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Fixing NBA 2K14 Next-Gen

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Lots of good ideas here. They also need to put cpu vs cpu in GM Mode. I plan on staying with current gen until they do so.
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In MyTeam since the newest patch release, lag i unbelievable. Its not constant but theres spurts where the game goes slow motion for 1-1.5 second and then speeds through it and catches back up.

3 games in a row last night I get "network conditions too poor to play" and IM awarded the loss? I have 30mb/s internet and know for a fact my connection is great.

Really lame
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Can anyone confirm for me whether there is now an option to play an co-op games in some sort of season mode (MyGM)?
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They also took out the option of how to tell a defender to guard his opponent. Remember the soft/normal/tight defensive options? GONE. be prepared to give up wide open 3's all game long with shoddy A.I help defense.
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Fix mygm and mycareer crashes. Add custom roster to my career.fix CPU resets rotation. Add back defensive settings. Add back save roster and settings to hd.
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They need to fix the mindset of the big men!!!!!!! These guys are 6'9+!!!!! Why is it, every time I throw the ball in the paint and they have the lane wide open they either get their shot blocked doing a ******* reverse layup or they attempt a layup period?!?!???!? This is the NBA!!!!!!!! Not the WNBA, not middle school ball, not D3 small school ball!!!!! They DUNK in the NBA so I don't know what the freak 2k was thinking with the programming....that's all my big men ever go for is layups...

Other that need to hurry up and go are these automatic animations and the dumb fouls called because of the automatic animation that makes players dribble out of bounds..... But when I'm chasing a guy around and I'm tryna run in different directions I get sucked into players setting picks when I'm running and I see the picks but my virtual player doesn't ....and the dumb passes get on my nerves....line drive passes shouldn't happen when people are standing right in front of you...this isn't And 1 !!! I'm not tryna throw the ball off people's face!!! Just like there is a bounce pass control, there needs to be like a nice touch float pass or something
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Re: Fixing NBA 2K14 Next-Gen

Imagine if NBA 2K11 was released on PS4 with all the content that it had and no VC. Can you just imagine the perfect video game! With those graphics. It would have won GAME OF THE YEAR no doubt in my mind.

NBA 2K14, a hot girlfriend who is terrible in bed. Graphics and gameplay are nice but the game modes are watered down and all VC'd.

It is all about making money in todays economy.

I am keeping my PS4 and hopes high, but as soon as EA locks up another exclusive deal with the NFL, I am officially done with videogaming. 27 years old now, and I already had my fun. Good luck next generation with spending mommy and daddy's money.

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Originally Posted by Frythatchicken
Bump, first
thats is not good
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