is the beauty of Hitters Eye. If that pitch flashes red, you're looking at a breaking ball. Curve, Slider, etc. Since you were already looking fastball and anticapating fastball this little flash gives you an instant to sit back and wait for the breaking ball to enter the hitting zone and make solid contact. If it's a changeup it will flash green, so the same rules apply. Don't be anxious when you see that flash, sit back and let the pitch come to you.

Will you hit .500 like this? Nope, but believe me after practicing this in the mini game for about an hour, you can go fire up a game and believe me you will be hitting 100% better. USE THE HITTER'S EYE!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

After playing 5 games into my Red Sox dynasty, the only thing I'm noticing with these sliders is the lack of home runs for my team. I have a total of 2 through 5 games, one from Bellhorn off of Johnson, and one from Ortiz off Tanyon Sturtze. Most of my guys in the starting lineup are batting around .250 or above. with the exception of Ortiz who is at .238, Bellhorn at .056, and Mueller at .176.

So basically I think a change is due to up the human power just a little bit. Maybe somewhere in the range of 25-30.
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

After using Pared's sliders and missing some things that I actually like about default allpro, I decided to try these. I like the fact that they swing at more pitches than they did with the other sliders, and they'll take strikes in the zone (if you've maxed out the meter..I think the pitch speed is helping).

However, I'm going against the Royals...it's through 6 innings..and I'm pitching a no hitter with 6k's by Gary Knotts. On the flipside I've got 5 hits, 3 walks, 0 runs, and 9k's against Tankersley.

I think the pitching might be a bit of overkill.

I don't know what to do. The increase from -5 to 0 in Pitch speed seems to be affecting both the CPU and me. It's definately causing more realistic foul balls, however it seems to be crippling the hitting a bit.

Perhaps I should go back to default for a while and make my own adjustments.

This isn't a slam on either slider set, they're both great, it's just after various testing you can see the impact (which is a testimony to EA's implimentation of the sliders)!

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Old 03-01-2005, 08:26 PM   #71
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

One other thing you might want to consider looking into Jistic, is the pitching fatigue. I think you may have overcompensated a little bit between your version 1 and version 2 sliders. I think it would be wise to find a middle ground, between -10 and your minus -38 spot. I'll try testing it out on -20. Only reason I say that is, because Tim Wakefield just pitched a complete game with 94 pitches, and now back in the menu on the next day his stamina is already back up to 94%, and Wade Miller who started the day before is back up to 100%. The pitchers don't really fatigue enough it seems like.

I'm going to play around with it and probably drop it to -20 or -15.
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Old 03-02-2005, 01:01 AM   #72
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Re: Jistics 2005 MVP All-Star Sliders

Jistic your slider are far and away the best I ever used, there's just one thing I think you need to tweak the User Pitcher Fatigue a little more, because the startes made be lasting just a little to long, other then that your slider kick @ss. great job
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