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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Smarter AI teammates for Mycareer. Separate Mycareer from My park and Pro -Am. Also earning badges should be separated meaning if somebody earned badges in Mycareer it should not be transferred to my park and proam. Its kinda sad people are exploiting Mycareer just to earned badges to use in my park and pro-am.

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Originally Posted by Orlandosimgamer35
I don't understand why this is a big deal but I think they want a variety so even dunks that are similar are not 100% the same.

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I think my biggest request would be to allow more relocation/re-branding of teams on the consoles and to allow us to expand/fold teams, being able to add/delete the three point line, and adjust the 3-point line as well in case we were to change the league into college or Euroleague (or any other overseas leagues.) More hardwood court options instead of the three that we only get to use. (standard, Honeycomb, etc.) I just really would like to make my own league if i wanted to.

I would also like, when it comes to the jersey design, a way more sophisticated looking font creator for when you make the jerseys and put the names on the teams. for example, Detroit font shouldn't be generic on the away jerseys and home jerseys, when i play the other nba teams, their jerseys end up looking more authentic and mines just look like the most generic jersey that I got from the bargain bin because of the weak text. I usually just use Photoshop to create more sophisticated font than upload that image font to 2k servers and then use that as the actual text instead of 2k's, but i really wish i didn't have to do that, because honestly, the text is horrible looking.

also, I want to be able to easily find what others upload when I create courts and jerseys. Being able to search keywords like "Grizzlies," and "hawks," would be better rather than relying on searching for those kinds of specific jerseys and logo designs through someones PSN or Xboxone name. I like being able to see certain users uploads to see what else they did, but i also want to be able to just search a keyword and have certain things pop up.

this part maybe not as important, but way back when 2k let you play blacktop mode, (and i mean just simply 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc) you got to choose from various courts to play on and whether you wanted it to be night or day. ( i think) and they all wore casual attire and clothes. I just think its weird how if you use your my player and then you notice that everybody is wearing their nba jerseys except you. It should be like a regular pick up game, and everybody wears basic shirts and shorts, different colors, etc. Maybe be able to toggle casual clothes for everyone or jerseys.

Create-a-team should be in this year, and I honestly expect to this time around considering all the customization that implemented this year into myleague and mygm. (since we already have the template in place for that in 2k16.) like im sure many of you stated, being able to share them and upload it the 2k servers would be nice.

possibly expand on my court, maybe have that court customization but give us more stuff to choose from, and i liked the aspect of little mini games that were in ESPN NFL 2k5 for your crib, we should have little arcade basketball games in there or something, but it's not necessary. maybe being able to play 1-1 with the computer on your own court as well as being able to invite your own crew and have a private match on it. (that was cool, but i never can gather people to do it.)
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Allow users to play NBA TODAY games as PLAY NOW ONLINE RANKED.

To start explaining your game in detail.

Make Pro Am a pure simulation with advanced team and individual stats.
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NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Proam should count for players rep or include 5x5 in mypark and allow players to register in teams and belong there
And of course Euroleague jerseys in the store!!! I want a panathinaikos BC jersey for my player

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I believe my park should have it where once you become a legend, you can start having total customization to your court like the Pro Am. People should be able to watch a team on a winning streak with custom jerseys and a custom court so long as they are on a streak and have become legends. People passing by should know who you are by the look of the court, the look of jerseys and there needs to be a color commentator that knows the game of basketball and there needs to be straight guy as well(Not Kevin Harlan).
I'm thinking so wine like Gus Johnson and the guy who does the commentary for the EBC rucker games. There needs to be a crowd atmosphere... It needs to feel alive..there needs to be trash talking...basketball isn't basketball without a lil spice, you know I'm saying?

Just my 2 cents.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Ability to sort by position in the roster. I know you can sort but the last couple 2K's have been annoying. I like to skim through the league by position w/o having to scroll
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

One easy thing for MyPark that I can think of is, not allowing people in MyPark to see your rank until you do your pregame emote, this is great for both legends and brown shirts (rookies). No one wants to play on a rookies team, and it seems like if you're playing with your friends that are legends no one wants to come and play you cause they automatically assume you're amazing. Also bring back the stats in the pregame emotes so we can see our opponents avg ppg, apg, and rbg, not just for the guy you're guarding.
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