Finally finished my all time Superleague roster! (intensive accurate edits, balanced)

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Finally finished my all time Superleague roster! (intensive accurate edits, balanced)

My Superleague roster of legends mixed with modern players is finally ready. XBox Series X/S.

- Balanced teams with proper teams extra loaded as they should be (example: Lakers have Magic, Kobe and Kareem but I avoided stacking the bench to keep things competitive).

- Tried to keep players only on teams they’ve really played for, with few exceptions for balance sake.

- Edited tendencies and accessories as best I can to reflect real life. Raised the mid range, lowered drive for many modern players. Slightly rose 3 pointers for some classic great shooters to keep gameplay balanced (so on court you have a sort of mix of classic and modern ball, but streamlined). Rose contested mid range and 3’s for various players so the gameplay isn’t just bullheaded drives to the basket. Rose help defense IQ 10 points across the board.

- Edited signatures here and there for every player to keep things dynamic. So many players were missing their own sigs! Applied then where appropriate. Most players don’t even have their own motion style sigs applied in the standard roster. Also many just mindlessly have the same sigs which makes gameplay look more repetitive than it should be. I have lots of different sigs placed so we can see the full scope of variables between players and 2K’s extensive sigs in play.

- Put extra work in to import attributes from the ERAS roster section for classic players when available, since clearly 2K developed them much better and more realistic.

- Teams are a solid balance of old and new players. Classic players get priority. Put a bunch of all time greats around, but also added some obscure lower level classic players that many will remember. Also added some more of those lower level players to the FA list.

- Accurate versions (the most accurate I’ve seen) of Barkley, Reggie, Artest, Rasheed, etc. I found the most accurate versions I could, and then edited many to reflect how I think they should be.

- Boosted some older current players do closer reflect their primes. Some players of all eras reflect primes, some don’t.

- Edited coaching playbooks to closer reflect how they should look via team rosters. For example, since Luka is still the focal player on the Mavs roster, I have them using their current playbooks. But since the Magic have Shaq, Penny, Nick and D Scott, I have them using their 95 playbook. Lakers using the newly added 88 playbook etc. Most teams use classic playbooks so you have more dynamic on court play than todays 5 out “every play a 3 play” more generic playbooks. Help defense at 78 for all teams. Also rose the zone defense slider to between 15-35 for all teams.

- Most teams are coached by modern coaches due to more immersion being that those coaches are scanned and have in game voiceovers etc., but Phil is coaching the Bulls, Karl is coaching the Thunder (which I change to Sonics in MyNBA), and Sloan coaching the Jazz (with attributes updates to reflect how they should look). Also sprinkled various classic coaches into team staff just to have them in the universe

- The only players with 99 ratings are those who have those ratings in regular season renditions (i.e not counting their all time rosters). Which would be only Jordan who had many 99’s, and LeBron who has a 99 for his 2016 rendition. For the sake of sharing things up, I also boosted those players extra by essentially combining all their best ratings and badges and putting them on one single version. I also sort of did the same with Kobe though not to such extends (I used his 02 version in the ERAS section and then boosted his defense to reflect the 03 Kobe version).

Overall the gameplay between these teams is exceptional in the games I’ve played. I feel the added updates and tweaks I did really add to the immersion. I also have preliminary gameplay sliders under the same user name.

Username: Dwide Shrude907

Roster name: All Time Superleague

(I actually uploaded the same rosters with 5 different names as backups lol. So each one works)

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Re: Finally finished my all time Superleague roster! (intensive accurate edits, balan

Oh, also, nobody has generic shoes.
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