Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K (Gameplay impressions on 9/11)

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Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K (Gameplay impressions on 9/11)

Hey OS, Senior Editor Dustin Toms (@DustinToms) here. Release season is upon us, and the next big NBA title is coming up.

We've been invited to spend a day with NBA 2K this Thursday, September 10. I'll be flying down to The Hangar and have hands-on experience with NBA 2K16, conversations with the developers and opportunities to capture some gameplay footage (which will debut on the Operation Sports YouTube channel). We will surely come back with even more information overload for OSers to try and process.

Now this is where you come in: what do you want to know about NBA 2K16? Post your questions here, or ask me directly on Twitter at @DustinToms. I'll take a list of the best questions with me, and have answers for you shortly after. If you ask me on Twitter, I'll reply directly to you!

Make sure you read through these links as well, as most of your questions may already be answered:

Fire away below, OSers!
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Re: Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K

Wondering if more information can be gathered on Coach/GM carousel in MyLeague. Is it as deep as CH 2K8? So many great additions to the game, but this one has been at the top of my list.

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Are Tattoos going to be available for all CAP's or just in my player? And also, is free throw practice back?? I'd rather have free throw practice over tattoos lol
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Hey, I was wondering if you could ask this. In MyCareer do CPU teams relocate randomly or is there any option for USER relocation before or during the mode? It would be pretty cool for me (and I'm sure a lot of others) to play as the team I grew up with, Seattle Supersonics, in MyCareer. Thank you, enjoy your visit.
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Re: Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K

Re: MyLeague/MyGM. . .

I understand from Czar Practice Play is not in the franchise modes. They still have coach freestyle and scrimmage practices architecture.

Assuming that's the case, in franchise mode scrimmage, have there been any changes?

Specifically, will CPU play style remain the same as last year (all fast break and 3 point shots with non shooters), or will there be any of the ACE intelligence going on within scrimmage?

Also, in scrimmage, will users have access to the full range of offensive scheme options available in actual games? Last year you could not practice a freelance style that was not already hard coded to your team's coach.

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Re: Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K

my questions

1.is practice post included in practice mode?

2. is fatigue integrated into left trigger Defensive Assist meaning the more you use it the more tired the players get?

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Has the rookie scouting system been changed at all?
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Re: Operation Sports is Going to NBA 2K

All I want to know is how many players will be allowed on a Pro-Am Team?
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