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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

The gameplay hud adding a playerís foul count

Also with the gameplay hud throughout the game a player can heat up or get cold. Maybe highlighting the grades green or red showing a boost or decrease in attributes from their original start point. Example If DíAngelo Russel 3Pt is an A- if he gets cold itíll be a B+ and itíll be red showing heís decreased in that category. That way the user knows their ratings have been affected since the start of the game.
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

More hair options. Longer hair. (Nash) Hair hanging down. ( many future draft picks have). Mutton chop (Jerry Lucas). Brush cut like mullin. At least one Wavy like Sharman bob Davies. Dolph schayes.
Long faces ...see Neil Johnston. Pumpkin heads. Like sir Charles. Different shape heads like hal Greer.

Player ratings.
Something that captures the Jordan , bill Russell winning, that very few players have.
Defense ratings more impact. Ability to stop anyone for a period of time. Jordan lebron

Technical foul ratings for extremes . Like Kevin Durant at gs.

More teams. Say 40 total. Different number of division options.

Edit team name and location in a created roster within aroster before doing a my league...and saving that

Staff. Easier edits. More head options. Women owners etc.
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

Create 100 teams so we can have a March madness tornament bracket
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

An instant switch button.. Clicking down on the right analog stick will have the player the user is controlling to guard the ball handler. This will help on PNR mix ups or sometimes my team getting back on defense after a score only to see my guard is guarding the center.
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

Couple more things.

Big one. Each player have entire crareer embedded. So your could pick which year of a player .. say Jordan that you wanted. Terrific for roster builders.

Have foreign cities available in expansion. Madrid, Moscow, China

Have cpu scout future draft classes. Value them according to strength of class for trade purposes. Eg 2020. Vs 2022. Would have to input a few years classes.

Have cpu trade engine have ability to value potential to a greater degree.

More Old school uniforms . Maybe have one pre 50ís
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

We should be able to edit staff faces and names. Should be same tech as CAP system.
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

Gonna be popping in and out of here as I find more ideas. No real organization just putting down what's been on my mind:

-Someone mentioned coach tendencies...YES! We used to have something like this years ago and it definitely made a difference on team styles. Having coach tendencies would allow you to have one player play a certain way in a coaches system but when on a different team/coach he can play either closer or further from his tendencies depending on who he plays for, without having to edit the tendencies themselves.

- Signature passing: It's time, 2k. We have signature defensive stances for Christ's sake. Even if it's only, say a few (Magic, Stockton, White Chocolate, Jokic, LBJ, Generic Guard, Generic Swingman, Generic Big) it would make a HUGE difference on the visuals while playing.

-The ability to customize non-MyPlayer signature celebrations/getbacks. For whatever reason 2k allows MyPlayer infinite customization but it seems half of that is locked on the NBA side. Allow us the ability to go through a selection of celebrations and assign them to whoever. So if I want Curry's 3 celebration on LeBron I should have the ability to edit that. If they had a generic set of "green" follow-throughs for players that don't celebrate, this would add more realism to the game. Even if they wanted to keep that on them for the younger crowd, having the ability to edit this would please both sides!

- Related: Let us assign those custom NBA MyPlayer Alley-Oop packages on the NBA side

- Also related: Have a celebration tendency. Not all players have to show-off after they green a shot all the time. LOL

-Also ALSO related: Have a complain-after-play tendency (though to make all real players tendency you can call it something more athlete-friendly ). We have a "crash" tendency so these two could go hand-in-hand after a play that involved a no-call

- Some sort of "Make-Players-Around-You-Better" badge, but not in the sense of Floor General. Certain few players have that ability to elevate the players around them to new heights and lead their team to winning records year-after-year. I think this would have the best benefit (and probably most balanced) in MyNBA. So every year you sim, you can count that a particular player on a particular team will have a team playing way better than they probably should. Think, something like a 10% boost to Team Chemistry and a higher chance of winning a simmed game, or something to that effect.

- NEW PRESENTATION ELEMENTS! Not just new pop-up stats throughout the game, but TV-style presentation in general. Pre-game, it gets a bit monotonous and predictable having the sideline reporter say their lines about a player. Let's switch it up and instead of that ALL the time, cut to the commentary crew at the table with the fans behind them discuss the matchup. Just SOMETHING else to look at so we don't know what to expect.

After the first quarter, the most common element is probably the coach interview. This would be a great opportunity for the game to give you real-time analysis on how the first quarter went and what the AI feels like it has to do to adjust to you moving forward. I personally don't even need voice recordings like the players; I'm happy with just text, but something to keep it fresh. Keep the player in-studio interviews, but not after every first quarter. Sometimes you even see it after a timeout, in the corner of the screen.

Of course for halftime everyone would love game highlights from around the league but I understand that might be a bit difficult (even though NFL 2k5 was still one of the only games to pull it off). Regardless, I like the 1st and 2nd quarter highlights (though it could be more consistent) and would like to see at least box scores from around the league. That would be quite refreshing.

-And since they now have multiple broadcasting crews, how about different broadcast presentations? MLB The Show allows you to select whether you want a "Local" style presentation, or MLB Network presentation. Lets get that implemented for the NBA. The scoreboard for "televised" games should be the rectangular style currently used, and "local" games should be the long horizontal box on the bottom of the screen. I've been waiting to see this for a loooong time!

-With the frequency players change shoes/colorways, give us the ability to have two shoe slots for home/away and adjust the frequency that player switches them, just like we can do his hair this year. Adds more variety from a game-to-game standpoint and keeps your eye fresh.

-Give the CPU ALL the tools the User has and assign a tendency to it. So new tendencies like

Adjust Shot tendency
(to avoid blocks)
Contact-Layup Tendency (to help go into the body and draw fouls)
3-Point Pumpfake Tendency (for players who like to catch and shoot)
Mid Pumpfake Tendency (for the D-Wade/Paul Pierce types who like to catch the opponent in the air to draw a foul)
Paint Pumpfake (after an offensive rebound generally)
Stepback-Fake Tendency (for fancier ballhandlers)
Perimeter Draw Charge: How often a player will attempt to draw a charge on the perimeter in hip-ride scenarios
Draw Charge vs. Hands-Up: how often a paint help defender will take a charge vs. having his hands up to contest
FLOP! Self-explanatory
Standing Pass-Fake: how often a player pass-fakes from the perimeter (including high-post/midrange)
Moving Pass-Fake: how often a player will pass-fake on drives (for playmakers; if player does not immediately shoot or pass after the fake he will travel)

End of clock/quarter ISO tendency
: One thing that's been missing in the franchise is the CPU's end of clock management. One thing that's always bothered me is within the last 7 seconds the CPU will still try to run a play and end up swinging the ball until the last second and shoot an errant shot. Having this tendency isolates a player if the team, say, inbounds the ball with 5 or so seconds and gets their star scorer the ball to create.
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Re: Official NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wish List

Allow us to edit the amount if Bird Years a player has in the edit contract screen.

Have players above a certain OVR say 90 OVR provide a list of teams they would like to go play for. Also have to AI act in accord and clear cap space or roster space to make room for the mega free agents

Playbooks would function better in MyNBA if they were tied to the coach vs tied to the team

And of the love of all things holy can we please get the option to disable CAP nicknames.

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