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Icon10 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Hey all I've made a complete 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 draft class for PS4

PSN ID: dwaynehenry
File Names:
2015 Class: Elpanan2015 - 92 Fully Edited Real Prospects
2016 Class: 2016 + 2 - 66 Fully Edited Real Prospects
2017 Class: 2017 Thon - 61 Fully Edited Real Prospects
2018 Class: 2018 - 16 Fully Edited Real Prospects (30 fully edited fictional)

A little bit of info on the classes:

2015 class is made using ElPanan's 2015 pre draft class as a base. It's called "ElPanan2015" and my online ID is Dwaynehenry.

The 80th prospect if you look on the list is Anjezs Pasecniks from Latvia and he's rated a 57. So everyone from him and higher are fully edited.

I have used DraftExpress scouting reports (and some NBAdraft.net and personal team sites for players with no DraftExpress scouting report) for each player.

My main goal was to make the ratings fit in with the current ratings scheme of 2K. I used this year's and last year's rookies as a base so the majority of first rounders are rated between 69-76. The top 3 prospects are a little higher but noone above an 80 (jahlil Okafor is an 80 but has lower potential).

Notes on names:

Sam Cassell Jr. from Uconn is in as a 2nd rounder but his name is purposefuly mispelled because 2k flags the name "Cassell" for inappropriate language. I had to drop one of the S's.

Ilimane Diop is not in the class at this moment. I use his Euroleague version for my Associations so I didn't want duplicates as I made this draft class mainly for my Sim uses.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is just named Rondae Hollis as his full name won't fit.

All heights and wingspans are very close to accurate. When you do the scouting during the season the game generates incorrect wingspan and height numbers purposefully (which I love btw). They are only slightly off though.

I'm going to keep adding random seniors to the bottom of the class to fill it out but seeing as there are still 79 generated players that comprise the bottom half of this draft class I'm not sure how many I'll fix up as I am very detailed in my prospect creation.

All birthdays are correct

All tendencies/badges are edited to match the scouting reports on each individual player.

List of player potential ratings / overall ratings (for players with potential of 73 or higher):


As far as in the MyLeague the Mock Drafts at the start of the season have been pretty accurate for me with Mudiay, Towns, and Okafor being top 3 followed by Alexanders, Hezonja, and Oubre. Porzingis following them.

I put plenty of work into this class the only thing I haven't gotten to perfect as I would like to are the signature styles. I have edited everyones but it's so buggy right now that it's difficult to do until a patch comes out that allows me to actually SEE the sig styles I'm selecting.

Anyway if anyone would like to add to this draft class and/or give opinions advice I would appreciate it. Again it was originally made for my personal use but figure I might as well share it after all the work I put in.



I am still tweaking the rosters. I've added 2 seniors who may not get drafted in real life (or in this class) Aaron White from Iowa and Tashawn Thomas from Oklahoma. They are both rated in the low 60's. Scouting Report via Draft Express.

I've adjusted Ryan Boatright's tendencies, badges, ratings, and personal profile to match the real Boatwright better. Also lowering his rating a bit as I'm not sure he gets drafted either. If he does it's surely in the 2nd round.

Finally I'm taking ALL of the CPU generated players and removing badges (unless they're personality badges/non work ethic badges) and I'm taking all of their potentials down to ensure they don't get drafted or stick in the league.

Update 2:
Added more fringe draft picks (tendencies, badges, attributes, faces)
Wayne Blackshear, Louisville
Treveon Graham, VCU

Update 3:
I have a couple of CPU generated players at the bottom of the class with the last name tattoo or tattious. Those are generated players that I think have realistic looking tattoos that I plan on using as bases for my next batch of fringe draft pick NCAA seniors. As with Treveon Graham and Aaron White these next few prospects will fill out the bottom. I'm hoping to to 80 prospects by this evening.

Also, all of the CPU generated players have been stripped of all badges (except a few personality badges like laid back or low ego), and their potentials have been lowered to no higher than 56.

Interesting finding as well: Player's height factors in to their overall rating. I was decreasing the height of some of the CPU generated players and found that for every 2 inches you take off of someone's height you lose a point of overall rating. Not sure if this was already known or not.

Update 4:
Added Terran Petteway (Nebraska) - 66
Added Michael Frazier (Florida) - 64
Added Chris Obekpa (Nigerian plays for St. Johns) - 61
Added Michael Qualls (Arkansas) - 65
Decreased Treveon Graham's 3 point attribute a few points - he is now a 57 but can be higher if you change his position from SG to SF. He plays small ball PF for VCU but is naturally a SG.
Decreased Amedeo Della Valle (Italian plays in Euroleague just left Ohio State) overall is now a 60 (was 61)

Update 5:
Mario Hezonja - He is now Unpredictable with 75 Emotion rating. Also updated his face and hairstyle. I think it's MUCH better now.

Added some injury issues to a couple of prospects that have had serious injuries in college. Be careful who you draft.

Added Bryce Dejean-Jones Iowa State - 64 rating (transferred from UNLV after being suspended at the end of last season. Had transferred from USC before that)

After downloading the patch the ability to edit whether a prospect is a Play Initiator or not became available. Setting the proper parameters for that now.

Changed Treveon Graham to SF/PF - He is now a 60 overall
Aaron White from Iowa is now a 60 overall (up 1 point from 59). Fixed his hair. Now is a red head with a short buzzcut.
Anjezs Pasecniks is now a 58 (up 1 point from a 57)
Changed all of the CPU generated rookies Universities to Mid Majors, foreign, or Division 2 to explain why they are so much worse. Think Gardner Webber, Maryland Baltimore-County, and some Community Colleges.

Update 6

If you downloaded this class before the patch redownload

I uncovered an issue with play initiator set to yes for all prospects. It is now correct so re-download.

Marcus Lee - Adjusted his face, skin tone, hairstyle and rating - is now a Raw Athletic PF rated 62 w a B potential.

Brice Johnson rating change - Now a 71 (Down from 73)

Jahlil Okafor - I'm going to be a little more modest on him. I have him at a 78 now (down from 80)


Thanks to kaptainkev562 for reminding me to edit everyone's signature styles. I was waiting until the patch came out and forgot to finish.

I went through and have edited/double checked each players signature styles to make sure they were done. As of right now all sig styles are acceptable placeholders. (i.e. realistic looking jumpshots, athletic guys have athletic dunks, PGs have rim grazer or no dunks, big men have BIG or Duncan style layups, wing players have swing style layups, etc...) Also all PG's, SG's and ballhandling SF's have sig size ups.

I haven't been able to watch highlights of everyone to properly pin down their jumpshots as 2k's new jumpshot editing is extremely annoying.

- Edited Rondae Hollis's face to make him look closer to his real self.

Update 8

- Edited Marcus Paige name, head shape, and nose shape. Changed his hairstyle. Upped his Ball Control rating - 85 and driving dunk rating - 63. His overall is now a 70.

- Edited Sindarius Thornwell name spelling

- Updated Cliff Alexander - Is now a 76 with much more accurate signature animations and attributes.

- Updated Kelly Oubre. Going with the mohawk instead of high top fade for his hairstyle. He's now a 75.

- Updated Justise Winslow - is now a Wing Defender rated 73.

- Updated Caris Levert - 3 pt was 70/70 is now 77/78

- Added Prospect - PG Kevin Pangos from Gonzaga rated a 65 with 65 potential.

- Added Prospect - C Gabe Olaseni from Iowa rated 64 with 64 potential

- Updated Aaron White from Iowa rated 64 with 68 potential

- Added Prospect - SF/SG Wesley Saunders from Harvard rated 64 with 66 potential

- Added Prospect - SG 6'4" Jordan Sibert - 3 pt shooter from Dayton (Ohio St transfer) rated 66 ovr. 22 yrs old Redshirt Junior

Update 9 - 11-10-2014

- Fixed an issue where Emmanuel Mudiay's name was spelled Emanual.
- Removed short sleeves from Emmanuel Mudiay and Terrean Petteway
- Normalized the Badges. Now most players badges are bronze and I've completely removed badges of players that I personally don't think will immediately translate to the NBA. i.e. Terry Rozier is a lockdown perimeter defender in college but that doesn't mean he will be locking down Steph Curry in his rookie season. Thus I've removed his lockdown defender status. However I left more translatable badges like lob city finishers, scrappers, rebounders, and thieves.

Update 10 - 11-14-2014

Updated Terry Rozier
Made him #0 (was #1). Upped his athleticism a bit as well as driving dunk. Made his face more resemble him. Changed his hairstyle and gave him the accessories he wears.

Upped his potential and overall rating.

Was ovr. 69 with potential 69
Now ovr 71 with potential 77

Bleacher report has him as the 2nd best PG eligible for this year's draft (ahead of Page and Tyus). He now projects as a late lottery mid 1st round pick. He will get the majority of touches this season in Louisville and was called the best prospect they've had in a while. Will update after the season starts when we see if he's ready or not. I think he's a guy to watch out for shooting up the draft boards mid season irl.

Updated Willie Cauley-Stein
dropped potential from 77 to 75

Updated Sam Dekker
upped potential from 72 to 75
upped ovr from 72 to 73

Updated Mario Hezonja
dropped ovr rating from 74 to 72 via offensive consistency and shot iq ratings. He isn't getting many minutes for ACB so I doubt he's going to come into the league sharp and consistent next season.

College Basketball Opening Night Update (in progress)

Justise Winslow
Now a 74 as I brought his 3 point shooting up to 59/63 and his mid range to 57/63. He still has a ways to go to convince he can hit it consistently from deep but he isn't the clanker that many thought he would be going 2 for 3 from deep on opening night. He can hit open shots apparently. Time will tell for him.
Changed his hairstyle adjusted his face features and look.

Jahlil Okafor
Took away the Tenacious Rebounder badge and dropped his rebound ratings into the 70's. Took away scrapper badge. Upped his Pass Accuracy to 60. Changed his hairstyle.

Briante Weber
"Briante has failed to live up to the standards we've set for our program and we are holding him accountable," head coach Shaka Smart said in a statement released by the school Friday.
He was suspended for stealing an iPhone from someone at the school's gym and is going to court for it. That's dumb of him and I'm changing his personality to Unpredictable.

Alan Williams
He reminds me of one of those Paul Millsap/Kenneth Faried type players. Who do a lot of work in the NCAA but get no love because they're old and in a mid major. Alan Williams averaged 22ppg/11rpg/2.4bpg last year in the Big West but on opening night he put up those numbers against Cliff Alexander and Kansas.
I upped his overall from 66 to 69 giving him more consistency and Post ability. His problem is he is a PF/C who is 6'7

Montrezl Harrell
Went 3-4 from 3 point range. Not sure if I should raise him much. I'll raise him into the 40's or 50's in mid range and 3 point for now and keep an eye on if he keeps hitting them this season.
He is now a 73 ovr.
I also updated his hair and accessories to match opening night. black hex pads and black padded sleeves

Treveon Graham
PF/SF rated 63 up from 61.

Jumping Jack Marcus Lee
rated a 65 up from 62. He has high potential and I'm trying to ensure he gets drafted.

Added player -
Prospect #84
Shawn Kemp Jr. - rated 64 overall with 68 potential. Senior From Washington. Raw Athletic PF

Updated hairstyles and face forms for the following:
Montrezl Harrel
Jahlil Okafor
Stanley Johnson
Justise Winslow
Emmanuel Mudiay
International Updates

Mario Hezonja - Upped his driving layup, speed, and quickness. Lowered his shot iq and consistency. Is now a 75 overall

Kristaps Porzingas - Upped his shooting to make him a 'Skilled Face up Four' He is now a 73 and should be a lottery pick if not top 10 pick.

Anjezs Pasecniks - Lowered his potential to 77 but upped his overall rating to a respectable 65. He has a nice touch and range on his shot so I upped his shooting and fixed his sig shot form to closer match his real life stroke.

11-18 Update

I've added -

Georges Niang
- 65 ovr 70 potential Point Power Forward secondary position is SF
3 star playmaking, 2 star outside scoring

Ron Baker - 70 ovr 71 potential SG/PG - Skilled Shooter. 2 star playmaker, 2 star outside scoring

Tekele Cotton - 68 overall 69 potential SG - Raw Athletic SG. 2 star athleticism. "Best dunker in college basketball" allegedly

11-26 Update:

Updates will be small for now. I will add college juniors and seniors who break onto the scene. Most of my changes will be gear, sig styles, and player faces/hair styles for this class.

Mouhammadou Jaiteh - name change: Is now 'Mam Jaiteh.' Player type change: Is now Raw Athletic Center. Face changes.

Keifer Sykes - 68 ovr 72 potential Senior PG - Athletic Point from U of Wisconsin-GB

2016 Draft Class
I will be working on my 2016 draft class which currently has 53 completed prospects for the 2016 draft class. The lowest rated prospect who has been edited is 65 overall.

Online ID: Dwaynehenry
File Name: 2016 + 2

2017 Draft Class
To go with my 2016 and 2015 draft classes I've made a 2017 class. The 2017 class currently has 61 real prospects. I have edited the tendencies, stamina rating, speed, quickness, and looks of about 60 total guys from this class though. The rest are fictional.

File Name: 2017 + Thon

12-15 Updates

Class updates!
2015 Class
Currently Stands at 93 Prospects
Updated Perry Ellis face and hairstyle
Removed Defensive Anchor badge from Willie Cauley-Stein
Added Larry Nance Jr., 6'8 PF Wyoming - Solid Athlete w a decent back to the basket game. Smart passer out of the post and good shot iq in general.
Added Rayvonte Rice, 6'4 SG Illinois - 5th year senior slashing guard. Volume scorer w/ an inconsistent outside game.

2016 Class
Currently Stands at 66 Prospects
Added Jakob Poeltl, C Utah - Chad Ford says he could go top 10 THIS year but I doubt that's happenning so the Freshman from Austria who stands to be the first Austrian in the NBA ever will be a prospect in this class.
Added Dyshawn Pierre, SG/SF Dayton Perimeter Defender
Added Nikola Jankovic, Pf/C Serbia
Currently working on porting DeAngelo Russell to either this class or '15 depending on further research.
Added Jordan Loveridge, SF/PF Utah NBA comparison Andre Roberson w/ a better shot. Undersized post up and rebounder at the 4. Stuck between the 3 and 4. Just had knee surgery.
Added Kansas Junior PF Jamari Traylor
Updated Sviatoslav Myhailiuk's tendencies
Added Wyoming Junior Guard Josh Adams, 6'2" Raw Elite Athlete
Added Antonio Blakeney, 6'4 SG committed to Louisville but de-committed and now is looking at LSU, Kentucky, and Mizzou as top 3 choices. Says Calipari texts him 4 times a week when Kentucky players in the NBA are playing and tells him to watch.
Added Tyrone Wallace, 6'4 Junior SG/PG Cal.

2017 Class
Currently Stands at 63 Prospects
Rating Changes

Added Malik Monk, SG Shoot First Pass never chucker [Arkansas uncommitted]
Added Prince Ali, SG/PG UCLA Fluid Scorer 6'4 guard but kind of moves like a big
Added Kris Dunn, PG/SG Providence - NBA comparison Iman Shumpert/Elfrid Payton
Added Reid Travis, PF/C Stanford Inside Scorer
Added Paschal Chukwu, 7'2 C Providence Raw Prospect
Added Paul Zipser, 6'9 F Germany Raw Athletic SF
Added Brannen Greene, 6'7 SF Kansas Shooter current Sophomore
Added Shnider Herard, 6'11 C [Texas uncommitted] bruiser from HS class of '16
Added Edrice 'Bam Bam' Adebayo, 6'8 PF/C [from North Carolina uncommitted) nickname says it all about his play style
Added top 2016 HS recruit Josh Jackson, 6'8 SF/SG [from Detroit attending HS in Napa Valley, CA uncommitted] - NBA comparison ceiling Tracy McGrady
removed DeAngelo Russell from class
Added Xavier Rathan-Mayes, 6'3 205 PG FSU - Canadian HS teammate of Andrew Wiggins. Smack talker on the court. Sat out last season due to academic issues. Is currently a 20 year old freshman.
Added Elbert Robinson, 7'1 285 C LSU - Struggled w weight issues in high school weighing as much as 300+pounds before his Freshman college season. Not athletic just strong as an ox. True back to the basket
Added Daniel Hamilton, 6'9 SG/SF Uconn - younger brother of Jordan Hamilton. Selfish flashy wing scorer. Not very team oriented. Very skinny but w/ a short wingspan for his height.
Added Guillermo Hernangomez, 6'11 C Sevilla (Spain) - big post up Center from Spain. A prospect for the '16 class but as he is already playing pro in Euro may not enter until 17.
Added Alberto Albade, 6'7 SF/SG Joventut (Spain) - Shooter w/ some ball handling skills and a good bbiq
Added Jules Akodo, 6'5 PG England - Driving to the basket athletic PG that needs to work on his playmaking and bbiq.
Added Marko Arapovic, 6'9 PF Croatia - Faceup PF/C w a back to the basket game. Unathletic.
Added Jordan McLaughlin, 6'0 PG USC - Game manager, leads team in scoring and assists.
Added Melo Trimble, 6'3 PG/SG Maryland, leads Maryland in scoring as a freshman currently
Added Jalen Brunson 6'2 PG, Villanova, Pass first reliable Point Guard.
Added Elijah Thomas 6'8 PF/C Texas A&M, Back to the Basket bruiser big
Added D'Angelo Allen 6'7 SF/SG Mizzou, Raw Athletic wing - Currently suspended due to a 3rd degree assault charge he got just before the season. A highly touted Freshman still.
Added Chase Jeter 6'10 C/PF, Duke, Skilled Offensive Big - Tim Duncan lite
Added D.J. Hogg 6'8 SF, Texas A&M, Shooter and Slasher wing
Added D.J. Williams 6'7, Illinois, Athletic wing with a nice mid range touch - NBA ceiling Rudy Gay

1/22 Updates
2015 Class: Rating changes for numerous players.
Added Quinn Cook PG Duke
Scaled back on the Badges.

2016 Class:
Lowered McCollough's right knee durability (due to ACL tear this season)
Scaled back on the amount of badges per player
Rating edits for numerous players
Justin Anderson SF Virginia
Trevor Lacey SG NC State

2017 Class:
Added Kansas committ Carlton Bragg, PF high iq big man with range
Added Kwe Parker raw athletic undersized SG

2018 Class:
Added the following real prospects at the top of the class (all others fictional)
V.J. King 6'7 SF, HS Class of 2016 Ranked 19 by ESPN
De'Aaron Fox 6'3 PG, HS Class of 2016 Ranked 13 by ESPN
Kobi Simmons 6'5 PG, HS Class of 2016 Ranked 5 by ESPN
Tony Bradley 6'10 C, HS Class of 2016 Ranked 22 by ESPN
Matur Maker 6'10 PF, HS Class of 2017 (Thon Maker's little brother)

HS Class of 2016
Seth Towns SF 6'7
Alterique Gilbert PG 6'1
Luke Kennard Duke SG/SF 6'5
Miles Bridges SF 6'7 Louisville
Marques Bolden 6'11 C
Miles Bridges SF 6'6

HS Class of 2017
Mitchell Robinson PF/C 6'10 w a 7'2 wingspan
Jalek Felton 6'3 PG/SG w a 6'9 wingspan. Cousin of Raymond Felton committed to UNC
Michael Porter 6'9 SF nickname is Baby KD. #2 in class.
DeAndre Ayton 6'11 C #1 in class prospect in 2017 HS rankings. Offers from Kentucky and Arizona
The 2018 class is fictional and made to be really weak to balance out the association mode. 10 guys above 70 overall. 2 guys above 73 overall.

New Update March 15

2015 Class:
Moved D'Angelo Russell from '16 class to this one. Updated ratings/potential
Added Dez Wells, SG Maryland
Removed Michael Qualls

2016 Class:
Removed D'Angelo Russell
Added Demetrius Jackson, PG Notre Dame
Added Michael Qualls to this class before
Added Nigel Hayes, SF/PF 6'7, Wisconsin
Moved Thon Maker from '17 class to this one. Updated ratings and potential (He is actually one year younger than the minimum allowed in this class)

2017 Class:
Added Malik Pope, SF/PF San Diego State. Current Freshman with a promising future maybe.
Removed Thon Maker
Made every college player that is not a real person 21 or older. Thus they're all seniors.

PSN ID: dwaynehenry
File Names:
2015 Class Elpanan2015 95 real fully edited prospects
2016 Class 2016 + 2 71 real fully edited prospects
2017 Class2017 Thon 63 real fully edited prospects
2018 Class 2018 16 real fully edited and over 30 fully edited fictional prospects

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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

gonna check it out tn breh..starting a new MyLeague
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Thanks for the work man. Look forward to using them!
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Thanks. Looking forward to the feedback.
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

nice,,,i will defy use yours
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Can't wait to take a look at these.

Isn't Jaiteh on a Euroleague team as well?
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Originally Posted by fnz21
Can't wait to take a look at these.

Isn't Jaiteh on a Euroleague team as well?
Yea he is on JSF Nanterre in real life but the Euroleague rosters aren't updated so he's not on there in the game.
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Re: 2015 PS4 Draft Class (71 Prospects)

Originally Posted by dwayne12345
Yea he is on JSF Nanterre in real life but the Euroleague rosters aren't updated so he's not on there in the game.
Interesting. Could have sworn I saw "Mam Jaiteh" on the game last week.
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