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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist


- The ability to back out of he match up screen

- If the tiers must return, give a separate option for random play as well...lobbies in general would be ideal but eh...

- most sensible adjustments should be available from the pause menu....some changes are too cumbersome to make in game

- allow us to make changes when out opponent pauses as well
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Player Movement & Physics
-Currently I feel as if the player cover up too much ground on the court. I dont know if its because they are too big for the court or if they move too fast while not being at top speed.
-When you turbo it should take more than 1 or 2 steps to be at top speed. Also once you reach top speed it should be harder to change directions. You shouldnt be able to cut on dime and change directions at full speed (only a few players can do this and that is what makes them elite). 2K should add players losing the ball/ losing their footing when trying to cut sharply while moving at top speed. They can even add animations of a player losing footing while trying to change direction quickly.
HOWEVER this does NOT mean you shouldnt be able to WEAVE thru traffic at top speed a la Russell Westbrook. There is a very distinct difference between weaving/slighting veering your direction and changing direction completely while at full speed with complete disregard for the momentum you lose when doing so. Adding more...detail? (maybe thats the word im looking for here) in player movement, momentum and foot planting can vastly improve the current turbo spam problems.
- On the defensive end player movement can be addressed by adding more chopping of the feet and short strides.
--When holding the L2/ LT button players steps should be short/ more of a slide as currently implemented and the turbo button should be used only for recovery purposes (chasing a guy off a screen, long closeouts to the 3pt line, and turning to flip your hips and sprint back in front of your man when beat off the dribble...to do this you should have to hold both L2 and R2).
-In essence you should be penalized on defense for just sprinting around on defense. If you hold R2 only or hold it too long when sliding your momentum should cause you to overstride and have it used against you.

I will try to give a control based explanation of what i was trying to convey
Half court
Left analog= move, but it should be more sensitive, i.e. the further you push it in a direction the faster a player will move in that direction all the way up to 3 quarter speed
Left analog+ R2 (hold for short time after making dribble move)= used to explode after creating an angle to get by a guy
Left analog+ R2 (hold for long time)= your player will really try to dig and explode towards direction of initial movement. You should have to time release and the subsequent pressing of the turbo again in order to effectively change directions
Passing controls
Single tap of X/A= player will stay in spot he was when you passed to him
Double tap of X/A= will activate leading a player towards the rim
Triple tap of X/A= player will step into jumpshot...so if Nene happens to be spotted up at 3 he will now walk into it
Full court situations
Left analog= move in a direction up to 3 quarter speed, easier to change direction
Left analog+ R2= player will try to accelerate in direction of initial movement, again changing direction efficiently would rely on the timing of the release and re-pressing of turbo

Close outs on defense
Left analog + Hold L2= chopping of the feet
Left analog + Triangle= Contest jumpshot off 2 feet
Left Analog + R2+ Triangle= Run and jump contest off 1 feet
On Ball Defense
Left Analog + L2= Down in stance slide feet
Left Analog + L2 + R2= turn and run to get back in front if beat on dribble
Left Analog + R2= sprint (you should only use this to chase a guy off an off-ball screen...you have to use L2 to get in an actual stance to play defense)

Post Defense
Left analog in direction of player posting up+L2=lean on player/fight in post, use the right analog to fight to a certain side ( I think this is how its currently implemented)
Left analog+ L2+ R2= aggressive fight in post, essentially push in back to a knock a guy off the block. Should be whistled for a foul if you spam

I know i am suggesting opening the door to a much more complex control system but player movement in basketball is much more complex than is currently represented in the game. More controls (controller side)= MORE CONTROL (what is on the tv screen)

These changes will increase the differences on between the quick (not fast, i.e. high acceleration) quys when using just the left analog without using turbo. And guys who build speed as they dribble such as Lebron will be showcased in full court situations with the use of turbo because of high speed ratings. On defense when using guys with higher lateral quickness you wont have to use turbo as much. Also the ability to blow by guys who crowd will need to be detailed. (No one crowds and crawls up into the best guards in the NBA (high quickness/ acceleration) because you will be blown by every time. They allot proper spacing and use angles to try and defend. This is what makes steph curry such a nightmare to guard, you cant crawl into him because he is quick enough to go by you but if you give him to much space....well yeah lol.

These changes will also allow for better differentiation of stick skills and force everyone to hone their skills. Doesnt matter if you want to use to cavs or warriors or thunder if you dont use posses the stick skills to get to the rim on offense or stay in front of people on defense

2K adding more detail into and fine tuning player movement and player physics are all thats missing from the game aside from computer defensive AI which is bad because player movement physics need a vast overhaul. This is a system that would probably take more than one development cycle to implement and perfect but it is the direction the game needs to be heading.

In summation:
- spamming of the turbo will cause your player to be out of control and you risk stumbling like in real life when guys play too fast..unless they're westrbook but even he has his moments.
--Make controls overall more nuanced with implementing my suggestions of controls in terms of controlling player movement on offense and defense and also passing

Sorry for the wall of text but just thought i'd share my vision of what 2K could become

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Originally Posted by Saix12345
Intro Cinematics (When NBA 2k17 is launched):
Recreation of Season Highlights and Post-Season Highlights of the Previous Season (If someone makes a NBA Finals Game 7 Game Winning Shot, rewatching that in NBA as a intro slow motion video would be absolutely sick. (Coupled with other highlights of course.))
This. The intro vid this year was the cheesiest **** i've seen in a basketball game. I miss the old days where basketball video games used to have a sweet highlight compilation with some old school hip hop in the background
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NBA 2k17 Wishlist

-PreGame warm ups like they use to have in college hoops. Warm Ups can replace loading Screen
-Scouting Report like they have for Play Now
-Private Matches
-Only owner of team can call timeouts

-Draft Combine
-Summer League
-Off Season. During the offseason you can get 3 attribute upgrades max,
-Upgrade System need to be changed, like I can be a center that can shoot free throws but not 3s

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I just want to see an improvement in all aspects of ONLINE modes.

I feel like 2k hasn't had good matchmaking or connection issues ever, but every other Next Gen game does. There is no excuse anymore.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I'd like to see some changes to MyCareer.

The progression system as a whole need tweaking because the ideal way to progress in MyCareer, for the most part, is:
  1. 6 minute quarters to get to the next off day ASAP.
  2. Put it on rookie to make getting badges as easy as possible.
  3. Make terrible basketball decisions to get badges.

As a player who usually plays on Hall of Fame difficulty with long quarters, the reward system is excruciating slow if I play how I enjoy playing.

MyCareer wishlist:
  • Make off-day/practice/attribute progression rewards scale with quarter length.
  • At a minimum, make badges that require bad basketball decisions and/or are made exponentially easier on lower difficulty obtainable exclusively in practice with drills you can choose to focus on to obtain those badges. (i.e. Deadeye: taking terrible shots in game shouldn't be rewarded)
  • Requirements for obtaining badges should be more explicit and have a progress bar.
  • Simulation stats need tweaking. Every MyCareer I've made in 2K16 has obscenely high 3pt% and fg% in that rookie season where the game simulates 74 of the games.

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist


- go back to the old system of attribute upgrades. Absolutely ridiculous I have to become better at shooting 3 point shots if I just want to become better at shooting free throws.

- draft combine, d-league, summer league all need to come back. Give those who don't want to sit through it the option to sim to the start of the season but I absolutely loved playing through them.

- missing most of our entire first season because of the story was lame. story should be subservient to the gameplay, not the other way around.

- and on the matter of the story, it shouldn't treat us like we're a superstar if we're a 55 ovr player playing 5 minutes a game (and on the other hand if we're performing like the MVP we shouldn't be treated like a scrub rookie).
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