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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

-2 release timings
One standard release timing and another quick release for when breaking your man off the dribble, players with shot creator badge would hit these at a higher %.

-Catching the ball in shooting stance and being able to explode out of the stance

Steph and Klay do this well, not a pump fake or crossover, just gathering into shooting stance forcing the defender to close out hard.

-Antics after the whistle

Not important to the gameplay but add a touch of authenticity, guys with the ball in their hands after the whistle shoot it quite often and every now and then a guy like westbrook or KG goaltend it
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

In Game
- vertical shooting trigger where perfect release is at the top
- rebuild passing tecnique, triangle and (especially) circle passes are not effective or dangerous
- increase pull up shot quickness to take advantage from defender
- lower on ball defense average ability (not lowering sliders but increasing their error rate) in order to allow more defensive rotations (and so advantage first class passing game)
- enpower mismatchs (in HOF sim centers can always stay with guards in 1on1)
- increase off-ball screens effectiveness (screener usually screens ghosts); based on IQ, shooter can curl or fade it
- increase full court press effectiveness (maybe adding a "dribbling resilience" skill connected to fatigue which allows a strong defender to stress the dribbler causing turnovers)

- add freelance offense in gameplan
- add In bound plays trial in practice
- prepare player rotations plan deciding who and when (ie. Dirk goes out at 5' in Q1)

- DREAM #1 playbook editor!! Design your own play! The best would be an editor to create both Freelance offense and Offensive sets and.. why not, also to design ATO during time outs or decisive plays at the end of the game..

@itchyroll_51 I'd really love read your opinion about it..

- players earning badges based on milestones reached and performances
- players losing badges based on low performances
- rebuild team training simplifying options and increase its effectiveness
- DREAM #2 scouting players abroad! find new talents (auto generated or real or customizable) in the whole world and insert them in the next draft pool (or sign them as free agents if it is possible)! Scouting should be rewarded!
- MyLeague only: customizable championship format, such as eliminating conferences to mix playoffs matchups

That's all, for now..
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

flagrant fouls (should be a button for hard fouls for when a player is driving in for a layup/dunk i.e. Turbo and X).

Edit: NBA won't allow it but still a cool idea.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

make pregame, halftime, postgame shows more in depth with the keys to game and what adjustments need to be made
and what was the difference in winning the game.

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OFFLINE USER deal with it
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

I still want that tech call when hanging on the rim. This would mean that holding down the button while dunking will get you in trouble.

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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Didn't we used to be able to call timeouts during the tie-up animation? That should be in the game IMO.

Icon alley-oop passes would be nice, too. And maybe an option to throw a bullet pass if we hold turbo and pass. Sometimes you want the ball to get there as fast as it can. It should be a risk though, depending on the passer's ball control ratings and the receiver's Hands/Awareness ratings.

The CPU is too easy to beat on the opening tip, even on Hall of Fame. It'd be incredibly minor, but maybe a "Tip-off difficulty" slider? And athleticism/height should affect the jump ball, but not as much as it does now. Maybe just a little less. Tim Duncan should have a chance against DeAndre Jordan, but Stephen Curry probably shouldn't against Javale McGee or something (I know the latter is already the case, but it's at the expense of the former-- I think athleticism means a little too much on jump balls).

Another cool but minor addition would be an option for something like "Run clock out" when the shot clock is off in the 4th and the other team has conceded (not intentionally fouling or, if they have the ball, not trying to score because the lead is too big). It could trigger the players on the court to relax/dap each other (or celebrate if it's an important game/big win), for the bench players to get up, tell the commentators that the game is unofficially over ("And he'll just dribble out the clock... the [team] will win this by a final score of X to Y," stuff like that), the crowd can react appropriately (standing ovation at home, start leaving silently on the road), etc.
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

New to nba2k..Anybody else feel like this game is way too robotic? Feels like players are moving through molasses or something...Anybody else think nba2k would be the greatest game ever if the game wasnt so robotic?
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Re: NBA 2k17 Wishlist

Great points mentioned on this thread so far.

I'd like to ask for something that is not THAT important, but it still bothers me, since I play an online league and use the same players again and again...

More attention to shot releases for non-star players. For example the shots of:
*Ajinca (one motion from the chest)
*Casspi (was changed mid-season and now is jumping and 2 motion)
*Terrence Jones (short jump, instead of the weird motion he has..)

These 3 are off and it's weird with 2k attention to detail, that this was never fixed.
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