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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Should have a setting where you could resume your myleague on Nba2k20. Trades , Ratings contracts and all .
I would like to see G League play back also .

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Time to get rid of the big heads, it looks silly. Make heads at least 15-20% smaller tlin order to get rid of the NBA Jam player model proportions.

Also need to revamp player movement. It doesn't look realistic as it is. Time for a new motion system.
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Hopefully there’s a big push for legend players to sign on to the game like last year.

There’s a lot of changes that can be made to the current legend players too.
Been asking for a bald Alonzo Mourning for the ‘06 Heat since the team was added.
Still need a younger looking Ray Allen w hair for the all time Bucks.

The ‘10 Lakers & ‘14 Spurs would be nice as well

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Originally Posted by daystew
Retro filters from 2k12.
I loved it!
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

1. face button for manual eurostep

2. better broadcast camera ..2k19 was a step back the camera despite max zoom out was still too close to see the corners

3. About time blocking/charging is an effective META in playing defense aka positioning matters

4. fix unrealistic close out distances and height when jumping forward to contest jumpshots .as is verticality is too high when jumping forward on running and leaping forward to contest on closeouts

5. fake suction screens needs to go...too many times trying to go over a screen to get sucked backwards into a scripted screens

6. add smoother pass interception animation....the lazy pass intercept animation where the defender doesn't even move and the ball goes straight into their hands needs to go

7. the offensive player getting the ball back magically after tip passes, steal attempts, blocked balls, and loose ball situation needs some serious reprogramming to help save controllers from being tossed across the room...Controller Lives Matters too

8. Takeover badges needs to be removed

9. need way more offensive/defensive justling animations

10. rebounding still needs lots of work..still feels way too scripted ...boxing out should matter

11. transition defense by far is my biggest request come 2k20...give us the option to prioritize how we want to defend in transition like : A) defend the paint B) defend the 3 point line C) pick up the closest man D) stop the ball

11.5 the ability to manually indicate to the CPU when user is on ball to switch I grow tired of me and the CPU defending the same guy during PNR to have the roller wide open

12. lastly the ability to prioritize who not to help off from or who to send help from...even dont help off curry to never or help off Shaun Livingston to auto or drives or always
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Passing needs to be completely redone. Passes are too floaty and slow. And players bobble way to many passes.

Fouls as a whole need to be rewritten. Charging and blocking calls are virtually non existant. Reach in fouls look more like blocking fouls. Shooting fouls on the perimeter are rare. We need those back. I think it was 2k16 or 2k17 that had these right (minus the automatic fouls on 3s).

Lastly, its movement. 2K19 the most sluggish players have felt for me in a long time. Maybe ever. Go back to 2K16s movement. Also, dribbling. I get the whole "stick skills" thing for the online folks. Keep it. But give me the option to have the old system where all moves were connected. Dribbling for myself and watching the CPU has lost that signature vibe. I want that back.

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Sixers uniforms 1994-1997 please!
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

I know this is gonna be unpopular, but I think it needs to be said: Some of y'all sound really entitled, or sound like you think your opinions are fact, when you're either completely wrong or haven't dug deep enough to fix problems you claim exist.

You CAN tell your defenders who to help off and who not to help off of.

If you turn up the Take Charge tendencies, you will see players step in to draw offensive fouls.

Slow passes? There's a Pass Speed slider.

Double tap the shoot button while moving the left stick toward the non-ball hand for a face-button Euro Step.

Takeover badges should be removed? Why? Don't just say it, present your case.

New motion system? Pass/foul system should be completely redone? That's not something that can happen overnight or on a whim; plus, it's a huge risk that could easily create more problems than it causes.

Rebounding feels scripted? Player proportions are off? Elaborate. Show some evidence.

We should feel fortunate that game developers, and 2K especially, are so in-tune with their fanbases at this point in video-game culture. If you really care about the game, as I'm sure we all do, use that luxury as wisely as you can.

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