NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

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NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

I'm begging for a recommitment to that department in a major way. I was amazed at what was accomplished back when NBA2k7 added so much uniqueness, individuality, and replay value.

Years later, on super systems, and they have boiled down most of the move departments to a minimum, and WE HAVE MORE DANCE AND CELEBRATION OPTIONS TO EQUIP THAN MOVES. How do we have legendary big men across 5 decades and like 4 jump hook options?

It seems like the focus has shifted to sig movement, but in that case get J.J Reddick or like minded players to come in and refresh the catch and shoot footwork animations with some Sig-Style. Would even add some depth to the badge. I a actually think exclusive animations are the way to go with badge vs rating boosts, but that's for another post...

What new sig style recommendations would you suggest?

- Jokers array of unorthodox shots

- Harden's actual step backs

- Javale McGee's awkward layups

What else?

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Re: NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

They should get the sig jumpers for their cover athletes right dame's is inexcusable.

dame sig has the same base as walls/mj's/gay lol. none of those guys shoot the same irl.
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Re: NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

The signature style is what got me into 2K. Blew me away at the time.

As much as I appreciate the signature emotes/faces/movements....there definitely needs to be refocus on the in-action signature style.

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Re: NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

Attention to get the correct sigs that they have now would be a good start.

More realistic layup and dunks in terms of the ways guys gather and jump for finishes at the rim would be a great improvement too. I'm thinking the way Zion jumps, it's so explosive and quick.. he also shakes the hoop and brings down the rim differently than someone like CJ McCollum.

Not sure why the rims in 2k don't bend like real life. NBA Live 06's rim physics on dunks are better than next gen 2K. Check out this one example at 4:05, https://youtu.be/LAYBhg139UE?t=245

Now check out this dunk package of hanging dunks on 2k21: https://youtu.be/88vSzZJBDDk?t=148 ...rim doesn't budge a centimeter.

But I would also mention the hopstep and euro gathers because too many times an animation is canned and then breaks off into like 4 or 5 steps because there's contact. The collision physics mess up with the gather.

There are some pretty nice uncanned in-air collisions this year that I've been impressed by. I hope they can carry that over to the ground as well.

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Re: NBA 2k22: Sig Style Resurgence?

I would love for them to put more effort into creating signature shots for players. I understand that itís been difficult to motion capture certain guys and etc., but there are youtubers putting in the time to create better looking jump shots and selecting more accurate FT shots than 2K has been doing. Thereís no reason that should be left up to fans to do every year.

Some players have had the same wildly inaccurate jumpers for years, and perhaps worst yet, is that they give 70% of the players the same generic FT shot. Like why, with all the shots to choose from do they just give everyone the same generic one?
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