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NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

Too soon for a thread? No matter a mod will either sticky or lock it but I just want to get this off my chest.

1. OPTION TO TURN OFF GREEN SPLASH AND TAKEOVER ICONS FOR CPU. This was a BAD decision this year. Why annoy offline gamers with this nonsense. Please keep all flashy indicators for online.

2. Option for an opacity slider for playart. I love using playart but it's kinda distracting with how it's done for years now. I would love an option to make the opacity a bit more lighter almost ghost like.

3. Update the crowd noise already!
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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

We need custom arena music back ASAP!
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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

Originally Posted by martymcflyy85
We need custom arena music back ASAP!
I'm not sure if you're familiar with Sounds of the Show on MLB the Show, but that would be the way to do this. Make it where you could transfer custom files for every arena from a community of producers on Operation Sports and add them to the game via a USB stick.

There are countless chants, sound effects, and music that can be added to MLB the Show this way.
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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

*Either custom arena sounds need to make a comeback or they need to implement accurate classic arena sounds for the legend teams.
Places like Chicago stadium and the United Center need the organ music to bring them to life.

*Giving us access to legends from other online modes for offline play would be nice in a free agent type pool.

*And please....PLEASE give us the option of being able to ROTATE our players in the shot edit screen so we can work on sig shots without having to tirelessly guess how the shot will look from all angles only to have it look completely off once in game.
NBA 2K16 Classic Team games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olK7...FrtjMy&index=1

UnbreakaBULLS - 98 Bulls season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEWM...60vXoS&index=1
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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

There's a bit and especially gameplay wise, but i'll keep this nice and short for now...

Green Release Animations: Was a horrible design choice by the devs, as they gave us no option to turn it off. We need that option.

More defensive Options: Just like on offense, we should have a few different options on defense on ball. Things like shading (from 2k14) and quick steps (from 2k15) need to be brought back to the game. Defense is pretty bland right now.

Smater AI Defense: Currently unless you make defensive settings, your AI players are pretty silly and most of them act like JR Smith. This needs to change. I want AI players to be able to play matchups smart, without defensive settings made. So if my AI player is guarding a sharpshooter, he should play him tight just cuz of that fact. You shouldn't have to "set" your AI players to play a matchup smart. Defensive settings should be more for preference, not for your AI to play a matchup smartly. It should already be doing that by default. Obviously this can be done, cuz the CPU players always play smart on D for the most part. Just allow the same for User AI players.

Challenge Mode: A mode focused on an iconic NBA player, where you have to complete certain objectives from standout moments in that players career. The 2k11 thread reminded me of this mode and just how many hrs of fun it gave. The Jordan Challenge mode was easily my favorite part of 2k11. And it wasn't just some extra bells and whistles, as they actually put some extra effort into it with the cutscenes, extra objectives and all that good stuff. I'd love to see that kind of mode return in 2k21 and thinking of players they could focus it on, I think a challenge mode focused on Kobe's career would be cool.

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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

1. be able to turn off the green splash

2. Better help D, better transition D, AI players that understand angles and how to use that to play better defense.

3. Strong emphasis on improving tendencies in rosters.

4. Less emphasis on badges that allow for stars to be overpowered in areas like finishing at the rim, knocking down 3s, and offensive rebounding.

5. Fix the G-League glitch

6. Work on morale to make it less harsh and more realistic

7. Add an option for random progression/regression to occur so that if a user wants, their myleague/mygm can have a few players that fall apart or a few surprise players that turn into stars. I know some wouldn't like this, so I'd make it an option

8. Continued work on trade logic to better mimic real life trades that are largely based on picks, expiring contracts, and creating cap space.

9. Better logic in creating a CPU roster. Reducing stockpiling too many players at one position

10. Add a 3rd position option for players. Many players (CJ Miles for example) may find themselves doing anything from playing the 2 or 3 to being a small ball 4. Same with guys like Luke kennard or Langston Galloway who can play anywhere from a 1 to a 3 depending on matchups. In today's world of positionless basketball, we need more variety and options in this. And hand in hand, we need improved rotation logic from the CPU. Making foul trouble priority one in rotations over fatigure or scheduled minutes.

11. Defense, defense, defense. I can't emphasize enough how this is the area that needs work.

12. Teams playing like they play IRL. More pick and pop. More drive and kick. More threes, less attack the basket, defense be damned. Less "hero ball" where the CPU is intent on trying to get to the basket for 20 seconds, no matter how might be open.

13. Minor, minor tweaks to the offensive game pre latest patch. The latest patch ruined it, overpowering defenders to stick to dribblers, making top defenders TOO good at steals (I literally couldn't give the ball to Marcus Morris against Butler or Kawhi. Morris isn't THAT bad that he can't literally hold the ball or dribble for a couple seconds without losing it), overpowering blocks, and nerfing paint shots with a defender even remotely close. Go back to the last patch. Offense was AMAZING at that point.

14. This is pie in the sky type of stuff since they struggle to get tendencies and attributes correct, but in a perfect world it would be awesome if they would offer an option to have the CPU shuffle shot tendencies when rosters change. If a team loses a bunch of top stars like GS has, have an option to shuffle shot tendencies so the CPU assesses who the best options are to become option 1, option 2, etc. This would be helpful as well for teams that turn over 7 or 8 players in the offseason. If the CPU can recommend minutes based on attributes/performance/who's available it would be interesting to work towards the CPU recommending shot tendency changes as well.

15. Easier gameplans.....that work. There is a lot of question whether or not the current defensive gameplans even work as far as settings for who to gap, who to switch on, who to cover tight, moderate, etc. Maybe offer simple options like "play off bigs outside the paint, etc." rather than having to gameplan every player.
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Re: NBA2k21 Wishlist thread

Park Affiliations. It's time to bring back Sunset Beach, Rivet City, and OTF.
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