Does 2k regularly changes the default difficulty ??

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Does 2k regularly changes the default difficulty ??

I regularly play offline games vs the CPU (HOF difficulty), and the CPU seems way different from one week (patch?) to another.

I was at last having fun these last weeks with fairer battles vs HOF CPU... Now they seem to have ruined it...

Last week or so I managed to beat and sometimes even blow out some HOF CPU teams by 20-30 points.
This week, I cannot even compete with a regular NBA team using an all star/decade team
So what the hell happened recently ?? the CPU players are all being superhuman (again)...

- they have become gods of handling (Porzingis is doing like 3-4 ultra quick spins moves per game when you try to steal the ball from him)
- your players controlled by the CPU in defense, which were helping a lot in defense last week, now let opposing players go through them, even with max defensive awareness
- The cpu gets at least 10-15 green releases per game (so many 3s...), while i get 2-3 max.
- I used to be able to knock some mid range shots... impossible now, even with 90+ rated players.
- Any CPU center is Mutombo, it has become impossible to score under the basket if an opponent is less than 2-3 meters way (some ridiculous animations occur in the paint... i saw Olajuwon or Karl Malone being bullied/pushed away by Seth Curry or Barea...)

What is the point of drastically changing the gameplay like this? it makes all the work on the sliders pointless! Now I have to wait for their next secret update if don't uninstall the game by then...
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Re: Does 2k regularly changes the default difficulty ??

They didnít used to, but last year and this year theyíve been constantly tuning the game with silent updates. Thatís why the slider section here died after 2K18, people just canít be bothered to put in countless hours tweaking the game just for 2K to step in and change it all every week or two.
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