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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I don't know what hasn't and what has been said so I apologize in advance of repitition annoys you,

1. Body types; I know this one has been said, but I really feel this is necessary.
2. Clothing sizes for myplayer; if I want to wear a large t shirt and not a freaking xsmall, I should be able to. (And also shoe sizes, KD 8s are one of my favorite shoes but they look like clown shoes.)
3. And I knoooow this one has been said but get the left right cheese out of this game, it requires no skill to get yourself open, annoying and ruins a park game if there's a 5'7 point guard in the game.
4. Quit making me lose the ball if I run into another player, no nba player is running into his defender and losing the ball, they have enough iq to put the ball in the away from defender hand.
5. If I'm trying to drive baseline quit making me go out of bounds, it's so unrealistic. I feel like this one could be avoided with broadcast camera, but I will never change from 2k.
6. Quick input back to the clothing for mypark; make it more realistic, mypark jerseys and jerseys worn in game are 100% different. I want to wear a flowy jersey in mypark.
7. I'm sure this one has been said but I'll continue to basically vote, it's my right as an avid 2k player; stance socks for mycareer/pro am. This might be the most annoying one of all because it's the simplest thing that makes absolutely no sense why it's not an option.
8. Also needs to be more realistic on defense.. For example: if I press Y to swat the ball but the offense made a pass, I should still be able to deflect the pass because my hand was there don't let it go through me simply because I didn't press X.
9. Fonting needs to get better when creating a team, the last names are always either tiny or tall, can't make letters wider, and team names on the front should be more customizable like with outlines.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

i have been playing online league alot lately with some friends

we did a fictional league and a fantasy draft so its really fun
what 2k needs to do for next years version is make it more than 1 year like madden where u can do free agents and everythign and also put in the all star game with team up multiplayer

make nba 2k17 have my career online, sort of like online franchise in madden has but can still be played offline when not facing a friend or online member
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I think there should be set defensive defaults for guarding certain guys based on their offensive game style. Like for instance shooter default defense on korver, stretch big defense default for Millsap. It should be individualized vs overall team defense, or incorporate both.

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

1. Ability to edit Draft classes mid season in my league

2. Ability to edit free agents during free agency

I want more control. If 2K is trying to prevent cheating please make options when you start the franchise if you can edit those or not.

3. A slider to edit contracts sizes/amounts by cpu. The offers are a bit low and when you use a different roster that lowers overalls to achieve better gameplay and sim stats it makes the contracts even lower. It makes less sense with the cap rising. And it can be too easy to outbid the cpu even when maxing out the contract difficulty slider.

I apologize in advance for flooding this thread in the near future lol
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

One wish for MyCareer and it's pretty big one for me at least :

Don't make scoring too easy in MyCareer! After 1st season i can score with myplayer at will, shoot threes, fadeways, draw fouls at will and everything in between. Have no feeling that i must fight for every point, i swear i feel like Wilt on court lol.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Year to year saves or the ability to export rosters from year to year. Please lol
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I hope they put more emphasis on MyCareer and only fix minor issues with MyGM/MyLeague. Honestly, MyCareer has been pretty bad compared to the rest of the game for years now in my opinion.

Things I'd like to see done differently:

Gameplay: They should make you play more off-ball. Coaches should be able to call plays off timeouts that you have to run otherwise you get benched. Also, if you have star players like LeBron James as teammates then they should be demand the ball from you and if you don't give it to them then you'll get into an argument with them in a cutscene. For this to work we need our teammates to actually play like NBA players and that is another that I'd like to see. This way there are no unrealistic and crazy statlines.

Creation: 1) First of all, create your NBA face, height and weight. Basically the player you will ultimately look like. Then based off your NBA look, the game should automatically show you how you look like in High School and College (not a fully developed face, facial hair limits and also a weight limit, make you look like a kid). Another thing I'd like to see is more voices/accents. We should have like three american, three australian and three european accents/voices to choose from.

2) Create your family - they're going to be in the cutscenes anyway, so why not? This fixes the problem of always having to be from a black family and with the addition of different accents the experience would be so real. But I do feel like in 2K16 the family is too much involved, the real struggle should be between the coach, the players and your player.

Ratings: 1) No more playing styles, we should be able to choose our attributes, but with a overall 60 limit at the start. For this to work we would need another limit that not a single attribute can be over 75 at the start or something like that.

2) Lose VC in MyCareer!

Our attributes should improve with practice and after a couple of games or so (based off how we play). For example if we average 10 apg through a ten game stretch, then our passing vision, accuracy and IQ go up. It never made sense to me with VC because a player who averages 2-3 APG can have a 95 passing rating etc.

3) Overall caps should be in the game:
At the start: 60
After High School: 70
After College: 80

The more we play, the harder it is to improve.

Story: More emphasis on life before the NBA.

1)Games before the NBA should be played on Superstar not Pro

2) More interviews, press conferences. We should be able to control our story (like in The Walking Dead game).

3) High School: We should have like 16 teams to choose from. Then split them into groups of 8 and play maximum of 10 games in high school. 8 minute quarters, just like in real life. Also, other players have to be the same size as you. It felt weird being guarded by a 5'8 player while being 6'8 in 2K16, it made no sense.

4) College: 30 teams to choose from (all the main teams with real life rosters!), split them into groups of 10 and play a real season. 2x20min, maximum 20 games.

So a maximum of 30 games before the NBA, which isn't that much at all IMO.

5) Before the draft a workout with 2-3 teams. A real long workout: 3PT drill, speed drill, passing drill, cone drills etc. Then interviews before the draft with teams targeting you so you have a slight choice of where you want to go.

6) After the draft we should have tons of practices. A summer league and a training camp.

Life off the court: 1) Replace VC with money (real contract, endorsements). With this the endorsements actually mean something.

2) With the money we should be able to buy clothes (real nice draft suit), a phone and a HOUSE(one room basically with MyCourt). The wardrobe should be HUGE and give us a chance to dress like Russell Westbrook and go to every game rocking something different. Have cutscenes of us arriving to games and press conferences.

3) The idea of a house (a room and a MyCourt) - Have a huge selection of different rooms to choose from and let us customize them to our liking. We should be able to watch other games at home while being in high school, college and NBA so the whole story through. Another thing they should add is some analysts talking about you on TV, calling you out etc. so basically something similar to First Take.

4) Phone - we should be able to post photos on social media while being at our house or practice, draft etc. With teammates, family etc. So something similar to the GTA V phone camera, which shouldn't be hard to do at all.

5) Show the city we actually play for in cutscenes. If I'm playing for LA I want a great view from my house. Get the feel.

NBA : While we're in the NBA, I don't want to just keep playing games, it's boring. Practices should be before and after most games.(A Huge choice of different drills so it actually stays interesting) We should be able to hang out with teammates off the court (like really show it, not just press the button where it says go watch a college game with D'Angelo Russell). Build chemistry. Every team should have atleast 3 players to whom we have cutscenes with. (for example if I'm playing for the Lakers I get to build chemistry with Randle, Russell and Clarkson).

That's pretty much it.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

1.Give Steph Curry a Signature skill badge...(I'd say he earned it)

2.Allow us to give CAP's tattoo's. (Still can't accurately create draft classes without it)

3.Please give us something to do during Offseason with mycareer...Don't just skip it and not give us any information on what happens. (Trades,signings and all that jazz).Give me the option to earn VC or fans while during the Offseason..Players in real life don't just chill for months waiting for the next season to start.

4.Body types...It existed in last gen. You guys can easily put it back...
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