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Current gen.

Ok I know upon release it got HORRID reviews haha. I like many Iím sure just in no way am having luck getting a new system. Hell at this point Iíll take a ps5 or a series x. Iím itching to play 2k and see itís on sale on the marketplace. Since I donít see me scoring a new system anytime soon 🤦*♂️ Is it worth paying the 1/2 price for on current gen? Like weíre the issues fixed or adjusted ? Thanks guys
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Re: Current gen.

Others disagree but as an offline User-vs-CPU player I feel like current gen 2k21 > 2k20. For me, 90% of that is because of improvements to the right stick, as well as the fact that they finally fixed sidesteps. You can give it a whirl in the demo. I used to not use the right stick at all in past 2ks but I feel like 2k21 makes it much more smooth and intuitive. I powered up 2k20 the other day just to see how it felt in comparison and I cant stand to play it for more than a minute or so. It feels like playing with one thumb tied behind my back.

Complaints Ive seen re: 2k21 have had to do with AI behavior, but I havenít encountered anything that cant be addressed via sliders, which is nothing new. No 2k is never perfect with default sliders.

Plus obviously you get up to date rosters, face scans, etc.

To me, as someone who would rather migrate to PC for next gen, current gen 2k21 is a solid game to play until 2k22.
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Re: Current gen.

If you don't mind tweaking settings for the more difficult and unforgiving shooting, NBA2K21 on current gen is great.
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Re: Current gen.

They keep changing the game, it's hard to tell. I play my player, but I made a new build and was doing the HS-->college thing (tip: it's a good way to get badges so I started doing it) and guys are making yellow contest shots around the rim A LOT, making red contests... and that difficulty is super super low. Maybe that's why, though, to be fair... but it wasn't like that the first time I played.

Edit: and it plays dramatically different than it does on PC. Which is weird to say the least.

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