Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

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Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Hello Hoops fans!

It's been a long time since I created a slider set for 2K Basketball. 2K11 was the last game I had a set as it was the only version I have ever truly played. I am never going to claim I am a great 2K b-ball master. In fact that is why I am calling this set an "Average Joe" set. So what does that mean you ask? Well let me tell ya. I boost the human player sliders ever so slightly because the CPU gives me a superb challenge on Pro/Sim/Default. So much so I need to tweak some of my own shooting sliders and attribute sliders to compensate so I can have fun, competitive games and play season after season after season...just like I did on 2K11 (4 full 82 game seasons in fact with my beloved Miami Heat).

Things I hope this set will bring to you are:

1. Balanced and diverse game-play from the CPU

2. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

3. Fouls at a realistic clip

4. Realistic shooting percentages, rebounds, turnovers, and scores/stats

I will tell you that the game is deep, and it has such a huge and diverse way to game plan for every single team in the league. I simply suggest before you play each team for the first time in your season schedule use the coaching game plan feature to set your POE's and then change them in game as needed. Player development is deep and pretty awesome. Individual match-ups are critical to adjust and adapt to what is going on in the game. So you need to be able to make these coaching adjustments accordingly or you will lose a lot. I can also tell you I use the play book to it's fullest and call a lot of sets as well as run free flow and quick plays.

So most importantly.....I am not looking to tweak and twist the knobs very much as I can already tell ya...the game plays pretty incredible near default. You will see the major tweaks I made are to fouls, offensive rebounds and box out assistance (thanks to Wolf for those settings). Some human shooting sliders and attributes....and that is pretty much it.

These sliders are designed for those that have a real coaching/adjustment mentality. The coaching options 2K has given us are second to none. Truly awesome.

If you try to just iso and improvise and not run set plays.....you will be roasted.

If you have a CPU player on a run and you don't adjust his individual defensive settings....you will be roasted.

I played my first game of MyLeague vs the Wizards and Wall and Nene were killing me (I am the Heat of course) I switched up Bosh for McRoberts, and had Birdman play some extended minutes in the 4th quarter...and Bosh shut him down. I had Wall doubled at the perimeter and had smother on off ball....I finally slowed him down and was able to eek out a 96-93 win at home after being behind as much as 9 in the 4th quarter.

It's all about making adjustments and trying to regain the tempo you want. Also as always basketball is a game of match-ups. Once you recognize the CPU's attempts at exploiting their advantage in any particular match-up the better chance you have at victory.

Now sometimes you can make all the adjustments you want...but if your shooting cold and your simply over matched....well...that's basketball. Sometimes you will get lucky and get hot and the CPU goes cold.

No two games are going to play alike on 2K15....it's a thing of beauty. Couple that with a set of sliders that fit your particular stick skills and you are in sports video game heaven.

Anyway.....I am still working through this set and I am sure within 2-3 weeks we will be pretty much set in the values I want to get the kind of game I like to play. It is a matter of does your skill level and approach match or is similar to mine.

And then tweak from there.

I have very little doubt these will be too easy for a lot of veterans of this series who have far better stick skills and a better working knowledge of basketball than me.

This set is specifically designed for specific type of niche player of the 2K series. A casual player who wants a sim experience without feeling helpless.

Hard does not equal fun. I want balance. I want to beat teams I should, lose ocassionally to teams I should not, get beat by better teams, and also pull off some upsets.

The key word's for my slider approach are balance, fun, but realistic stat's and feel. What you see on TV....is the best way I can put it.

So if it is too easy and by that I mean your just a god and blowing out teams on a nightly basis after say 10-12 games.....it's ok...move on to a tougher set.

Pro/Sim/default was too hard for me. That's why I created these off that base.

I will post the "MyLeague" settings I am using as well...but please keep in mind this is my first 2K since 2K11 and the MyLeague settings will be an ongoing work in progress through my first season to see how things go. There is just so much customization available to us.

I am using Timsmooths Official 2K15 roster and highly recommend them in conjunction with these sliders for the ultimate MyLeague/MyGm simulation experience!

Controller Settings

Preferred Position - None
Vibration - On
Pro Stick - Default
Pro Stick Orientation - Camera Relative
Off-ball Freelance Mode - Camera Relative
Passing Icons - On
Icon Lead Passing - On
Right Stick Defense - Camera Relative
Defensive Icons - On
Who To Guard - On
Defense Assist Strength - 0
Boxout Assist Strength - 100
Automatic Shot Contest - Intense-D

MyLeague Settings

Trade Logic - On
Trade Deadline - On
Financial Trade Rules - On
Trade Override - Off
CPU Trade Offers - On
CPU-CPU Trades - On
Trade Approval - On


Quarter Length - 12 Minutes
Sim Quarter Length - 12 Minutes
Injuries - On
Progressive Fatigue - On
Team Chemistry - On
Lineup management - Manual
Prospect Training - Manual

Difficulty Settings

Gameplay Difficulty - Pro
Simulator Difficulty - 50
Trade Negotiation Difficulty - 55
CPU Re-Signing Aggressiveness - 55
Morale Difficulty - 50
Moral Effects - 45
Chemistry Difficulty - 45
Chemistry Effects - 50
Trade Frequency - 50
Blockbuster Trade Frequency - 50
CPU Injury Frequency - 52
User Injury Frequency - 52
Career Ending Injury Frequency - 45
User Injury Effects - 55
CPU Injury Effects - 55
Draft Class Quality - 50
Player Progression Rate - 55
In-Season Training Effects - 55
Player Non-Financial Ambitions Factor - 55
Normalize Played To Sim Minutes - On

Gameplay Settings

Difficulty - Pro
Game Style - Custom
Quarter Length - 12 Minutes
Fatigue - On
Injuries - On
Shooting Type - Real Player %
Free Throw Type - Real Player %
Game Speed - 50
Free Throw Difficulty - 50
Action Replays - Occasionally
After Basket Cuts - Often
Ball Handler Text - Name
Shot Meter- Off
Shot Feedback - Off
Rhythm Icon - On
Pick & Roll Overlay - On
Audio Presentation - User Choice

Version 1.6 (3/23/15) Post Patch #4

HUM/CPU - (if one value same for both) (+/- indicates change from most recent setting)

Inside Shot Success - 39/39 (-6 for hum)
Close Shot Success - 39/39 (-6 for hum)
Mid-range Success - 40 (-5 for both)
3PT Success - 47/47 (-3 for hum)
Layup Success - 50
Dunk In Traffic Freq - 50
Dunk In Traffic Success - 50
Pass Accuracy - 49/40
Alley-Oop Success - 50
Contact Shot Success - 45


Driving Contact Shot Frequency - 85
Inside Contact Shot Frequency - 100
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff) - 54
Layup Defense Strength (Release) - 53
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather) - 60
Jump Shot Defense (Release) - 60
Help Defense Strength - 55
Steal Success - 60/55


Quickness - 52/50
Vertical - 52/50
Strength - 52/50
Stamina - 50
Speed - 50/50 (-3 for HUM)
Durability - 50
Hustle - 50
Ball Handling - 50/47
Hands - 50/47
Dunking Ability - 54/50
On-Ball Defense - 53/50
Stealing - 50
Blocking - 55/50
Offensive Awareness - 50/50 (-5 for HUM)
Defensive Awareness - 60/55 (+5 for hum +5 for CPU)
Offensive Rebounding - 50/45 (-5 for CPU)
Defensive Rebounding - 50/47 (-3 CPU)
Offensive Consistency - 45/45 (-1 CPU) (-5 for hum)
Defensive Consistency - 50
Fatigue Rate - 55 (+2)


Take Inside Shots - 50/47 (+2 CPU)
Take Close Shots - 50/47 (+2 CPU)
Take Mid-range Shots - 50/55
Take 3PT Shots - 50/75 (-5 CPU)
Post Shots - 50
Attack The Basket - 50/40
Look For Post Players - 50
Throw Alley-Oops - 50
Attempt Dunks - 50
Attempt Putbacks - 50 (+50 for CPU)
Play Passing Lanes - 50
Go For On-Ball Steals - 40
Contest Shots - 50
Backdoor Cuts - 50/35 (-15)


Over the Back Foul - 65/100
Charging Foul - 75/85
Blocking Foul - 65/85
Reaching Foul - 65/100
Shooting Foul - 65/85
Loose Ball Foul - 65/85

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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Just popped these in and started up my Magic MyLeague, let ya know how they go man. I was excited after I read your post and your playstyle was pretty much just like mine. Im 25 and have always just been average at this game lol And Pro plays good out of the box, with some tweaks great and is definately where Im at.
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Yeah I fit the criteria for these, I am 47 and do not have a great amount of time to play, so I struggle at higher difficulties.
One thing bud, I have been using the shot meter so far since I got the game. Would just tweaking the shot success be fine or do you suggest some other adjustments too?
Thanks for these can't wait to try them out
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

So I gusse my stick skills are just bad has I am 0-5 vs the CPU on just pro simulation even though I know and watch a lot of basketball. My problem is I just cant stop the CPU form scoring a lot and a lot of it is getting in the paint. I just cant stay infront of guys. In 5 games I am giving up an average of 64 PIP a game. Do you think this would be good sliders for me.
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Damn man, why are you so good at slider-making?
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

I want to play a season What do you suggest for the injuries sliders ? Can I use your sliders for cpu vs cpu cause i do not play i just like watching the games lol
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Cannot wait to try these out, your madden settings are awesome as well. You broadcasting 2k games as well? I will play my league with Hawks.
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K15 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT% "Average Joe" Sliders

Isn't the injuries sliders too high for a season ?
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