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The Ld2k Challenge

What type of team build do I need to win this and what Celtics players did you use. and getting players like larry and russell is out of the question lol.
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Re: The Ld2k Challenge

Its similar to the 2BG challenge. HOF difficulty, and the computer doesn't "foul" you.

I used it to test out how broken the new shooting was in myteam.

Score 120 with sapphire curry just going left right on pick and rolls and deep 3's.

shot like 45% from 3 with him. I won by 3 but it was massively boring.
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Re: The Ld2k Challenge

There was a big thread about it somewhere on here, shouldn't be hard to find. I thought that this challenge was really fun, unlike the other HoF challenges. I beat it by playing the way I usually do, doing normal basketball things.
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Re: The Ld2k Challenge

It doesn't really matter who you use from Boston since you can fit all 8 Boston players on your bench.

Just play a slow tempo and use all of your timeouts wisely, that way your starters can play the majority of the game.
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Re: The Ld2k Challenge

After numerous attempts at this challenge, I finally found success in beating it with a starting 5 consisting of Gold Russell Westbrook, Gold Mitch Richmond, Sapphire Nique, Gold Carmelo Anthony and Gold Dirk Nowitzki. Obviously, the brunt of this challenge can't rely solely on your starting 5. You need 8 good Celtic players that can keep you in the game when your starters are resting. I went with Rondo, Hondo, Kevin McHale, Avery Bradley and 3 other Celtic players that I never really went to. When my starters were resting, I ran my bench offense with Rondo and Hondo and McHale. To be honest, Shaq and Kobe literally can't miss a shot in this game. Jerry West will knock down any jumpshot imaginable if you give him enough space. I finally beat this challenge by abusing my Dirk Post Fadeaway on Shaq and step back 3s with Mitch Richmond. Also, playing Melo as your stretch 4 can open up a great matchup between him and Wilt. Facing up with Wilt almost always leads to an easy 2 points every time. With the CPU practically flawless in this game, Shaq and Kobe will be the biggest problems to overcome in this challenge. You really have to cheese your way into a W with this game. The Post Fadeaway cheese with Dirk is one way to get an edge in this one but you're going to need some good defensive stoppers on the other end in order to ensure the win. This was arguably one of the hardest challenges in the game. Take your time with each possession on this one and grind out every play to make sure almost all of them ends with 2 or 3 points.
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