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Armor & Sword's NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Well hello 2K "Regular Joe" nation!!! I am back despite thinking I would not be for this years iteration of 2K basketball. And man I am so glad I re-thought my decision to stay with 2K15 (which was a heck of a game in it's own right) and take the plunge with 2K16. It is indeed an amazing game. In fact I think it has tremendous potential to be looked back as the gold standard for console basketball gaming if things play out like they should (no game changing patches to dumb the game down or make shooting too easy like last years game). So many little and big improvements to the overall package. I don't really need to get into all that. So let's talk about what this sldier set is about!

If your a seasoned bad *** 2K b-ball veteran....stop reading now. This is not your slider set. If you are a gamer who loves the NBA, loves playing NBA basketball games and wants a really fun, simulation style game but is not nearly as skilled on the sticks, really runs a lot of set plays mixed in with freelancing and improvising, game-plans for each opponent but at the end of the day does not have the time needed to invest into practicing all the dozens of controls and moves you can pull off, but you have a general understanding of post moves, iso moves and dribble moves then give these sliders a test run. I make no claims in being a basketball expert. I love the game, have a very solid foundation of how to play the game and I am also a monster Heat fan (established 1988 yeah I am an original season ticket holder and still have my two seats which I split with my father and brother to this day). However I am not a guy who can flick the sticks like so many hardcore 2K players here on the forum. But I know my calling. I look to create sliders for typically guys who are in their 30's and up who just love playing sports video games, having fun and getting realistic stat's and how you "see it on TV" results. If you fit this "Regular Joe" profile then I have a feeling this slider set will be a great foundation for you to build from and tweak to your personal playing style.

10/2/15 - So let's get right into this. I have version 1.0 ready to share with you but keep in mind this is a "work in progress". I will also update the OP with my personal MyLeague settings once I get that going. So stay tuned for those as well. I do not employ 30 team control. However I do control and approve all trades. That is it.

Area's I am focusing on:

Player speed and explosiveness - without compromising the great defense on 2K16 but at the same time finding that sweet spot for us "lesser skilled 2K players".

Rebounds - Offensive and defensive

Blocks - Blocks are amazing this year and the animations are just gorgeous. However I think it is far too easy for me to swat shots on the CPU and vice a versa. We are tweaking that.

Fatigue - working on finding that sweet spot for 12 minute quarters

Game Speed - Working on seeing if slowing the game down helps a little

CPU post play - making sure they dump it in to the big men especially those that are elite big men and post players

Shot percentages - of course

Fouls - of course

Version 1.5 11/26/15 (+/- indicates changes from previous set)

Controller Settings

Defensive Assist Strength - 100
Boxout Assist Strength - 100
Automatic Shot Contest - Always

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay Difficulty: Pro
Quarter Length: 12 min
Game Speed: 48
Free Throw Difficulty: 50
Shooting Type - Real FG%
FT Shooting Type - Real FT%
Shot Meter - Off
Shot Feedback - Off

User/CPU (if one number it is the same for both)

Inside Shot Success: 43/40
Close Shot Success: 45/40
Mid-Range Success: 45/40
3PT Success: 49/47
Layup Success: 50
Dunk In Traffic Frequency: 45
Dunk In Traffic Success: 55
Pass Accuracy: 49 (+1)/48 (+3)
Alley-Oop Success: 50
Contact Shot Success: 48/46

Driving Contact Shot Frequency: 50 (-25)
Inside Contact Shot Frequency: 100
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff): 54
Layup Defense Strength (Release): 53
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather): 60
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release): 60
Help Defense Strength: 55/48
Steal Success: 50/45

Acceleration: 60 (-15)/55 (-5)
Vertical: 50
Strength: 50
Stamina: 45 (-3)
Speed: 65/60 (+5)
Durability: 50
Hustle: 50
Ball Handling: 49 (+2)/45
Hands: 50/45
Dunking Ability: 50/45
On-ball Defense: 50/45 (+5)
Stealing: 50/45
Blocking: 35
Offensive Awareness: 55/50
Defensive Awareness: 65/50
Offensive Rebounding: 55/40
Defensive Rebounding: 55/45
Offensive Consistency: 55/48
Defensive Consistency: 55/45
Fatigue Rate: 60 (-10)
Lateral Quickness: 55 (-5)/40

Take Inside Shots: 50/45 (-7)
Take Close Shots: 50
Take Mid-Range Shots: 50/55
Take 3PT Shots: 50/57
Post Shots: 50/60
Attack the Basket: 50/45
Look for Post Players: 50/65
Throw Alley-Oops: 50
Attempt Dunks: 50
Attacked Putbacks: 50/47
Play Passing Lanes: 50/45
Go for On-Ball Steals: 50
Contest Shots: 50
Backdoor Cuts: 50

Over the Back Foul Frequency: 75
Charging Foul Frequency: 70
Blocking Foul Frequency: 80 (+5)
Reaching Foul Frequency: 70
Shooting Foul Frequency: 80/85
Loose Ball Foul Frequency: 80

Playing Defense. I was having some major issues with major defensive breakdowns too often. This year 2K really has given you even more defensive settings at your disposal. Below is a great breakdown of how to have more consistent success playing defense on 2K16. Yes a patch is needed and forth coming to hopefully address transition defense and general teammate AI weakness, but this will help greatly in curbing the AI from smoking you more often than not.

A big thank you to OS member "DC" for providing this great and simple breakdown of all the defensive settings you have at your disposal.

You really need to use your POE's wisely and never ever set "Neutral Defense" as your focus. Either use "Protect The Paint" Or "Limit Perimeter Shots".

Also you must set all your individual defensive settings for each player if you really want to have consistent success.

There is a thread in the main forum but here is a great breakdown of how to set those up. Many thanks to OS member "DC" for providing this break down. I am going to put this on the OP as well.

From OS Member "DC"

So you wouldn't want to pre-rotate too much off of a shooter. I can go through and break down my logic when it comes to setting these sliders pre-game

On Ball Pressure

Gap: Non threat, Non Shooter (Tony Allen)

Moderate: Decent shooter, or vs someone that can blow by you (Andre Iguadola)

Tight: Good shooter that you can also stay in front of. (Klay Thompson)

Smother: Good shooter but I only use this vs. someone that can't really handle the ball. If you smother Kyrie, you will get burned. (Kyle Korver)

Off Ball Pressure : Be careful here because you also have to think about preventing offensive rebounding.

Gap: Non threat, Non Shooter (Tony Allen)

Moderate: Decent shooter (Eric Bledsoe); Non-threats but are good rebounders.

Tight: vs. Good shooters (Kyle Korver); You can also use this vs. great rebounders but you probably would want to help off of him so use at your discretion.

Smother: Use this when you are playing a great offensive threat. But be careful because you might give up backdoor cuts.

Force Direction
I force everything to the baseline. Point blank, I don't want to give up any middle penetration.

On-Ball Screen and Off-Ball Screen You really only need to use this vs. people that will be the ball-handler in a PnR situation. So don't worry about setting this vs. Dwight

Go Over: Shooter

Go Under: Non-Shooter

Switch: I use vs vs. non-offensive threats. I also use this for people that won't really blow by my non-center bigs. You have to think about your 1-4 and their ability to stay in front of the player you are setting it up for.

Ice: Use this when you want the on-ball DEFENDER to force the ball-handler away from the screen. I would only use this when the on-ball defender is a strong defender. I wish this could be situational because I would only want to use this on the sideline pNr situations.


No-Hedge: Use this vs. an absolute non-threat perimeter player (Tony Allen)

Soft Hedge: I would use this against someone that isn't going to KILL you and won't probably look to score most of the time once they turn the corner. (PJ Tucker)

Hard Hedge: If you know this dude is going to turn that corner and look to score, use the hard hedge. (Bledsoe)

Double: Now, if this player can turn the corner and attack AND he has the ability to look for others out of the PnR situation, I would double him. (LeBron)

Hedge (Center)
See the hedge section above, but you need to know who your center is. Depends on his footspeed (quickness) and on-ball defense IQ

Soft: Non-athlete vs a scorer

Hard: Athletic vs a scorer

No-Hedge: Non-athlete vs. a non offensive threat

Double: Use at your judgement, but if your Center is too slow, he might struggle even getting into doubling position in time. You might get split honestly.


Front: If I front a player, I am doubling from the weakside. If I am getting killed by a player in the post, I will front him. I don't usually START off fronting anyone

Behind: If I am playing a non-post threat, I always play behind because I am not worried about them honestly.

3/4 Top: If I am playing against a post threat, I will start off with this. Again, this ties into my theory of forcing everything baseline. This shades your offensive player to the baseline.

3/4 Bottom: If you want to shade the player to the middle of the court (where your help can be sent) you can use this option. I sometimes trick people I play by putting this setting on a BAD post player so they can think they see an advantage. Again, use with discretion.

Double Teams:
Self Explanatory
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Always love your sliders, man. I'm one of those late 30's guys you speak of, and a Coral Springs native. Glad you made it back! I look forward to trying them out.

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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Oh yes!!...oh yes!!...I got gitty seeing this post just now!!!...I can't wait to get home and plug these in!!!....do ya Thang armor!!
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Pulling these in later. This game is near perfect as is
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders


Love your slider adjustments from 2k15 & Madden. I'm about to throw in the towel with 2k16 and go back to 15, but I'm definitely going to give your sliders a run before I make that decision.

Thanks for sharing your work.
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Excited to try these out later! Thank you so much for your hard work. Are you on PS4, if so would you put up your PSN so we can download the slider sets as your update them?
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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

Great news!

Last year I used your slider set playing in "all star" and I got good results. IŽll see how it works this time.

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Re: Armor & Swords NBA 2K16 Pro/Sim/Real FG/FT%/Regular Joe Sliders

This is my result
I m the heat at blazers
106-104 win with buzzer beater
30/77 54% 42/89 47%
9/15 3pts 60% 3/11 27%
48 pip 60
Lillard played 48 min !!! 44 pts 11ass 2st 3reb 3to 17/30 with 2/4 3pts 8/9 LF
Henderson 40 min 20 pts 5ass 4 reb 8/18

Wade 27 pts 35' 7ass 5reb 8/20 2/3 3pts 9/11ft
Josh 23pts 11reb 5ass 8/14

I think the acceleration is to Hugh ... The rythm is too fast ... And is Gard too stop a drive of oppenent
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