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Improve our Create-a-Player options...

In recent years we've seen an overall good evolution of the Create a Player (CAP) feature in our 2K games but inspired by another thread I want to bring more attention to this inconsistantly improving feature.

First and formost, there are options available in previous
2K CAP that we want back.

BODY TYPES from the last generation of consoles(skinny, trim, average, muscular, fat) need to make a return to allow us to create shaq-like centers, guards with mass, and ever so skinny giants. This needs to be an option and not based on the players weight.

MUSCLE TONE doesnt seem to do anything for me this year. If i switch dwight howard to lean I cant perceive the change.

MORE SIGNATURE like rhythm dribbles and Signature dunk packages(HELLO? Honestly? Why arent these available?). Forget the fact that the best signature dunk packages are only available to your MyCareer, they got rid of Jordan and Drexler. To think zach levine did work that I dont have all access to is a bit of a let down doncha think?

TATTOOS... i mean need i say anything? We had tattoos at a point, albeit basic and archaic 2k1 tats. Now, just look to the park for what potential the tattoo system in 2k has.

Id also like to make mention of the fact that CAP features were patched into 2k16s CAP weeks after initial release. These were signature sizeups to the right, left, and rear of the player. I remember this well because i remember the heartbreak of learning their myCareer exclusivity on release day, followed by the retconning of 30 CAPs when the patch dropped.

I feel as if you guys can do something about signature rhythm dribbles and dunk packages through a patch... perhaps even body types too. But please, for 2k18 keep going forward.

This year we got Hot Zones, and its extremely useful and user friendly. We can make CAPs upto 7'7" which is great(why the limit for the past few years? Trolling?) We have some great hairstyles ect.

Its been a bit frustrating, but i still love making my CAPs every year. I put hours into this feature so its sort of emotional when a new 2k is out and CAP has had X or Y happen to it (imagine how next gen 2k14 was).

Cheers for reading
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Re: Improve our Create-a-Player options...

Crazy you can't equip rhythm dribbles for CAPs after all these patches. I don't understand why some accessories and other things is only in MyCareer and not available anywhere else.

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