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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

1. To have the rotations come in like or to give us the ability to do it in real game for for example during the lakers 08-10 at 5 -3 min mark would shift Paul Gasol at center bring in Lamar at 4 spot move Bynum to bench

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

2 wishes and both are mycareer specific.
Bring back social media. I miss being able to talk trash to opposing players, and them to me.
Have some way for me to tell coach I want to guard a player.
If jimmy butler starts going ham, currently the only thing i can do is stand close to him and hope that my teammate goes to cover my guy.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Probably a little to early for this but Create a Team, Create a Team, and more Create a Team
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

for me, the biggest things are:

1. Expanding MyLeague Online to include offseason/salary cap stuff or at least an option to do so in order to mimic MyGM

2. Bring back earning VC for online league games

3. Improving Defensive Off-ball AI (biggest concern is in PnR situations) This includes both the big man on defense and the weak side help. They are both atrocious.

4. Improving overall movement/changes of direction to be more realistic

5. Improving player-player contact animations (running thru screens is awful, players get stuck in animation when their man is already going the other direction) especially when running into teammates

6. (suggestion) Change the shot quality grade to a percentage to show likelihood of going in, or something... People get really mad when they have perfect releases miss lol
Its like they've never played IRL before

7. and finally, reduce the amound of shots that hit the top of the backboard and go in.... (Sheesh)

8. On sim sliders, create more hand checking/blocking fouls so that fouls mean something. I play too many games where FTs are only a result of pounding the paint, and not from over aggressive defense.

I think these are all reasonable goals for 2k17. I really enjoy the direction 2k is trying to go, but they need to pick it up in some areas.

Heres to hoping
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

1) We need a Legends players pool, including the players that are "unlocked in MyTeam" All players should be available in MyGM or MYLeague, and signable.

2) Unlock ALL player ages, including classic players. If we sign a 34 year old Wilt Chamberlain to a team in MyLeague, he retires in just a few years. Whats the point? We should be able to edit them back to being rookies if we want.

3) HERE is an idea.... CLASSIC DRAFT CLASSES. Players and roster makers would pay for these! Start with 1948, you already have George Mikan's cyberface... just get as many players from each real draft as possible. Let us rewrite NBA history through the draft. I would pay $1 for each draft class... I bet a lot of other people would too.

Imagine 2K players getting to buy the 1984 draft class, or the 2003 class! Would you tank intentionally to draft Jordan #1? Just release every class for every year with the rookie versions of each classic player... and people will eat this up! If there are players in a given draft that 2k doesn't have license for, just make someone with the correct attributes, and an editable face.

Please make it happen
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist


- Allow us to create expansion teams in MyLeague to grow the league to 32/34 teams.

- Allow us to create alternate uniforms for rebrand/relocate/expansions

- Have the All-Star weekend change locations year after year in each of the NBA city's as they all take turns to host

- Let us design the future All-Star Game uniforms and court

- More advanced statistics. We need to know how well a team is performing offensively and defensively with a player on the floor. Why is Washington so bad? Is it because Jared Dudley and Bradley Beal are bad defenders? We don't know how they are performing defensively for the team. Have these stats impact player awards, most notably DPOY.

- Add Team USA vs Team World in place of the lame Stars vs Elites. Allow us to either create the jerseys, or just make the players wear their team jerseys.


- Add different "potential" ratings. Jumpshot potential (ability to add or improve a jumper for a prospect), Low-Post Scoring potential, defensive potential, athletic potential, BBIQ potential, playmaking potential, rebounding potential, etc. This could be a game changer when it comes to MyLeague and MyGM. For these ratings, have it be a range between two numbers, and the player could wind up being either as bad as the low rating or as good as the high rating.

- After a player leaves his peak, his ratings start to deteriorate across the board. Some guys become better shooters IRL after they're athleticism fades. So why is it that somebody like a Luol Deng loses his shooting attributes as he starts to decline? Getting older doesn't make him a worse shooter.

Play Now/Gameplay:

- In All-Star Team-Up, let us choose all of the starters from classic teams instead of just the high overall legends.

- Add a sense of urgency when running plays. Guys still take too long to move when running plays.

- Make the court bigger already.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Why certain players on interviews after 1st quarter talk with headbands on ^^ lol..seeing DeMarcus Cousins interview with headband makes me laugh every time.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

More customizable rotations in MyLeauge. So i can choose when the players come in the game

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