2k Please Turn the stamina loss back up (especially for Bigs)

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2k Please Turn the stamina loss back up (especially for Bigs)

2k Please Turn the stamina loss back up (especially for Bigs).

It went from realistic. to a bunch of 280lbs bears running the same speed as little guys because now they can spam the hell out of the sprint button with very little hit to their stamina bar.

It has completely changed the game.

you want to be a big boy down low. and push people around in the paint. fine. pay the consequence in stamina.

advantage of a really big guy in real life:
taller, so he should be able to make layups close by the basket at a higher clip when going up against shorter guys.

rebounding should be easier when going up against short guys who are not boxing out and you're in the same spot where the ball is dropping.

you can push people around in the paint on both ends. people can't back you down as easily on defense and you should tire them out with your weight if you try to constantly challenge you at the rim or by backing you down.

You should be noticeably slower than shorter big men that are also thinner than you. meaning they can get by you easier with drives and quick post moves.

They can also steal rebounds by out jumping you because you're so big you shouldnt be able to get up that high you weigh to much.

if you get caught in a pump fake. you shouldnt have the ability to pogo stick back up quickly. you're huge, your movements should reflect your size/height. slower movement.

and last but not least. in a foot speed contest vs thinner smaller bigs, and perimeter players you should not be able to constantly keep up with them on a fast break. you shouldnt literally never be able to chase down block them. you are not lebron james. you are at best joel embiid with shaq weight. which is not fast. when was the last time you've seen either of those dudes chase down a fast center or perimeter player? maybe 3 times in their entire career?

if you're a big boy you should not be able to keep up step for step pushing and shoving the entire way down the court. and your stamina should take a huuuuge hit if you try to do so too often. like it was when the game dropped.

This needs to be corrected ASAP and it doesnt take a huge patch to do that and that alone.
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