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Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

All bugs, glitches, and exploits aside why do we play this game? Does anyone play this game in their mode of choice and be relax and chill most times than not? When you lose, is this the only game that genuinely makes you angry the most? I have played other multiplayer games religiously, but NBA 2K seems to be the only game where I want to break crap. Even when I played basketball IRL, it was rare that I got mad during a game. As consumers, we have the choice not to play this game, yet most of us continue to play it despite how angry we get at times with the game.

I broke my controller this morning, but do you think that's going to make me stop playing this game? Do you think that's going to make me reflect on my priorities and come to the conclusion that this game isn't worth my sanity? Nope. I'm going to buy a new controller, and I'll be it again tonight. It's almost like being in a bad relationship that I should be distancing myself from, but I continue to stay.
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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

The post is funny but at the same time, I kinda get it. I play because, in my need for instant gratification, I bought the legend (or whatever the $100 version Is called) edition for both my Switch and Xbox. To that end, I play because I feel obligated....for now. Lol

And for all the folks who’ll give you tips on things to do to be better, how does that help my cpu controlled teammates (I play position lock)?

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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

I was going to make a similar post wondering if there is some sort of mind control or subliminal messaging in the game that makes us come back. Lol
I really don’t know what it is or why I keep coming back to play this game when it is so fundamentally flawed and broken.

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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

You definitely have a valid point.
Last week, I bought my first NBA 2K since 2K11 on my PS3.. And for the past 8 years, I've never been mad at a game to the point I punched my wall. It took 2 days for me to remember how it feels...
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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

Definitely laughed out loud at the title, ha ha. I hear you man.

We just have to keep it in perspective. These are video games. They are made for us to enjoy and have fun with. I know for some people they have become somewhat of a job, or even a source of income, but that’s not the case with most*of us. They should be looked at as an outlet…even for guys that consider themselves ‘hardcore’…We have to get back to having fun again.

I get it, a lot of us are competitive\ passionate. I’ve played basketball competitively low to mid-level and still play. I’m a pretty passionate guy on the court….but these games man, they are just that to me, games. I used them to relax and get away from all life’s actual stress. The minute a game starts stressing me out is the minute I stop playing it for good. Seems like every moment of some’s 2k experience is miserable and I have no idea how they stomach it. Deleting the game every 2-3*days etc. It’s not worth the anxiety.

Might be time to really reflect on your experience. I know most of us here all love basketball, and for some 2K is all they play. Maybe it’s time move on to less stressful modes within the game itself. Maybe it’s time to supplement your*2k play with other games\outlets so you don’t feel as pressed. Maybe it’s time to put it down for good man. You just have to take a step back and reflect sometimes.

I’ve started rambling…but I hope things get better for you bro…you’ve always been good people.
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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

Honestly I think alot of us play it because its the only competent basketball game. A Lot of things about this game are good in THEORY, but are executed badly. If there was a new company other than EA that made a full basketball game with online modes and franchise modes and such and it was at least comparable in gameplay people would likely leave 2k.

Whoever makes PES should try it tbh
... But hey VC sale!!
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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

Everyone has their own story on something like this.

My video game experience growing up was having my friends come over, talk **** to each other, eat trash food, and bond over whatever games we're playing. So for me, the social aspect is a big part of it. I don't really care for that many single player games (I'm actually the type that prefers to take turns) or offline modes vs. the CPU---MLB the Show is really the only game I can deal with playing the CPU for a variety of reasons that I'm not going to bother to get into.

So for me and my friends, this is one of the very few titles on PS4 that offers a team co-op experience that I can really get down with. Not really big into Fortnite (PUBG>Fortnite) and Battlefield Squads can be dull if the rest of your team isn't doing their job.

So while there's a lot of stuff in this game that annoys me (3 pt shooting, playing with multiple players being difficult, etc.) the experience of just playing with friends while chilling is something that's hard to find elsewhere, NHL and FIFA can match it. (And I personally think NHL is the best experience, but most of my friends aren't that enthused about hockey) And for years this is something we've always just gotten out of default, hoping next year will be a better experience than the last. But I know for sure a few of us are just burned out, and if they don't play anymore, then that's when I stop. Maybe we've gotten there.

Also, basketball is my favorite sport, by far. That contributes a lot to it, and I'm sure this is the case for many here.

As for a mental drug, all games have this. I mean damn, I remember my college roommate telling his mom on the phone "Stop crying mom, I'm not addicted to and playing World of Warcraft!" while playing World of Warcraft.
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Re: Is NBA 2K a Mental Drug?

NBA 2K does a million things right, and a thousand things wrong. Like most in life, we focus on the wrong because it impacts us the most.

I tend to put video games in perspective and understand that the MOST realistic game of basketball is played on the court in real life. As much as technology has advanced, it will never perfectly replicate the real sport. Especially with millions of people having different opinions on the "right way to play". Hell, we even disagree with referees during EVERY game in real life.

So it is what it is. Just enjoy the game
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